Message from the Ashtar Command 7/18/12 ‘What We Are Accomplishing Here’

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It is you that are closest to completion and perfection than others, as it is you that follow our messages because it is you that resonate with their similar vibration to your vibration. This is how it works here in this universe. Though there are eyes that do wander here to explore and investigate and read these words, they do not necessarily resonate with them, and evidence can be found throughout the many comments left under these messages throughout your online communities. We say to you do not harbor ill feelings for, or attempt to persuade, these individuals to see things your way when you resonate with these messages and they do not and they may leave harsh comments, for these are some of the characteristics when a person, and why a person, does not resonate with these words.


When a being shows disdain and ill respect for another and their beliefs it is because their vibration has not been adequately raised through the learning of lessons and experiences throughout their existence. When they demonstrate sometimes what can be perceived as ill manners or even in extreme cases anger and hatred for others who do resonate with these words, what they are saying to you is not that I hate you, but that I do not understand you and you and these messages frighten me. That is all they are saying, even though they are using a great many different words and expressions to say what, if they understood their emotions clearer, could take just a few words; ‘I am scared’, that is all.


For those of you who do resonate with these words and feel these messages and your productive, kind, nurturing and wise comments are under attack from certain individuals, just always remember to be as kind, as patient and as nurturing to these other souls as you can be, for all they are saying is that, through lack of understanding, they are scared, that's all. They will one day, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day, read messages similar to these through different eyes, through eyes that today you read these messages through, and they will leave far different comments than the ones they may leave today. When that day comes they too may feel they are under attack sometimes and their views are under attack sometimes, and they too will learn why it is it may appear that way at times. Be ever patient, ever thoughtful, kind and positive in your responses to these negative inputs here, as it is always the responsibility and the task of those that have gone on ahead to keep an eye on those trailing behind and assist them on their way up the path to new places and greater understandings within the trailhead of this expansive universe.


Today we would like to discuss with you some of the events that are indeed transpiring here in your world. We would like to make clear that we, the Ashtar Command, also report to you that we are witnessing arrests of many members of your criminal cabal and their associates, their paid gunmen and missionaries. These individuals are being apprehended and taken into custody one by one and day by day, and we see this process continuing on and through this month and next month and beyond. We see this event as an ongoing cleansing and purification of your world that will take many months and even longer due to the fact there are so very many of those who have signed on, if you will, to the agenda of these dark ones. Do not for a moment feel this is bad news, because it is not dear ones, it is good news, it is delightful news, news you have deserved to hear for so very long.


What we are saying to you is these arrests are happening, they are happening now, they have been happening and they will continue to happen until each and every member sworn to the allegiance of the dark is apprehended, taken into custody to face sentencing and rehabilitation for their crimes involving many conspiracies to control the people of your world. Because these arrests will take more than a few days or a few weeks to reach their conclusion should not be a surprise to many of you who have studied and have learned how very many of these individuals there are, and although it is true there are only a few of these individuals in power at the top of these vast pyramidal structures, these pyramids are very extensive and reach far and reach deep into the soils of your earthly systems all over your planet, just as there are physical pyramidal structures all over your planet.


These individuals have entrenched themselves deeply into all systems that they felt they could squeeze out more money, power and control. To eradicate them from these systems will take some time, some patience, great drive, determination, strength, courage and bravery from the men and women who today are on the front lines and from the men and women who tomorrow will be on your front lines. This is a campaign that will take some time, but it is also a campaign that will continually push forward, this is what we see and this is what we believe, and we believe this is a campaign that will be successful and will bring to the people of your world everything that has been discussed, everything that is possible, everything that has been dreamt of by all of you. Freedom and prosperity, pure clean environments, kindness, love and caring spreading everywhere, flowers and trees taking root where today there is concrete, open and free sources of energy, communication and travel beyond the borders of your countries and even your planet, healthcare systems that purify a being, restoring vitality, hobbies and interests that will replace some of those today in your world that are so very unproductive and unrewarding for you. We see a new Earth from air to sea, from valley to mountain. We see this as so close now, and with every push forward and incarceration of another member of the cabal this all comes even closer. This is a dream that can and will come true for you and we, your ascended family, friends and coworkers on this mission with you are with you every step of the way in support of what it is you are accomplishing here.


