Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/26/12

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Secret underground boring equipment possessed by the US military.



There is a high-speed rail system that has been built by the hands of your labor and your tax dollars at work that connects many major cities and ports of destination all around your globe. This high-speed system of transportation has been designed and built for the pleasure and the luxury of those of your world who call this world their own. It has not been built for its use by the people of your world who have paid for it through their labor and the money that is taken from them through taxation and other means to strip you of your wealth.


This system connects the rich, the famous and the celebrity to anywhere and just about everywhere they wish to travel. This rail system travels to high speeds reaching Mach 6 or 7, even some parts of the system reaching speeds of Mach 8 or 9. This is an incredibly high rate of speed compared to the snail’s pace that you the people have been permitted to travel by those who call the shots in your world.


We attempt to change all this for you, but it is you the people who must call the shot for yourselves. Give us your signs and your signals that you are now ready to take your world back from these greedy men and women who for too long have kept you oppressed while they lives of luxury, ease, wealth and health while you toil your lives away in drudgery, fueling the money that is pumped into their very deep pockets. Are you not tired of this? Have you not reached a point where all you want to do is shout ‘I have had enough and I am taking back what is mine, what is ours, and not the playground of a few very wealthy and very greedy beings.’ If you have had enough, that you are ready for a change say “I am ready for a change”, and we will hear your words as they will ring loud and clear like a shot heard ‘round the universe.


Help us help you make these changes by continuing to lay the groundwork like railroad tracks allowing the free flow of these new ideas and concepts to reach stations that are filled with your people all around the world which is yours. For you, our Lightworkers and anyone and everyone that wishes to participate in our programs to advance your world to where it is you rightfully belong, it is your task at this time to be the information providers to all the citizens of this planet that are prepared and willing to learn more about what has been going on and what their options are today. Will you do this for us and for yourselves? Will you share this information and any other related content that deals with the way that you, the people of Earth, are being repressed and are being held hostage within a prison of a time frame that you do not belong?


The rightful place that you belong is leaps and bounds ahead of where it is you currently find yourselves. You have been pushed back and hindered from advancing technologically and scientifically on your journey. You have been placed in a position where many advancements are being kept from you through means of extortion, intimidation, legal maneuverings and black projects that have stripped you of your own powers of ingenuity and invention. The sheer amount of innovation and technological advancement that has been locked up and hidden away from you is overwhelming and will shatter the belief systems of many of your world when the day comes for these vaults to finally be unsealed and opened for all of you to witness for yourselves what has been denied you for so very long.


Many of the gifts that will be offered you in the way of technological advancements will not even come from us of the Galactic Federation of Light. They will come from your own people who, through their own intelligence, ingenuity and a quest for truth and a better way of life created these machines, technologies and theories that they were never permitted to share with anyone else. Some of these ingenious men and women have been incarcerated in order to silence them and their designs. Some of them have been executed by your cabal who is sworn to an agenda to further imprison the people of your planet. Understanding this is understanding why so much of your world is in a state of dysfunction, decay, turmoil and pollution.


We wish to change all this by assisting you make these changes for yourself. We wish to make it clear again that we do not and will not come to a world and change things from the way they are and the way they have been. We only come to worlds with the offering of assistance. We do not come to worlds to take over and change things to the way we feel they should be or could be. Do you understand this difference? This is important, as we do read the words of many of you who post public content on your social networks and we do see a consistent amount of posts claiming that we, the Galactic Federation of Light, have assured you we are here to change things for you. This is not the case. We are here to allow you, the people of your planet, to make a reality what it is you make clear you choose to experience at this time.


We are presenting ways to you to make your choices known to us. How you are making these choices known to us is primarily through your online communities, but also through the thought patterns of your collective consciousness. These are two methods in which we weigh the properties of your decision making and how you are choosing how you wish to proceed on your collective journey. Through this means, we can adequately judge the way you are collectively seeing your world and how you wish to change it, if at all. This is an important step, as we do not possess the right to change your experience in any way that you do not choose. (Please keep in mind, we do not read your individual thought processes without your prior consent, as we honor at all times your right of privacy.)   


The changes that we have in store for you are how we feel your world will prosper greatly while improving the lives of everyone within it. It is up to you whether you choose to agree that these are the changes you wish for yourselves. We are learning of your wishes by compiling data on this as each day goes by. To be able to compile this data, we need to introduce these new concepts, ideas and technologies into your collective consciousness for your consideration. We primarily do this through the messages sent through our channels. This is why many of you have read many times our descriptions of how your lives and your world can be. We are painting this picture for you to give you an alternative reality to consider and decide for yourselves if this appeals to you.


This is what we are doing when we share through our channels wonderful examples of how your world can be in the days ahead. What we are not doing is making you promises that this is what you will have. You will only have what it is you collectively choose. Do you understand this? Do you understand that when we talk about a beautiful world, a pollution free world, a world of absolute peace, tranquility, harmony and balance, we are not making you a promise that this is what we will give you? We are giving you the opportunity to choose if this is what you want for yourselves. I hope that we have made ourselves clear on this, as we do not wish any of you to believe that we are making you promises, as we are not.


