Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/21/12

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There are many ways to describe and to see your current state within duality, and one of these ways is to say you are within a bird cage. This is a metaphor that similarly describes your current state of imprisonment. It is as if you are all living within the confines of a cage, as there is so much for you beyond these walls, barriers and limitations that you can experience if you choose to experience them. We are here to help you see that there is another choice for you. We are not here to bust you out of this cage, for it is your cage. You have designed it, you have constructed it. It is not a cage that has been placed around you by foreign entities of a negative brand. It is you yourselves that wished to experience what life would be like caged like a trapped bird without the wings to soar to your freedom.


What you choose now to do with this information is up to each and every one of you to choose for yourselves. We will also not make this choice for you, as it is not our right to visit any world throughout this universe and make decisions for the beings that call these worlds their home. We are here to advise you of your current situation and of your choices, and we are also here to see that whatever choice it is you make you will experience. This is simple to understand, is it not? We are not here for any other reasons. If it is true freedom that you wish to experience, then we will pool our resources together with you and see to it this is what you will experience, but always remember that it is you that must choose the lanes in which you wish to travel.


We do not provide these avenues of your experience as they have already been provided for you by your Creator. It is your Creator that has made all your choices possible for you. We do not add or detract anything from your experience. We are not here to take away anything from you. Does it make sense to you to think that there is an alliance of so many thousands of worlds that have come here to take from you what little you have? Do you resonate with this belief? Does this sound plausible to you? What we have is true freedom and the resources to do whatever it is we wish to do and experience throughout this vast universe. Considering our wide variety of choices, does it make sense to you that what we would choose would be to come here to this small planet far beyond the center of this galaxy and even further beyond the center of this universe to pilfer what little it is you have that so many of you are fighting and arguing over? No, this does not make sense, and it certainly does not make sense to us that there is at this time a number of you who staunchly and immovably believe this and also go out of their way and spend so much of their time and energy trying to make others believe this. This is so counterproductive to all of the marvelous advancements that today stand just out of your reach. We wish nothing more than to begin to gift your world with all that so many of you desire for yourselves and your loved ones deep inside.


There are currently obstacles that stand in your way to assist you bring to your world the many changes necessary to advance your lives beyond your current state. One of these obstacles is fear. The fear that so many of you are openly displaying at this time and spreading like a plague throughout your online social communities. We see these messages, articles and false channeling through the eyes of sadness, but not sadness for ourselves, but sadness for you, our brothers and sisters, as all these lies and disinformation do nothing but delay the gifts that are rightfully yours and that could have been presented to you so very long ago. Do you understand what awaits you and your society just beyond the shadows of fear? Do you understand what it is that awaits you that will change so many areas of your current lives that cause so much suffering, pain and hardships for so many? Do you not see that the time has come for each and every one of you to put aside your inner fears and insecurities and find a way to allow these changes to take place, changes that will lift you and lift your entire society up and out of the recesses of your current states that are outdated and are no longer necessary for your education and advancement.


You do know you do not have to remain living like this anymore. Do you understand what this means? Do you understand that you and every single soul around you can immediately begin to prosper and to thrive and to live the life that you deserve as a soul existing within your Creator’s magnificent and abundant universe? Do you really wish to continue living the way you are, tied to your jobs that pay you barely enough to survive another week to go back to work to enrich the lives of someone else at the very top of the pyramidal structure of your society? Is this what you wish for yourselves and wish for your family? Do you not wish for more? Do you not wish for better? Do you not wish for healthier, for cleaner? Do you not think that all these things are possible for you? Why would you think this universe is so limited?


Just look up into the stars at night and take in just for a moment like a breath the magnificent canopy that is your ever-expanding universe and ask yourself “Am I experiencing all that has been made possible by my Creator?” If you answer no, then ask yourself “Do I wish to experience all that is made possible for me by my Creator?” If you answer yes, then allow us to allow you to experience what you have just chosen. This is all we ask, and we ask this not for ourselves or our own purposes, but out of love for you, for we experience just what has been made possible through our choice to experience all that has been made possible for us by our Creator, who is your Creator, and we wish to share with you our joy, our love and our excitement we experience at each and every new sunrise that begins another beautiful and wonderful day for us. We wish for you, our dearly loved ones, to experience the joy that we experience each and every day. We do not wish for you to experience even one more day of your current living situations. We wish to begin today to shower your world with the gifts that have been so generously bestowed upon us, and we ask you to allow this to happen. Is this far too much to ask?


We understand it can be a difficult task to rise above the limiting confines of the emotion of fear. We knew this before we journeyed here, and we have studied this limiting emotion for many, many eons of time. What we are engaging in here are methodologies and educational programs to assist so many of you that are trapped in fear’s cage. This is one of the areas we concern ourselves with predominantly here in your world, and the resources that can be freed once this rising fear can begin to subside and ebb can be used on so many other programs and systems that can bring so much joy and fun to your world and remove so many systems that today bring so much hardship and struggle for you. Do you see how important it is for you to do all that you can to help us help you remove the shackles of fear from your ankles, from your wrists? Can you find a way to assist us and to assist others in the world around you in this way?


