HUE-manity's Light Shining Through You

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Love Wrapped Around the WorldWe wish you to be a light bulb, a conductor of light through your being and to encourage those of the light, to awakening to who they are. Calling those who have done that, awakened, to start emanating light as little children do, for they are still connected fully to source. Be as a child, be the love you are. That is all.

Right now so many are not shining their lights and wanting to stop and control others and think that there happiness depends on government. It never has, we assure you.

Get away from thinking about the wrongness/rightness conundrum that is your government and awaken, the forces of light are blasting truth into the he halls of the hearts of humanity. Trust in this and know all is well from a wider place.

Allow the colors to flood as hues of hue-manity’s light shining in many shades of justice and truth with love from Mother Mary- the pink frequency of unconditional love.

We are the cloud beings, we are the light we are interwoven of rainbow threads. We are you as you appear in celestial form. We are your essence and you are ours. Our essences and frequencies and woven and when you channel us through you, we infuse you with pastel color love frequencies and you infuse us with your essence that is our own. Source light from heart to heart.

Archangel Gabriel with Trance Channel Robert Baker Part 1

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Interview with Archangel Gabriel

Joel Anastasi, spiritual journalist, interviews Archangel Gabriel via trance channel Robert Baker

The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age
by Joel Dennis Anastasi
Published by The Angel News Network
Available at the Angel News Network website:
The Second Coming website:
Amazon Books:
iUniverse Publishing:

Working with the Archangels~Light-Codes and Fully Realized Beings

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Working with the Archangels - posted 6 December, 2013

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Peace be with you.

So it is, that the energy is being transmitted today to fill your hearts with love and grace.  You are asked to call upon your most Christed guides and Masters now for the healing of the planet. Many are worried about the signs of the times now, and uncertain as to the outcome. Be comforted that you are heard and your prayers are creating miracles all over this planet.

The influx of energies from the Sephirothic emanations (emanations on various levels of the Ain Soph) (Light of the revealing Godhead), responsible for the creation of multiple universes are here in force and acting on the body in the higher thresholds of creation.

Famous incarnations of the Archangels

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ARCHANGEL ISRAEL  – 888 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL  – 777 ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL  – 666 ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – 555 ARCHANGEL URIEL  – 444 ARCHANGEL ARIEL  – 333 ARCHANGEL DANIEL  – 222 ARCHANGEL EMMANUEL  – 111 The Archangels are octruplets and they are the sons/daughters of 'Christ' and the 'Holy Spirit' - 999 They are also know as the 'sons of God'. 'the Gods', the 'Elohims' or the 'Princes of the Universe'. Note: I know that many people have differant names for the archangels, since we all, including the archangels have 10 spirits. But  when seperated into 2 (usually in male and female), we get each one 5 of those 10. One is the lifeforce and the other 4 are helpers. Some of them have differant names, missions or caracters. Some are good and some may have gone lost in some lifetime and try to influence us. Hence it is this own ‘devil’ of ours we have to watch out for, not some entity called devil or Satan. I may add that Satan/Israel and Lucifer are not identical. Neither was Jacob/Israel an incarnation of Israel, but of Raphael. Whilst Israel/Satan was the firstborn of the archangels and is referred to as the ‘lost son’. Lucifer is just an angel who wants to be like Israel. He is an imposter who would blames everything he does on Satan! Archangels are the parents of the angels, and mankind are angels on earth, ecept the  times when archangels incarnate. AA Israel/Satan/Salomon, AA Michael/Enoch/Esau/Jesus/Nostradamus, AA Raphael/Jacob/Elijah/John the Baptist/Saint Francis/Saint Nicolas/Isis and Osiris, AA Gabriel/Moses/Mohamed/Budda, AA Uriel/Joshua/Noah/Matthew, AA Ariel/parents of Moses/parents of Jesus and now of Elijahs reincarnation, AA Daniel/ Aaaron/Zacharia and Elizabeth, AA Emmanuel/Adam and Eve/ Izaac and Rebecca/ Lazarus and his sister Martha, and many other famoous or not so famous people.

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Vulnerability

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Angel Wisdom Monday, June 10, 2013


It takes great courage to dare to open your heart and allow your true self to be exposed and yet it is this very energy that leads you to the rewards of being completely free. To be vulnerable is a sign of great inner strength, for you know that you truly are safe and that there is no need for protection. There is no need for masks and barriers when you bravely step forward and let your true self emerge and let others see your divineness.

Have patience and don't try to force things to happen, allow them to unfold in their own natural way, like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, you are ready to fly. Unmask your heart and be open as this allows you to empathize, be compassion and to love, truly, madly and deeply.  It shows you a path to a better way and it is a journey only for the brave. Dare to be vulnerable as it is indeed a sign of great strength and completeness.

Affirmation: "As I bring down my barriers and dare to be vulnerable, I find I am stronger and more able to love and give of myself completely and unconditionally."

And so it is.

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels


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