There are many worlds here with their eyes and ears focused upon what you are doing each and every day and they marvel at what they see, and with every arrest they understand that they are one step closer to reuniting with their families who are here with you within the physical vessels of humanity. These are the joyful experiences for all of you and all of us that await us just up ahead but are clearly now in sight because of the people of Earth, because of your awakening and your intentions for what you desire for yourselves. The men and women on the front lines are the manifestations of the thoughts of the human collective consciousness. This is how your existence operates.  


Yes, there are particulars as to why certain events transpire, of why you experience certain events, but they are triggered, created and manifested by the thought processes that begin right here with each and every single individual before they grow into a flowing river of collective consciousness with others. This river grows and it grows mighty until it reaches its mouth to its ocean which is your collective creative manifestation that you will experience as your reality. The brave men and women on your front lines sacrificing for the good of all are a part of this wonderful river of thought, intention, action and dream. That is who they are, and though they may wear a uniform or a badge, they are you and you are they, as you are all part of this mission to cleanse and purify your world and restore it to the heavenly realm on Earth that it once was and that it now will be once again. This has been written, and this will be done. This is freedom, this is sovereignty, this is peace. This is your new planet Earth, and it is yours.


So much can be accomplished when forces are combined, and it is here on this planet that forces from throughout this entire universe have combined with a similar goal in mind, with similar ideas and dreams that are now being fulfilled for all to enjoy. This endeavor has been in the planning stages for eons of time. It is not a new idea to come here and do what it is we are all together doing. We have instead talked about this and planned for this for a very long time, and it is only now that we together are completing this plan, and complete it we will. Many worlds from throughout this entire universe can, will, and are benefiting greatly from what it is that is transpiring here. What in essence is happening is that through the work that is being done here, damages that have been done in relations between worlds who have sometimes opposed each other in moral, political, or economic stands are now joining forces as they see their representatives working together peacefully and productively here on Earth. This is one of the most important reasons why some of you are here, although there are many reasons why many of you are here.


One of these reasons is to bury the hatchet, if you will, and learn to work together with these beings from these other worlds that you may have had prior disagreements with. As a universe is growing and maturing, not all worlds of the lower dimensions will see eye to eye and get along together and work well together. This is only natural, and many of you have learned the same lesson here on Earth, as different countries and even different parts of the same countries have had disagreements with each other in regards to political decisions and agendas, as well as economic and territorial disputes. You are now all learning to get along and work together more peaceably, more amicably, more fairly, and so are the beings from your home worlds who are learning so much through the lessons that you are here learning.


Do you see now why getting along with each other here is so important, is so vital to the successful outcome of our mission here?  There is much more at stake than pride between you and those you interact with through your online social networks. There is so much more than he said she said, who is right and who is wrong and who knows more, who knows less. There are worlds and their benefit at stake throughout this universe, and as all these worlds makeup this universe, it is your entire universe that relies on your success here and how well you can manage to get along with each other.


We do not look at you or treat you as you are children, for you are not. When we urge you and try to coach you to better get along with each other it is not because we feel we are the grown-ups and you are the children playing in the playground with each other, as this is not the case at all. We are simply trying to show you that there are better ways to work and play with each other and there are many very important reasons why it is worth it for you and for many that you give your sincerest efforts in this regard, that is all. We are sure you will understand just how important your interactions are with each other once all the peoples of the worlds that you represent can reunite here with you on a future day, and it will be on that day where so much more will be clear to you and will be so much more greatly understood.


Until that day, continue to do your best to get along with each other and work with each other. as so much counts on what you together are accomplishing. Continue on now and give every moment of every day your all and we know each of you will succeed in what we are working so hard to achieve together.


 We are your allies, your friends and your family of the Ashtar Command.








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Dear Greg,

Thank you so much for all the good info, we live in Bulgaria.

Please ask the GF also to come here to arrest the complete rotten Government from Boyko Borisov and the other communists.

the people suffers to much, they are more and more poor, the money is all stolen from the government and invested abbroad in firms.

let them all be brought to justice and change their mind for light and love.

I am not angry but I see how the people is suffering here.

let there be light and love for all

your brother in light and love