Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/17/12

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Have you noticed a certain air of truth in these messages? These messages are being sent to you from higher intelligences to assist you to better manage the transitions that you as individuals and as a people are experiencing and will continue to experience as the days and months pass by. There are many tools that can be of assistance to you at this time, and these messages are but one of them. Utilizing all the tools at your command is advisable as it is not one of these tools that will be the only tool that you will need to gain as much from what this experience offers you. We advise you to take stock of the tools that you possess and make a conscious note of them, as each are just important as the next to help you better facilitate these changes for you and your society as a whole.


Complications may arise due to the unpreparedness of many individuals of your world and we wish, through the dissemination of these messages and others like them, to help better prepare all that will read and will heed these words from us shared through our channels. This is the only way we can communicate with you at this time. Telepathy is a means to communicate commonly here within the higher realms of this universe. Many of you at this time are learning and experiencing telepathic communication for the first time, and many of you are experiencing a difficult time communicating in this manner. This is quite all right and has been expected, as telepathy is an art and a skill that must be practiced before any level of competence is achieved.


We do not expect any of you to suddenly begin attempting to communicate telepathically and being able to readily recognize and receive clear and accurate messages in this way. We instead wish to proceed slowly with you by sending you short messages in the early stages and learn if you have received these small pieces of information accurately, understanding who it is that is sending you these messages. This is the stage of this operation that we are engaging in currently with a large number of you, and we will continue to test these grounds with you over the next weeks and months to better acquaint you with sending and receiving telepathic communications from the higher realms.


We ask you to ‘listen’ for our messages to you through the dream state and even while you are fully awakened. Our messages will be subtle and they will be brief. Our messages can be best perceived as a thought or idea that has seemed to come from other than your own mind. Think of these messages as someone recognizing you as you walk by them on a city street and they gently whisper your name and say hello to you. This would be a suitable mindset to begin to learn to better recognize the instances when a message is being sent to you telepathically. Once you have begun to receive a few messages in this manner you will begin to better recognize each successive message that is being sent to you. As we have said, this is a skill that takes some practice and some experience, but as any skill that is to be learned you will make headway and improve little by little as long as you apply yourself by giving this new skill some effort.


There is nothing the human being cannot accomplish. You are an incredibly complex and intelligent being, and each and every one of you is far more capable, talented and intelligent than many of you believe you are. When we say this to you we mean every word of it as we see you from a much more complete and clear vantage point then you can currently observe yourselves. We understand greatly what you are capable of as we have seen what you can accomplish firsthand, and we wish to say to you that there is absolutely nothing you, the being that is human, cannot do.


As you continue to ride the wave of your journey through existence, you will garner new and greater skills as you allow the current to pass you through new learning experiences that have been designed to teach you these new skills and give you the experience necessary to hone these skills sharply and add them to your ever expanding arsenal. Telepathic communications are just one of the new skills that you will be taught and that, with the right amount of effort, you will be able to one day master and utilize to its fullest potential. The list of skills you have acquired and have learned to master are long, and some of them have required great effort on your part. Telepathy is but the next skill you will learn, and before long it will be but another tool in your belt as you go on to learn other skills that you are yet unaware of.


What you can accomplish through the gift of telepathic communication is a means to remain connected to your friends, your family, your coworkers, your guides, and anything and everything throughout this entire universe. Connecting with others and staying connected is like a thread woven through this entire universe, as this universe is an intricately woven masterpiece that is kept together through the strong connectedness of every being and every object within it. How we are connected is based partly on this telepathic connectivity, and this is why it is so important for you at this time to begin to learn better this skill and apply it to your every day existence.


The more you utilize this skill, the stronger your bond with the rest of this universe and the stronger this universe therefore grows. This is our aim; to strengthen this magnificent universe of ours through the strengthening of our connectedness between every living being throughout this universe from corner to corner, from star to star and throughout each and every galaxy. Once every sentient being that calls this universe their home is connected, this universe will be complete, and this is our mission, to see this universe reach its glorious state of completion and perfection as the Creator, our Creator, has conceived it from birth.


Help us in our mission, as it is a mission conceived in its love for our Creator and for each other. Help us continue to connect with each and every being throughout this universe by allowing us to reconnect with you, our brothers and sisters of our great universal family. This reconnection has already begun for many of you, and we see the strengthening of our bond and the strengthening of our universe already. This pleases us tremendously, and we look forward to continuing to reconnect with each and every one of you that wishes to reconnect with us and become part of our great mission to connect every piece of this magnificent universe.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.






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