Message from the Ashtar Command 6/6/12 ‘Choosing Future Events’

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Your futures at this point in time can be likened to jigsaw puzzle pieces that are up to each of you to put together yourselves and construct some kind of picture from them. It is up to each of you to decide for yourselves what it is you wish to experience next, and it is up to each of you to then choose this possible future and experience it for yourself, making it your reality by focusing upon it until it is the reality you are experiencing. Asking us what you will experience in the days ahead is like asking a crystal ball to create for you your experience, and this is not how it works. How it works is you create any experience you wish for yourselves, and so it is only yourselves that you can ask these questions. So we suggest to you to do just this and ask yourselves “What is it I wish to experience?”, and you will have your answer.


We cannot make it much clearer than this, and we hope that many of you reading these words at this time now have a greater understanding of just what awaits you up ahead and how it is you that are creating these events with your thoughts and your intentions today. We see many of you trying to receive puzzle pieces from us or from other methods of divination about your futures, when this is clearly a waste of effort as your time and energy is much better spent creating for yourselves precisely what kind of future you wish to experience and you feel would serve you better than your current experience.  


All throughout your long journey you have created for yourself events that awaited you up ahead, and the period of your journey that you are now entering is no different. The biggest difference today than any other period in your history is that many more of you are now becoming fully aware that it is you that possess the power to create whatever experience it is you wish for yourselves. We hope that you will utilize this knowledge to its greatest potential and create for yourselves any kind of experience you wish, considering no limitations, boundaries, rules or guidelines, for the only rule is that there are no rules.


To ask us, the Ashtar Command, how you will experience the days ahead, including your ascensions into the higher realms of possibility, would be petitioning us to devise and offer you a set of rules and guidelines, for any picture we paint for you of your futures would be doing just this, as we would be limiting your experience by offering you our own view of what you may or may not experience. Do you understand a little clearer now dear ones why even though we enjoy a greater overall picture from our vantage point we do not answer your questions as to what lies ahead for you? Do you understand that we do this out of love for you, as we wish for you all the freedom that you deserve, to create for yourselves any reality you wish to experience, and we do not wish to overstep our bounds and step in and spoil in any way what you have rightfully earned and deserve through all your trials and the experiences you have endured in order to gain the knowledge, wisdom and experience that today you possess like proud trophies shining in a case.


We have, at times, painted for you beautiful portraits and landscapes of what is possible for you, and all these examples of vivid color and beautiful tapestries are indeed possible for you, they always have been, they always will be, and nothing at all has changed for you, as all your possibilities still shine as bright as they always have, waiting for you to choose them and make them your own. There are some of you that have made their feelings known as of late that they feel because we have been refraining from describing for you the wonderful possibilities for your futures as we have in the past that we are somehow backpedaling on promises made you. This is certainly not the case, as everything that has ever been available for you still remain available for you, and nothing that you wish for yourselves or desire to experience is any further out of your reach than it ever has been.


We hope you understand this, and hope that you do not begin to consciously or otherwise begin to set limitations and boundaries for yourselves as you move forward, for this is what you will be doing if you begin to believe that the ‘sky is no longer the limit’. You will begin to create for yourselves futures that are based again on lack and limitation, scarcity and challenging hardship, and we ask you “Is this what you really want?” Choose carefully your futures, for we will make this clear once again for you dear ones, that whatever it is you choose, whatever it is you create for yourselves, will be yours. This is your gift, it is a gift from your Creator, and you can be assured that you will receive this gift, for there is no other way about this. Think carefully, think creatively, choose your gift and wrap it tightly by focusing upon it and offer it to yourself, keeping it with you each and every day as the days pass by as you begin to enter the new reality you are creating for yourself as your gift is opened.


We would like to see more of you thinking about what type of gifts you would like to receive, and we would like to see more of you sharing the knowledge of how to create these gifts for yourself and how to present these gifts to yourself. We would like to see this wisdom shared with all of your brothers and sisters who express concern, questions, doubt or fear about your futures. We would like to see as many of you as possible share the knowledge about the events up ahead and that it is you that are creating them each and every day forward, and that there are no rules and guidelines, there are no futures set in stone, that timelines are very fluid and fluctuate throughout each minute of each day.


If you could see these timelines from our vantage point, you would see them as intricately flowing streams of light and color that fade in and out of each other as they mix together in beautiful dance.  These are the timelines that you flirt with each and every day, and it is these timelines that you are choosing with every thought, expression and dream that you have. We would like to see as many of you as have now reached this understanding to share this wisdom with others, for it is your day, it is your dance, and it is you that are choosing the music, and the most important place to begin is to understand that it is you that are making the plans for this party and no one else.


We thank you for lending us your time today so we can offer you our wisdom and allow you to better understand the events that you are creating up ahead and the futures that await you.


We are your Family of Light from the stars.






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