It's Time to Gather Courage: Pleiadian Message Channeled by Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 17, 2013


Dear hearts, with deep regret we speak with you today in regards to the most recent act of malice which occurred in the great city of Boston within the United States.

In the midst of unraveling the darkness which has lived within your societies for eons of time, and by this we refer to the Cabal and their minions who have maintained their iron grip over your people,and who have instilled fear, despair,and who have brought great harm, in all aspects of the word for much of your history, we ask you to understand the presence of these dark ones is so deeply engrained within your world, they are desperate and will do anything possible to maintain this, and re-establish their rapidly declining power over you, the collective.  This dear hearts, is done with their most potent weapon.  Fear.

Many of you are aware, within the past few days,frequent energy downloads are coming into the planet.  Love and light are infiltrating your beings in great quantities now, and this will continue.  Quite literally, love is sweeping the planet as we speak.

The Cabal is also aware of this, and as we have mentioned before, they will stop at nothing to prevent this from occurring.  They know love and light is steadily enveloping Gaia once again, yet they persist, and are more determined than ever to diminish this light, and great love which is now infiltrating each and every soul upon Gaia.

We have mentioned before in various channeled messages, there will come a time when you will be called forward,as Lightworkers, and Lightholders, and it would be a time when you will need to gather courage, even if it means facing those remaining fears or doubts still lodged within you, or facing fear from others, and you will be asked to fully embrace your roles as beacons of divine light, love, and grace.  That time has come dear hearts, the question is, are you ready?

If you chose to do so, we ask you step up to the forefront with us now with greater determination than ever before to send love, and compassion to all souls who remain trapped within the illusion of duality and fear, and where they will remain as long as the Cabal continues to instigate this fear, pain and suffering, and as long as people continue to succumb to it.

We will not deny there are negative forces still active within your societies, but we will not, and can not deny, there is also an immense love within your world, and among the people of Gaia.  Great changes are taking place as well, and this is occurring everyday, all across your planet.

We implore you dear ones, that you remain calm, focused and centered within your mission as Lightworkers, as your mission, and purpose for being here at this time is now unfolding before you very eyes. You are understanding this now, and we ask your to rally together as a community, united with us, as we move forward in continuance with your ascension, and that of Gaia, and in our greatest efforts to instill more love, and light onto your planet, and into the hearts of all.

When love is present, the dark cannot thrive.  The dark ones are highly aware of this.  They are also aware, their days are numbered. Again we say to you, gather courage dear hearts.  Ascension is not for the faint of heart, as you well know.  You are here because you chose to experience the ascension of this planet, and you chose this time knowing it would require great commitment of heart, and soul far beyond your greatest imaginings. It would also require incredible perseverance, on your part, and yes, incredible bravery for what you have all endured so far, has been life time after life time of trial, despair and confusion at the hands of those who have engrained into your very hearts, false belief systems, fear, unworthiness and grief.

You have been brave beyond the call of duty, and we ask you once again, and yes, we will ask many times, for we know you are committed to the ascension of your planet, and with this comes freedom, justice and equality for all; A bright new world, where you will never be controlled, persecuted for your beliefs, your ideals, and ways of being ever again.

We know your hearts are overflowing with love, and strength.  So again, we say, do not engage in fear.  Do not succumb to the relentless malice of the dark ones, or any negative energy you encounter. This is what they want, and you must be aware of this.  Now is the time to become the beacons of light that you truly are.  Now is the time to show the immense quantities of love, light, and compassion you have for all human kind, for your brothers and sisters, everywhere.

Gather courage dear ones, and carry on with your mission of love.  Do not falter now for we need each and every one of you. Use the immense love which lies in your hearts, and send it out to the families of those who were directly affected that day.

May there be a light so bright, and may it come directly from your hearts with all the force of the universe to guide it. Dear ones you are so loved, and we feel your pain, and your sorrow.  This is ours as well.  We must carry on, for there is still much to do, as each and every one of you know the truth of what we say.

May there be eternal peace within all of you.  May the light conquer the dark forces.  May the truth be known, love will prevail, and together, united in unity and love, ascension will continue.  The light will radiate from every corner of your beautiful planet, and the dark will recede.  They will have no choice in the matter, for you see dear ones, where love thrives, the dark cannot survive.

We are the Galactic Federation.  We salute you, we honor you, and we are always with you.  Gather courage dear ones, gather courage. May you go in peace, we shall speak again soon.