Message from the Galactic Federation 12/17/11

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The time to begin to concern yourselves with the automation of your society is quickly approaching. These gifts of advanced technologies will finally relieve humanity from your shackles of daily servitude. Please see these offerings not as bribery or false gifts, but as demonstrations of the Creator's love for you. We of the higher realms enjoy much freedom and spare time to be able to follow our hearts dreams and engage in activities that fulfill our innermost creative desires. Many will soon be graced with this blessed opportunity as this is one aspect of higher dimensional living that you can almost immediately begin to enjoy once we are free to make open contact with you. Many will be selected to assist in the initial setup of your new automated systems, which will then run smoothly with quite limited management from human interaction. Many of our societies needs are proliferated (to grow or produce by multiplication of parts, as in budding or cell division) in this manner, and your planet will soon join us and share in these technological advancements. The need to use mother Earth to grow crops will soon become a necessity of the past, as new technologies of light will adequately supply all the nourishment needed for each and every being on the planet. Clothing can also be manufactured in this manner, and no longer will souls work so hard for so many long hours in factories for less than adequate reimbursement.

Humanity now stands at the doorstep of an entirely new civilization. Soon, all need for money will be discarded, and all beings will finally be free from the tyrannical controls of the dark ones behind your current financial and economic systems. These systems of control will be torn down, as there has never been any need for them in the first place. You will soon learn of this crime to withhold from you what has always been rightfully yours. Allow us to assist humanity in this way. Accept these gifts as tokens of our love for you, our brothers and sisters. We are not here for any other reasons but to reunite with our family and to offer you a hand to step up into a new and much advanced age of freedom, unity, peace and prosperity. You have earned all you are soon to receive, and we see so many of you working so hard to share your light to act as a beacon to lead the others to their new lives and to the remembrance of who it is they truly are. We applaud your sincere efforts and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your work in service for the light. Our mission is reaching a most critical point. The moment you have all been waiting for will soon be upon you. Remain patient. This day will come. Until then, be there for your brothers and sisters who need you, and enjoy your wonderful holiday season.


We are your Family of Light from the stars.


As channeled through Greg Giles