We will assure you that we will do all that we can to bring to you the experience that you wish for yourselves. This is what we will do for you, and we cherish this opportunity to serve you, our brothers and sisters in this way. The motivation for our efforts is love. Love for you, love for our Creator, love for every living being throughout this entire universe. We have no ulterior motives and motivations. Love is our motivation, and it is the only motivation we, the Galactic Federation of Light, will ever need to continue our journey throughout this universe in service to all beings and all worlds our brothers and sisters call their home. You, the people of Earth, are our brothers and sisters, and you are our next stop on our never ending quest to offer to worlds the gifts of peace, harmony and prosperity that we bring.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.






As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish





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YES, WE ARE READY FOR the CHANGE - to a Peaceful, Loving, Planet

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Beautiful Message from GFL - Thank you !


Dear GFL - YES, WE ARE READY FOR THE CHANGE! To A Peaceful, Loving, Kind, Just and Prosperous Planet, for ALL beings - humans, animals, plants who inhabit this beautiful home. Please, we are ready to change, to Receive your help, Your Guidance, Your Gifts of Peace & Prosperity for All.


With Deep love & Gratitude, we await your coming, and your helping hand!


Thank you !

yes to this vibration of peace ....

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... and light and freedom for everyone. Heart of hearts, I see and feel this place is real. We will get through this and we will be ready. Thank you.

Yes We are Ready for the Change!

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Yes I am Ready! We are ready the 99% are ready!

We have had enough,and desire change.

Deep down within us all we have known the truth,but been denied it by evil means.

It is at the core of all our beliefs and religions that love is parramount.

I beseech you our loving family of light,please assist us now in the hour of our needs,to help us towards the light,of universal LOVE.

Then we may Become of the light,and ourselves move forward to heal our world  and go on to join the light and heal the continuam with love abound.

Thank you for your Love and Light it warms my heart as it does eternity. :)




Your arrival

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Dearest Galactic relatives of mine and when I say "mine" I mean my entire kindom here on Gaiama. When I say "I" I mean all of "us." I speak on behalve of all conscious, subconscious and super conscious Beings here, I can't do anything about the unconscious. Are you up with me so far?


If so please continue to read this "our" messaged to you. "I am ready for change"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Now if you will kindly get your peaceful personages down here and land your Light-Ships on my front lawn, this evening will be fine with "I." 


You know better than "I" what is taking place in Japan as I type, and we have no hope what-so-ever to survive that and the GP oil spill in the very near future we are toast and you know this. So please stop wavering and waiting for a summons or awakeing of or from those who don't have a clue or simply are into 3D so deep that they will keep doing it for that next one thousand life times, and or the one's whom could give a shit less of what is going on.


Yes I agree that we have great power in our minds, have you not heard the mutitudes of us using this facility in our invoking of you, we know when we're lick, beaten, busted, broke, down, pinned under, UNCLE, we give up. You know good and well we cannot fix this mess in a million years. Please stop playing it into the hands of those who cannot make this happen without the "rescue" teams or Higher support that we have been calling on for so many many years now!!! HELP! 


Is anyone really there? 


Yes, we are ready for change and you know this.

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So where are you, really? We don't need you here after we take out our families then our self, or die from the radiation that is now world wide, or get locked away in a Cabal FEMA camp until death do us part...... we need you "NOW", understand that word? 

Ready for change

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Yeeeeah. Ready for change. Out the privileged few who live like parasites on the rest of us.


For me this message is an

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Mostly because they don't

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Mostly because they don't have faces and they don't speak English. They do speak to your Heart, you just have to learn to listen to the subtle feelings. They speak to you the same way Creation speaks to you. It's not that people aren't receiving the communication, it's that people have forgotten how to really Listen.

No, Pleadians look like US

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No, Pleadians look like US and are related to us. And they can speak our language. All they have to do is teleport in my house so i can talk to them.

You're thinking of them as

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You're thinking of them as physical beings, which is just going to result in confusion for humanity. Why would they teleport to you when they're already there with you?

And they do look just like humanity, though most of humanity has yet to see their own true form yet. What's a Light Body look like? You can't see it with your physical eyes, because it's not a physical thing. People rely too much on limited senses, and then demand that a Multi-Dimensional Universe prove itself to them through these limited senses. It doesn't work that way.

And they could speak English, but why would they communicate in such a limited form? This is about rising Humanity out of their limitations, not bringing Higher Dimensional Beings into Humanity's limitations. They're not here to get you to believe in them, they're here to help you discover yourself. I shouldn't use the word "they" either, because they are Us, everybody included. All Eternal Souls originating for the same One Source.

The "dark" only creates the

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The "dark" only creates the illusion that they have power. In believing that illusion, people give their own power away. In truth, the only person restricting you, is you.