HUE-manity's Light Shining Through You

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Love Wrapped Around the WorldWe wish you to be a light bulb, a conductor of light through your being and to encourage those of the light, to awakening to who they are. Calling those who have done that, awakened, to start emanating light as little children do, for they are still connected fully to source. Be as a child, be the love you are. That is all.

Right now so many are not shining their lights and wanting to stop and control others and think that there happiness depends on government. It never has, we assure you.

Get away from thinking about the wrongness/rightness conundrum that is your government and awaken, the forces of light are blasting truth into the he halls of the hearts of humanity. Trust in this and know all is well from a wider place.

Allow the colors to flood as hues of hue-manity’s light shining in many shades of justice and truth with love from Mother Mary- the pink frequency of unconditional love.

We are the cloud beings, we are the light we are interwoven of rainbow threads. We are you as you appear in celestial form. We are your essence and you are ours. Our essences and frequencies and woven and when you channel us through you, we infuse you with pastel color love frequencies and you infuse us with your essence that is our own. Source light from heart to heart.

We are the ones who blow the wind and are the wind of changes. (image of a cloud with a face blowing wind.) We speak as a stream of consciousness and implant images as you tune to our archangelic channel of light.

Hear the celestial music on our (cosmic radio divine) station.

We are one with you . There is no division between dimensions, higher self, that is illusion. We are ONE.

The illusion of separation with dimensions as a concept is the same when you see your brothers and sisters who are one being with you –though your minds divide you from one another. Ego divides, opinions divide. Transcend this- lighted ones. The change is coming and you do not have to worry what people believe. Just be a light and love them.

Extend your heart through your words.

Extend the light through your healing touch.

Remember you are here to shift the collective. Get away from worry, from concern over who is the president right now.

We are the blowers of change. We have this and you are our ground crew. Help by being in your highest state so you can receive celestial messages and celestial light and shine.

Remember the vibration of love.

Remember the vibration of prayers.

We/you are here for a reason.

We/you are here to illuminate the truth which is like those centipedes or slug like creepy crawlies that hide under slimy logs. Yet they are God’s creatures. All is God. All is here for the experiences of being. Honor that. Yet you are moving up, up to a higher floating level as you transcend the darkness. Illuminate and witness and move to transcendence. It is done this way: Do this with and through love, joy, compassion, and service.

Gratitude, yes, that too, dear ones.

Blow your trumpets but have them ring celestial tones of truth.  Do not hold judgement for your fellow sleeper as they are not ready yet.

Allow the mesmerizing of the tones of love and the light you are to prepare them for awakening. Do not be alarmed if there is chaos in your world. Something is stirring. Do not be concerned if they do not believe you. (Remembering a quote “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi)

Do not be upset if they fight against you.

Humanity (HUE-manity) is coming to see the light even if it is a hard and difficult battle. You are limited in your seeing of the larger picture. From here we feel the winds of change a blowing and we see the progress, more light , more love more seeing of change.

Keep on shining. We have helped other worlds (planets) to transition. This is moving perfectly. We honor you for this shift in consciousness. Thank you for being our ground crew. We are now signing off.

~Archangelic Realm of Light