Collective Pulse Report: The Three Waves of Global Transformation

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by April Bender via Integrated Overself

It's been awhile since our last channeled forecast (Embracing Shadow: The Rise of the Collective Unconscious) but today I wish to update you on the current energetics and primary forces at play upon your world in the hopes that this information generates deeper understanding and insight within those consciously participating with the ongoing ascension and/or re-enchantment process here on Earth.

One Heart, One Mind, One Body

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by April Bender (via the Divine Mother)
Dear One,
I am your mother, the birther and nurturer of Life, and as such I live, move, breathe and have my very being in you just as surely as you live, move, breathe and have your being within me.

Experiencing the Eclipse and Beyond

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photo by Angie Love

The Eclipse day, for me was magnificent. I started the day meeting with a friend on Skype who lives in Scotland. Ann is a “crystal awakener” and has worked with all the waterways and mountains of Scotland to bring them to 5D. This was a huge job and too awhile. She worked with my crystals that I was bringing to the mountain for a ceremony later that day. Some big orbs including a golden one showed up on camera as I met with her, and she caught a photo of me and the orbs.

Global Heart Synchronization and Activating Light Bodies

Is This What Invoking Pleadian High Council Healing Chambers Feels Like?

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There were a bunch lie this next to a pier.

Yesterday I came across somebody’s Pleiadian High Council healing chamber invocation. For the life of me, I can’t find where it came from. You basically connect to your higher self after grounding, then to your multi-dimensional self, then call to the Pleiadian High Council. Then you request a healing session and stay in that vibe for as long as you can. In my case it [meditation] usually involves passing out whenever I relax. Just ask my wife. Meditating for me usually ends up being naps because I am usually just plain too tired to relax in a chair and clear my mind and retain some degree of control. My body takes over and says “thank you very much” and proceeds to shut down for awhile.

Yesterday, when I came across this website I did the process and added the caveat to wait a couple hours until I went to bed for the night. Enter my dreams from last night. I HAD to write them down today in order to at least capture the information. I will excavate these type of logs later on once more puzzle pieces have fallen into place.

So without further delay, here is the dream. I can at least say this: I think I did make some sort of contact last night with a fleet of ships. To see them in dream time and remember it is about all I have ever been able to do, so I will have to leave it at that.



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