Message from the Ashtar Command 5/23/12

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There is a certain level of understanding that the human race has not yet attained. It is at this level where new idea and concept begin to manifest within your minds, and thus, within your societies. We, the Ashtar Command, seed worlds with those of higher consciousness, to bring to these worlds new ideas of expanded consciousness that will assist these worlds to begin to create systems that are more in balance with the harmony of a planet and all the beings that live upon her. This is the case here at this time in your world. We have seeded your world through the tool of incarnation with beings who have brought with them higher ideals and concepts of social structures, and it is their task to share these ideas by entering them into the collective consciousness of your society.


Many of these ideas are shunned by your current establishment. These ideas are ridiculed and they are denied any means of adequate or just mediation or examination. These advanced concepts are tossed out like the bathwater, predominately due to the scheming of those in your world who profit greatly from the old systems, the outdated systems that are in place and have been so for many long years. These outdated and archaic systems have outlived their feasibility. They have no place today here in your world, and they have not had a place here in your world for many years. It is time your society has taken a great leap ahead that will allow it to at least catch up to where it should have been many years ago.


We are not here to help catapult your society and your ways of life into the future. We are here to share with you the gifts that are yours and have been yours for many centuries of time. These gifts could have been yours long ago, and they would have prevented so much hardship, struggle and pain for so many of your world who have suffered so greatly under the oppressive weight of these old systems of imbalance, injustice and unfairness that have been conceived and implemented by unscrupulous minds who only understand greed as their motivation and reason for being. We intend for you to end all this, but it is you as a collective society who must make this choice. We cannot force our systems and our ways of life upon you, for we have no right to do this. No one has a right to force their ways of life on another.


We wish you to understand this very clearly, as so many of your world today attempt greatly to force their ways of life on another. If all of you could understand that in forcing your way of life upon another you are violating the laws that govern this universe, then so many of the problems of your world could be alleviated, as there will be no one who trespasses onto the will and the life of another. Your court systems would become relics of your past as they would be no longer needed, as the sacred rights of another would no longer be violated in any way, shape or form, if only each of you could learn to honor and respect the sacred space and lives of another. We wish through our efforts here to demonstrate for you how important this rule of law is and how all of us within the higher dimensions of this universe honor and respect this law and the sacred rights of each and every being throughout.


This is why we do not and cannot implement our systems into your world without your collective invitation and participation. We feel these systems would be greatly beneficial to your societies, and we will explain to you in full detail what these systems involve, what they will take to implement them, what will they take to run them safely and efficiently, and what benefits each of them will have for the citizens of your planet. At that time, if the people of your world collectively give us your permission, we will begin to implement each system that is agreed upon and welcomed by your people. This is what we will do for you, and we will not do this without your prior consent.


At this time, we see so many systems that are broken down and systems that should have never been created in the first place. The list is long, and it is no easy task to tear each of these systems down while replacing them with a new system that will very often be far more complex, but at the same time, be far simpler to oversee and to operate. Some of these systems are very large in scope and are very complex in nature, and can take years, even decades, to fully implement into your society.


We have many highly trained technicians, designers and planners in each and every field of these systems that would be valuable to your society. Allow us, when the time is right, to explain in detail which systems we feel need to be removed from your world and which systems we feel require upgrades to the current methodologies and technologies of their current states. Allowing us to make these presentations to you is the first step, and we look forward to making these presentations to you as we are confident many of you will easily see the virtues of such advancements in the current ways many, if not all, of your current systems function.


The end product for your society will be systems that do not pollute your air, your seas, your land or your lungs, and that bring positive results far beyond the current output of your current systems. Many of these new systems that we will share with you are self containing and self maintaining, meaning by themselves they will run efficiently without great amounts of manpower applied into them. We will explain more about these technologies to you when we can speak more personally with you and engage with you through our presentations to your scientists and your city and global planners. At this time, it is better we focus on the matters at hand that will lead to the opportunities for us to make these and other presentations to you as well.


As it is said here in your world, we must not put the cart before the horse. First things first, and we wish for as many of you as possible to focus clearly and focus solely on each and every individual task that presents itself to you in a very particular order. It is such a great waste of focal energy to scatter your thoughts and your energies on so many different areas of attention when this gets you nowhere. You must focus on one individual task at a time and focus all your energy on that task and no other, and you will see results so much more quickly in this way. We see so many of you performing so many tasks at once throughout your day, and then we see days, weeks and even months go by without even one of these tasks being completed successfully. We wish for you to understand greater the power of your focused energy and what results you can achieve by concentrating on but one task at a time.


We understand that many of you have jobs and families that demand great portions of your focus and energy, and we understand you have little choice in this matter. We simply want you to focus on other tasks that may be essential but that can be aligned in such a way as to allow you to focus on just one of them at a time. This is what we wish you to focus on today. Focus on aligning the tasks that need to be accomplished in your life in a straight line, either written on a piece of paper or in your mind. Choose the chore or the assignment that is most important to be completed first, and then put out of your mind for now all the other tasks that are aligned behind it. Block them out of your mind for now and focus on that one single task and do not remove your focus from this task until it is successfully completed.


We know you could do this, and we know you will be quite surprised and even at times astonished at just how quickly and efficiently you can complete each task in this long line of tasks that need to be accomplished. We wish you great success in this, and we look forward to seeing great results as we see you apply this technique to your long list of chores.


We are your Family of Light from the stars.





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