interesting experiences in meditation

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interesting experiences in meditation

Hi, new here.  just thought I would share my experiences.

I didnt intend to go down this road, but somehow life chose me about 15 years ago, as my world in a way turned upside down, and I began to search.  First from self help and motivation, but I found eventually, the road lead down to the metaphysical.  So in times of turmoil and stress I began with something called Sedona Method.  Releasing all the negative emotions and feelings inside of me, sometimes for 4-5 hrs at a time, or while I went on 2 hrs walks in the forest.  It was a strange time and still is, for it seemed where ever i walked, all the doors seemed to close.  I have been meditating for the last year, in part to find peace, in the moments of stillness, and often bliss one finds in meditation.  As well I have been reading various materials as well.  The closest thing I could find from what i was experiencing was something I read from Greg Braden in his mirrors.  He calls it a gift very few get to experience, He also called it the Valley of the Midnight Sun, where all you hold dear and value is taken away, and you are broken down, and built back new, to start fresh again.  My thoughts on it, it hasnt been fun, but its brought me to where I am currently.

Last 6 weeks or so I have started meditating in a slightly different way.  In the previous 4 years it was just to release and find stillness.  But I read that when you meditate you should focus on your 3rd eye which I had not been doing.  And I read also about centering yourself in your heart.  So I began this 6 weeks ago.  I moved my consciousness from my head into my heart with intention, and I began to generate alpha waves from what I read, and cleared my mind.  I have experienced bliss and stillness in meditation but what I experienced was very new and strange.  

About 30 minutes into my meditation, I was jolted by electricity in my forehead.  It was so strong I felt it from my forehead down to my body.  I kept meditating and generating alpha, and in my head i began to see a green colour, and it swirled into a green vortex and locked onto a spot on the 3rd eye on my forehead, and I was jolted by electricity just as strong as before.

It was the strangest of experiences, the jolts I cannot deny as real and not imagined.

After this experience, I kept doing the meditation, since I wanted to explore this more,  It wasnt till after a week till I started to see the green colour and vortexes again.  But the times after my first attempt, no more jolts of electricity.  From time to time I will see an eye  as well.

I was getting headaches for about a week after this, but they have gone away.

Progressing along, I was also at times going into my heart.  It was dark, sometimes seeing flashes of images.  Just going in there and exploring.  Hearing the heart beating as well as a residual echo.

Last 3 days though, I was in the heart, moving around and I came upon a place, where it just felt really good.  i just sat there because it felt so good, and I didnt want to leave.  And I also began to hear a high frequency pitch, not loud but loud enough to be aware of it.  There was also a door.  First time i opened it, there was nothing behind it.

2nd time i opened again nothing, but a giant eagle came down from the sky and just stared at me.  There were no words or communication, I was just surprised to see it.  So I just sat there because I was in that spot that felt so good, and observed the eagle as it observed me.  And something strange happened.  I began to feel my heart beating on my left side, then on my right side, then simultaneously on the left and right side of my chest, and then on my right side of my chest.  I thought this was wierd because my heart is on the left side.

3rd time i opened the door, there was an old man with a long white beard on the other side in robes, and a light was coming down from above him and bathing him in that light.  This time I thought I would ask a question.  So i asked why have all these things happened in my life, what is my purpose.  No answer, but i began to feel bubbles of joy flow up in my body.

I hear that high pitch frequency sometimes when I am not in meditation also, but mostly when I am in meditation.

Tonight I was meditating and It was dark, and I saw 12 lights in front of me, and they came and surrounded me and flooded their light into me, i felt light and full of joy.  Then I saw my body and a silver thread coming out of my solar plexus.  And it went up into the air, and a door opened in the darkness and it was a green light behind the door, and the silver thread went to the green light, and a pink light came down through the thread into my body, and i felt joy and light again as it went through my body.  Then it changed into a green light coming down through the thread and it went through my body again.

Anyone have any similar experiences, and explain what happened?  From the jolts of electricity, the headaches, the green vortexes, and even the high pitched frequency, and the silver thread connected to my solar plexus area.

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Look deep within

If you look deep down within or ask for what that experience was about usually in the stillness you can find your answers inside and even wright about it what it meant or its purpose to you. Your awareness can only expand from looking within.

Have a good day, Namaste

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I would appreciate your way

I would appreciate your way of sharing your experience , its beautiful. I also enjoy doing meditation and the main reason of doing it is only the eternal happiness which I experience by doing it. There are unbelievable various benefits of doing meditation , all you can feel it is by doing it yourself. Apart from this with the help of meditation you can realize and make use of other eternal powers like increasing strength of your intusion powers, Psychic talents etc.

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