Message from the Ashtar Command 7/4/12 ‘Mass Arrest Update'

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Homelessness causes adjournment, the end results in weighing down a beings reason and purpose for being and destroys effectively his or her plans of their incarnation into the physical. What we of the Ashtar Command plan to assist you with is a new and better improved form of housing which will obliterate once and for all the causes and effects of homelessness and alleviate so much hardship for so many of your people just by tackling this problem in this one area. Do you see how much change can be affected when solutions are found for current problems and difficulties?


We have the technological capabilities which will allow us, with your assistance, to build homes all over your world in a matter of days where now it would take many men and women working hard for months. We have housing designs and methods of their implementation that will delight and inspire you to get more involved in the deconstruction of your housing problem that has grown out of control here in your world and has left many hundreds of thousands or even millions of your people left without a home and living on the streets and sleeping where their day comes to a rest. We possess a technology that allows a home to be constructed at the pushing of buttons and the issuing of commands into a fully conscious computer that will then build this structure right before your very eyes and to the amazement of many of your people who have never dreamt of such a technological breakthrough even in their most inspired dreams.  


We would like to unveil this technology as one of the first gifts for you and your people who can and will receive its immediate benefits and experience almost overnight relief from their hardships of homelessness. What this will give to those who are now without house or home is more than a building in which to live in and call their own. What possessing a home to live in does for a being is beyond measure and gives a being hope, drive, determination, self worth and value, and a reason and purpose for being and a canvas for which they may begin to create dreams and goals for which they will then set out to accomplish. This is what a home gives a person, so much more than just shelter from the cold, the rain and the sun, a home gives a being something more to live for than just survival.


We would like to present these gifts to your people starting with those that today sleep on the streets, unprotected from the harsh elements of your world. Help us help you eradicate homelessness from your planet by contributing to our project. We need you in support of this project and we need your hands on deck to be the master designers and the builders of new landscapes of beautiful homes for all of the people of your world. Will you undertake this project with us, your friends, your families and your co-builders of this global housing construction program? We would like to see you leave your comments underneath this message wherever you may read it throughout your online communities and let us know if you would be willing to volunteer your time and services and work with us giving the gift of a home to a needy individual or family. Leave us your comments, and we will again be monitoring them and compiling lists of those of you who wish to dedicate your time and energy in what we feel is a very worthwhile field and one which we believe will be quite rewarding for you, as this experience can be quite rewarding and fulfilling for those of you who have before seen and whose heart has broken at the site of someone without home.


We would like to begin the undertaking of this very large project immediately upon the introductions of our people to your people, which will take place immediately upon sufficient numbers of arrests of those of your criminal cabal and their many associates. These arrests are at this time in their early stages, we would like to report, and we now are very confident these arrests will continue and they will not stop until the complete freedom of your people is at hand. Our monitoring services are detecting arrests of members of your criminal cabal throughout scattered areas of your world. We would like to see the heat turned up, if you will, and more arrests taking place at a much faster pace as we feel it is so imperative to keep the momentum flowing and the spirits high throughout the people of your world who are watching and waiting with great anticipation and hope, and also throughout the rank and file of all the men and women who are on the front lines of this operation.


We wish to thank all of you for your courage and commitment to see these arrests through. We knew you could do it from the start, and this is why we have remained so patient behind the scenes, not wishing to leapfrog you and take matters into our own hands which would be the hands of those whose responsibility and task this was not. It is, as it always has been, your planet, and we remind you that we are here in offers of our full assistance in any way or form that you feel you can benefit from what we possess and gladly offer you. In observance of your troops and law enforcement officials who have moved ahead and have made the first ground shattering arrests, we say to you we are with excitement, joy, gratitude and relief, and we remain in stunned amazement how the people of your world have risen to the occasion and their call of duty even in the darkest of hours, even in the face of threats and violence against them and their families, and who have found the courage, the resolve, the fortitude and the chivalry to march ahead and right what they see as wrong and help free this planet and her people once and for all from the choking hands of tyrannical control. We salute you, the men and women on your front lines who have made the choice to do what it is they feel they must, with no doubts ever in their minds that what they are doing is in the name of right, in the name of love, in the name of freedom, of sovereignty, of peace, of universal cooperation.


We will continue our support of those on the front lines of this operation. We will continue our monitoring and surveillance of those of your criminal cabal currently on the move in attempts to thwart or stall their capture and internment into camps once designed and built to house the men and women of your human family who did not heed to their demands and dance to the music that they choreographed. We will also continue to offer you around the clock protection from any and all rogue military or law enforcement divisions who may choose to move to interfere somehow with these arrests or protect certain high profile members of your criminal cabal. We will not stand for this, and we have made this clear to all these military and law enforcement factions that we will move quickly and we will move decisively to stop in its tracks any movement or efforts that we see as an attempt to interfere in any way with this process. We have been clear on this, and we cannot make ourselves any clearer.


