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I noticed the site changed QUITE a BIT Lately. Where did all of the channelers and space info wind up? Looking for an update here. Seems the SPP Alliance is quite busy chasing down so called "war criminals big and small". Whatever happened to chasing down the bankers and thier like? Now its all about news from CHINA as if the new upcoming changes are all coming from there. Such an action would make any changes to a living minimum wage useless. Products are already emported en mass from China and they are making us sick.The shortcuts used to make these goods are poisoning us. This is NOT what we should be promoting. China does not have the stringent heath standards that the US has on goods. The US needs to become a producer of goods again.That is what will boost the economy and we are being undercut daily by low-income labor and CHEEP Chinese imported goods.



What's the SPP Alliance? I

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What's the SPP Alliance? I pretty much stopped following the channelers with the "behind the scenes" information.