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By Phillip Elton Collins


To commit to a PERSONAL PROCESS 

Of an in-depth examine of self

To know how self relations 

Effects all relations and nations.


Inspired by Archangels Gabriel & Michael and Ascended Master Saint Germain 

“Know thy self” and “To thy own self be true” may be some of the wisest words ever thought, felt and spoken.

Many teachings from the higher realms are reminding us that the greatest need within humanity is to have the awareness and loving support of a SENSE OF SELF. This will allow the individual to know they are an aspect of the universal whole. In effect, the Self and Universe belong to each other, as One. We have been asleep a long time. It’s all about becoming conscious. Time to wake up...

As students of truth, there is nothing more important than understanding and accepting Oneness. All of our separations and duality and confrontation have been a result of absorbing “me” into the “we”. It is time for our belief systems within our religions, corporations, and governments to support We Consciousness coming forward. And no longer bringing the unhealed me into the conscious, we. Or we will not be happy with the consequences.

Once we move from Man Power to God Power we can reveal ourselves anew, open to give and receive love in balance, feel our feelings, no longer shame, blame and judge and make new choices to change everything. “In effect we are moving from childhood to adulthood within our evolutionary process from Man to God power. All the words here are about your relationship with self and moving that newness out into your world, solar system, galaxy and universe.” - Archangel Michael, Life Mastery (LM).

Life Mastery

Few have realized or accepted that God is consciousness (and consciousness is energy and energy knows no distance nor time) and as consciousness he/she is life, intelligence, intention, and love manifested in a diversity of multi-dimensions—this 3D dimension being one of many. In effect, God is an impersonal personality integrating the consciousness of being through his/her Divine-Self being you and I. We are all in the process of connecting with multi-dimensions and our God Power-selves; thus, eternally connecting and expressing with the universal consciousness of God. Are we ready to clear and cleanse the separation of the past and present and move into the highest aspects of our divine selves, our true sense of self?

“God is undifferentiated consciousness until it connects with a soul like you. As has been said many times and will be many more until you know it, the purpose of all physical evolution is for the purpose of learning how to love. Your individual part of God is learning to become experiential.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

The Second Coming

Our thoughts and feelings make up much of our sense of self and our created reality and can both disconnect or connect us with our divine self. Mastering the energies of our thoughts and feelings through We Consciousness is a sure pathway to self-mastery and freedom from self.

Our misuse of energies through our thoughts and emotions and their consequences are legendary. We have kept ourselves and our world in prison to the point of near destruction. Are you ready for something else? I am.

“Emotion is the expression of the feeling. The emotion is how the feeling moves. Each feeling, if you accept it, will allow another feeling underneath it to unfold. As a matter of fact all of your feelings are going on simultaneously. When you resist one, you block all of them.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC.)

As we transcend from the human to the divine in the graduated levels of our consciousness, it is time to take personal responsibility/ownership for changing the imbalanced situations/conditions within our sense of self-moving into our God Power-selves. This requires shifting our wounds and ego defenses in the mental body and the unhealed emotions in the emotional body into the heart space that allows the transmuting of anything less than love.

Through a higher sense of self it is time to release any belief systems acquired through family, environment, attachment/addiction to persons, places, things in our race, sexuality, religion, national or, family origin that does not serve our highest good and that of others. This includes equality, harmony and balance for all, thus reflecting humanity’s true sense of self, our God Power-Self.

When this is in place we shall have the foundation of building our final Golden Age within ourselves first and then the world. We shall be conscious and present. “Enlightenment is being in the now, fully present.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

This new world of equality, harmony and balance is mirroring the truth: It is a loving and truthful universe, thus God is always loving and truthful. All non-truths have risen from humanity’s misinterpretation and misunderstanding of true love and equality. This reflects the relationship with self, the sense of self. Are we ready to release false teachers that have controlled us far too long? Each person must decide this for them-self, through their sense of self and freedom of will and choice. Your resonance (how you feel about it), your internal gyro system and discernment will direct you.

In strengthening our desire to be free of self throughout the world, a new humanity and new paradigm of Oneness is being created: A golden human for the Golden Age. This is the reason we are here to create a new spiritual humanity reborn through a new sense of self-love.

Then through the death of the weary, wounded old, we shall create a new world becoming the daughters and sons of Creation/God Power.

The new spiritual humanity, connected to higher self and consciousness, is the transmuting-being, transformed by the intention of change, through the science of the sense of self.

Then each day we shall have an opportunity to live free of self. Then, the planetary/God self, the transformed sense of self, will network throughout the rebooting portals and vortices of the world reviving Mother Earth and humanity alike. From the breakdown of the old will come the breakthrough of the new. We shall no longer be separated, but all of and in the oneness of creation.

God has only been separate because we have been separate: “You’ve created separation; therefore, God couldn’t possibly be a part of you. Now as you come into this age, you begin to awaken body consciousness as the vibration rises in the body (moving from carbon to crystalline). And now the possibility arises that you can detect and awaken God Power within yourself. You can begin to realize yourself as God, as God beings.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

The meaning, value and purpose of our planet’s divine soul plan is to understand and transcend all the wounds of human emotions, intelligence and memory of the past and present. Then we shall be in world service to creation and life. And if we so choose, we shall be filled with wonder and the expectancy of constant growth and expansion in joining the sheer bliss of being God Power during this two-thousand year cycle into our final Golden Age.

It is the love of the consciousness of God to give freely. Are we ready to receive it? Only we have been standing in the way for eons. We shall create a higher way of life where competition, deceit, denial of deceit, inequality, war and disease are wounds of the past.

We shall know we are never alone in the constant presence of Creation/God Power. We shall know we came forth from Creation through cosmic love, and will return to that love by becoming it through our God Power Oneness/We Consciousness. We cannot do this alone.

Through our divine evolutionary process of spirit to matter and matter to spirit, density to crystalline, it is our divine destiny to become consciousness and be self-mastered, as long as we do not forget from whence we came. It was this forgetting that caused the demise of all past Golden Ages. We cannot evolve alone. Spirit is not matter and we in matter need spirit.

Cosmic Law states ascension is freedom: That which descends into density must and will manifest its freedom, thus ascending back to that Source from whence it came. This is the reason there are more of us on the planet than ever before. The billions of us aren’t here because conditions are better. We all chose to be here to fulfill our original reason for being on this planet in accordance to cosmic law and our soul plans... to move into a higher realm of existence.

“Ascension is giving up the separated self. That’s all it is. All you’re talking about in awakening the soul is giving up the separated self, giving up your fight for separation and acknowledging your unity within." (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

Much of humanity is waking up to the truth that we are not here just to work, reproduce and die. We are part of a universal plan with a higher purpose.

The supreme purpose of Creation is for each of us to know that we are eternal divine beings of light intended to be and explore the universe and Creation through our God Power. This is our true sense of self.

The ascension process, moving to a higher realm of existence, will come when the majority of humanity’s energy and sense of self has been transmuted into conscious purpose and our hearts join with Creation/God Power; then what descended will ascend back into the Light, as the god- sense of self.

“God is all there is. God is ever present in everything that lives. God is the very force of life itself." 

How can you divorce yourself from God unless you divorce yourself from the force of life? You can distort the force of life. You can separate your consciousness from it to some degree through fear and through the machinations of your personality and your belief in separation and isolation, but you still cannot divorce yourself from God.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). Because you ARE God.