We, the Ashtar Command, will do whatever it is we have to do to protect the men and women on the front lines making these arrests, and also all the people of your world that will now soon be free in just a matter of time and no longer in a matter of consciousness shift of your people, as the shift has begun, and the shift of power has already been moved into high gear and possesses great momentum that we see never stopping or slowing until every acre of this beautiful and prosperous planet is returned to its rightful owners, the people, not the governments, agencies, oligarchs or secret societies of your world, but to the people of each and every country and province and small community all across your planet.


We are your higher dimensional family, friends and coworkers on our mission to free your people and return your planet back to who it is that are its rightful owners. We are the Ashtar Command.




As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish





Housing for the homeless

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Count me in. I have been involved in the building industry for many years and would be delighted to help the homeless by using my skills. I have a connection with Vietnam where there is a great number of homeless people who could benefit from this construction programme.

Thank you for the opportunity . Your loving brother Rex.

Helping Rebuild

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I don't know anything about building, but am willing to learn. I can paint and use a hammer. Count me in!

Greetings GFL, I would be

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Greetings GFL, I would be delighted to be of service. I send all of you abundant universal blue star energy. Contact me ASAP.
Thank you for this invitation!

Hello My Galactic Brothers

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Hello My Galactic Brothers and Sisters

I would like to work on housing for the homeless.  I have lived in off the grid housing in Taos NM.  It has been one of my goals to work with Intentional communitys to get affordable and earth friendly housing set up.  Also, would like to use the free energy machines and new earth friendly materials.  I know a little about the subject,but am willing to learn much more.

Blessings and love


I would love to help

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Galactic family,

I live in Brazil where the problem of homeless is huge.

I would love to do whatever I can to change this situation.

Count on me.

Love & Light,

Luas ***

Namaste,     I'm very

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I'm very creative and can do decorative painting, etc.  I have a ton of ideas!


We're all in this together!!




I was born for this!!

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I was born to live in balance with mother nature.

I will create/build the world i wish to live in.


Love & Light Eternal




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I have spent the last year unemployeed, but have mamaged to fid ways to help a homeless friend of mine..I so want to see him in a home of his own,he is such a wonderful creative soul...he handmakes walking sticks that are awesome, but becasue he is just getting his life back everyone just sees himas this dirty homeless guy and so they wont let him sell in front of their stores, in their neighborhood... very sad... Yes helping people ,these angels here to help us learn compassion, empthy,humanity, is so important to me. I have promised him that as soon as I can figure out how to buy a store of my own he is welcome there every day...any time... I have watched over and over as store owners here in Sedona, take advantage of these people paying 10.00 for there art work then selling it for over 100.00, it breaks my heart...

Anything I can do I am available!



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Please count me in for helping to build the homeless housing!

Help with building homes

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My family and I would love to help out. We ourselves were homeless and thankfully we have great family to let us stay with them. We would love to be part of this wonderful opportunity. 


Louci S.

housing for humanity

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Im a perfect fit for this extrodinary endeavor.
Carpenter by trade and a love and compassion to help elevate humanity to a higher state of existence.

We can change the world, its trying to get better.
We can change the world, if we work altogether.
I so hope that this is real,
Cause I know how good it will feel.
Once the cartels are in the slammer,
We will begin to swing the hammer.
All together now,
Altogether now,
Love is all we need.

Alright Finely I get Tooooooo.........

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OK !!!!! I'M Soooo IN with This Spectacular Gigantic Movement to (OH the tears) of PURE Pleasure and Such an Honor to be unmongest These here Beautiful Folks and WE will make the Bestest Team You could find here on "OUR" Mother Gaia... I have a Hammer and I SHARE :-) And OH YEAH I was homeless for some time too... And I want to see the My Fellow Human-Be-ings with such JOY on there Faces.. I can't WAIT.. Just tell Me """ Y E S  Bernadette Come ON board WE need YOU """... And I Thank You for this oppertunity to shelter My Family of Brothers and Sisters of the L I G H T !!!!



Humble Humble Humble I AM !!

I AM Bernadette 

Can't wait to hear !!!


I'm Sooooo IN-L O V E   With ****** Humanity ******


{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{  Hugzzzzz  }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

I volunteer!

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It would be a great honor to me to participate in this project!!! Please consider me for this project when the time comes!

Thank you,

love & light to you

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thank you so much !! i would like to be a part of this operation. michael from israel. loooove and ligth to all of you out there..

The Homeless Project

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I would love to volunteer my services for this project. Being part of a project that would restore someone's self worth would fill my heart with joy. Any consideration would be appreciated.


Love & Light



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I have strong feelings about this as I see many homeless people in the country where I am at present. Anything I can do to help would be an honor. Count me in. I am willing to serve where most needed.