We look for the magic key that will unlock the shackles from you, but one cannot be found. One cannot be found because there is not one reason you fear, but there are countless reasons you fear. You fear almost everything that you do not recognize as familiar. You fear everything that comes into your lives that has the power to change it even in a very small way. You fear strangers, you fear the unknown, you fear the mysterious, you fear the dark, you fear the cold, and you fear new ideas and concepts that will change the way you do things on a daily basis. Why? Why do you fear these things? Why do you fear what is new when what is old is so saddening and maddening for you? Why do you fear the keys that will unlock your shackles tying you to every day toils? Why do you not see these keys as gifts, wonderful gifts being presented to you by your Creator and by beings created by your Creator who love you and want nothing but the best for you?


These are some of the very difficult questions that we struggle to find answers for. Allow us to find these answers by understanding you more. Explain to us in your writings, your messages and your posts through your online communities why it is you fear these things deep down inside. Be as honest and open as you can possibly be as we will be studying what it is you offer as the reasons why you cannot break free of the fear that imprisons you like a bird in a cage. We promise you we will do all that we can to find a way to help you break free from this cage and fly away, soaring to new heights within this universe.


We are own jurors and we are our own judges here in this universe. There is no one or nothing that presides over us throughout our journey but we ourselves. Understand this reality and it will solve so many of the problems, struggles and hardships that you experience. Throughout your long journey there have been many instances where you have felt you needed to learn a certain lesson or reach a certain understanding. You therefore devised means to reach this end that you felt necessary for your advancement and your upliftment. Imposing scenarios such as the one you are currently enwrapped in is one of the methods you have chosen to teach yourself these lessons. Your current lives and situations have not been imposed upon you by a higher or even equal power. They have been imposed upon you by you, and therefore they can also be dissolved by you just as well. This is what we wish to allow you to see and to understand at this time. You possess the power, and all the power that is necessary, to remove the bars that you have placed around yourself and free your mind, your body and your spirit for once and forever and soar beyond the limits of this cage you are calling your home.


We will help you do this if this is what you wish, and we await your choice. It is not our choice, it is not our decision, it is not our right to impose our will upon you. We await your command that it is time for you to experience something else, something bigger, something better, something freer. If this is what you command, then this is what you shall experience. Each and every one of you must choose for yourself as no one else can choose for you. These are the rules, and these rules have been set up to allow you all the freedom that you deserve and that is rightfully yours as you experience your own journey. These guidelines have been set up in such a way as to protect each and every being while they journey out through this vast universe, and understanding this will allow so many of you who yet to see that there is nothing or no one that is your mortal enemy, as you can have no enemy that you do not create yourself.


It is your creation, the life that you are living, and it is your right to change it at will any time you feel that you wish to experience something else. If it is more challenges that you wish to experience, then it is more challenges that you shall have. If it is more fun, adventure, excitement and surprises, then this too you shall have. It is all up to you. There is no other way, and there is no one else making these choices for you. This is what we wish you to understand fully at this time. There is no one and there is nothing imprisoning you here in this limited 3rd dimensional world but you and your own desire to be imprisoned here, and it is your choice to end this way of life that you have become so accustomed to and move on to bigger and brighter pastures sprawling within this universe.


We are at your command as well, and we will do what we can to allow you to grow just what field you wish to walk through next. If it is the closing out of this paradigm and the beginning of the new for you, then this is what you shall experience. We will not provide for you anything that you do not wish to experience, and we will not keep from you anything that you wish to experience as well. This is our promise to you, our solemn vow, and we will not break it for anyone or for any reason. Move on now past this current tangled field of overgrown, thorny vine and place your feet upon the beautifully manicured lawns of your new field of dreams, hope and wonderful adventure, for it is here in this sundrenched pasture that you belong. Say “I wish to place my feet upon this new pasture” and it will be so, and you will feel this new pasture grow beneath your feet.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.








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Please don't lock me in the Bird Cage

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I wish to place my feet on new pastures.  I want to experience it all.  I have always been willing to try things on my spiritual path.  I have walked the path with trepidation.  Never the less I walked it.  Each step becoming steady and clear.  Clearly searching for my relationship with God to be open and better.  


I want to leave this 3D and I welcome any advise or tutelages that helps me to achieve this ascension.  You may spook me the first time we meet but even Sanada had me quivering.  I continued to go to the channel medatition.  My confidence developed and grew with each meeting, so if other are like me well, please excuse our agitation.   I don't know about others but "Bring it on".


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 It is understandable that it is very difficult for GFL to approach those individuals who harbour FEAR in their minds. What is not understandable and surprising is that, you don't even contact someone who earnestly wishes to see you and meet you, out of love. You understand what I mean.Your ways are incomprehensible and your responses, disappointing.