Massive Clearing Energies

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There are massive clearing energies taking place right - literally blasting with almost an obsidian overtone to them. Last night a friend who I do energy work with woke up and was afraid for me. He said he was seeing a vision of my aura running with rivers of blood and was trying to send golden light to it. The person I was sharing a house with then tried to get close to me on a ruse and attack me, but somehow I knew to stay calm and he backed off.

He went outside for a cigarette while I was hoping he would not come into my room again. Then he walked inside after a very lengthy time and told me that there was what he described as a very polite entity demanding to see me (by name) outside, that he had heard it knocking and it almost wouldn't let him in the house. Then he tried (in his words) three times to destroy it but was unable to; he was very upset by this.

When I went outside I saw two ships in the sky. One of them with reddish lights, the other clear white and I could feel the intense love coming off them. Then it felt like two people had come on either side of my shoulders and wrapped me in a blanket and just walked me in circles for an hour while I cried. I felt AAM's presence strongly and heard that my safety had been assured by the heavens themselves and that the archangels are always in my thoughts and know when I need help.

I went back inside the house but failed to give a full accounting of my experience, as I knew it would produce anger. I saw 4:44 on the clock and looked up the meaning then sat with my cat quietly for a brief period. I then felt urged to leave the house, trusting the guidance of the number sign I was given I went for a walk in a nearby park. When I returned the house was in shambles and the table upended and he said I was 'lucky I survived' what came over him.

I am currently blogging from a temporary location, as I cannot return there. Please trust your angels at this time; their guidance is there to help you.