Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/18/12 ‘The Ark of Noah & 2012’

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The ark of Noah, built of birch and wood, for all the animals to be relocated to safety. This story of Noah and his ark, the animals and the great flood that consumed much of your Earth is a true account, for the most part, of the past history of your planet. What we would like to make clear to you today is that there will be a period in your near future where again your planet will receive rising water levels which again will result in the flooding of some of the populated areas of your world.


We do not wish to alarm and we certainly do not wish to frighten. What we wish to do is inform you. This is one of the main reasons we are here. A great deal of our mission concerns sharing information with you that we feel will assist you greatly on your personal, as well as collective journey, as a team of family, friends and neighbors, and you all are each other's neighbors no matter how far your home is from one of your brothers or sisters. We would like to begin to roll out portions of our plan that will enable millions of your people who choose to trust us and who choose to work with us and who choose to temporarily remove themselves from these areas we consider areas that will receive these rising water levels.


There will be plenty of time and plenty of room for everyone to board our arks that we will supply you, just as we supplied Noah and the others that followed his lead and trusted that relocating temporarily from their homesteads was the most prudent way to proceed on their journey. We are not asking anything of you that was not asked of Noah and his family, his friends and his followers. What we asked of them back thousands of years of your time ago is what we shall ask of you at this time of your present day. We ask you to remain calm, to remain always poised, to remain centered and balanced, to remain within the vibration of love, of peace, of hope, of charity, of mercy, of kindness, of sharing, of forgiveness, and bestow upon your brothers and bestow upon your sisters these wonderful and beautiful and warm aspects of the vibration of love.


There is nothing that the vibration of fear can offer you but more lessons of how the vibration of fear will bring to you sorrow, pain, misery, destitution, challenge, struggle, hardship and hopelessness. There are so many of you who no longer need or desire to learn the lessons that the vibration of fear will bring to you, and we hear your call and are responding to your call that you, our dearly loved brothers and sisters, are now ready to experience what it is that the vibration of love will bring to you and to your lives and the lives of your friends, families and your neighbors. Help us help you experience what it is that you feel will now bring to you lessons and experiences that will bring about for you your higher good, your higher purpose, a higher standard of living and a higher means to deal with problems and obstacles that may present themselves in your path.


That is what the vibration of love will bring you as compared to the vibration of fear that will not bring to you effective methods to deal with challenges and the overcoming of obstacles. This is the difference between these two vibrations. Do you understand this clearly dear ones, for this is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn, and at this time is by far the most important lesson for you to learn, to fully comprehend, and not only remember, but keep at the forefront of your consciousness each and every moment of each and every day as you move forward. If you could do this, if you could remember to remind yourself all throughout your day that each and every choice that you make, each and every thought that you create and each and every action that you take is a choice between the vibration of love and the vibration of fear, then you will begin to consciously create your future experience by consciously choosing the path you will travel.   


Your journeys can be so much more than they are at this time. Whenever you choose to fear something or to react in fear at news or a challenge or a confrontation you are choosing the lessons and experiences that await down that darkened road,  but if you choose instead to react to news and to new challenges, obstacles and confrontation with love, then, as well, you will experience what lessons will await you down that lighted path, and we say to you that these lessons will be wonderful lessons that will result in fonder memories and cherished experiences, for these treasures are what line the lighted path.


Today you are being offered news in the form of a challenge that awaits you up ahead. You are being notified that sea levels will rise as you approach the last few months of your calendar year of 2012. You are now being informed that there will be several areas around your planet that will receive high enough levels of flooding that temporary relocations are the only means to ensure the safety and comfort of thousands and even millions of your population. How you choose to receive, register and respond to this information that we are sharing with you is all up to you. We will not tell you that you must process this information through the channels of fear or the channels of love. We will leave this choice up to each and every one of you to decide for yourselves which is the way you wish to experience these events ahead.


We say to you that for those of you who will choose to trust us, your brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light, that we will provide our arks which are very large, are very comfortable, are very advanced technologically and are even very beautiful, and most importantly they will keep those of you who choose this way to experience the days ahead safe from the rising floodwaters. For those of you who choose a different path, we would like to make it clear to you that we honor and respect your choice not to trust us, not to wish to work with us, and not to board our arks that will lift you to safety. You will be left to deal with this obstacle of rising floodwaters on your own and through the means of your personal and governmental resources.


We say to you if you are counting on your local and federal governments to design and implement some form of safety procedures or relocation for their citizens, we tell you that you are placing your faith in by far the wrong hands. The governments of your planet are only interested in preserving the well being of themselves and their families. They do not give one moment of their day to thinking about how you will cope with these approaching events, and they certainly have made no efforts to plan for relocations or to in some way prevent the rising seas from approaching over their shores. It is we, your brothers and sisters of the higher realms who have for some time now worked diligently on plans that will see to the safety and well-being of each and every individual on your planet that wishes to relocate to safe harbors. This is the difference between your world governments and we of the Galactic Federation of Light. We will leave it up to you to decide for yourselves and choose for yourselves in whose hands you wish to place the safety and protection of yourselves and your families.


We wish to remind you that we too are your neighbors, as your borders do not end at your country lines that have been drawn on a map, your continents or even your planet, as there are no borders that are recognized by our Creator and the Creator of this universe. This universe is borderless and it is boundless by the amount of love that vibrates and keeps it all together in wonderful motion and animation, and we wish to remind you all that there are no lines drawn in the sand between races of people from the higher dimensions, the realms we call home. These lines drawn in the sand are only figments of the illusion of your 3rd dimensional journey into the physical. To not trust us to work with us in the days ahead is to honor an illusion and not the reality which is love.


We will honor each and every choice that each and every individual of your world makes in the days ahead. We will not force or try to persuade anyone to work with us and use the arks that we will provide to transport them and their families to safer grounds. Each and every choice you make is sacred, and as such is to be respected and honored.  Each and every one of you is free to remain wherever it is you wish to experience the days ahead as you close out your year of 2012 and this chapter of your history. We will keep you fully notified and updated on each and every stage of operation to supply you our large mother crafts to escort those of you who wish to participate in the temporary relocation programs to areas that we feel will be far safer for you.


Where these areas are located we will not at this time disclose for several important reasons. One of the reasons has to do again with your criminal cabal and the plans of a dwindling number of them to persist in their efforts to stall the advancements that will bring to your world new systems of government, finance and operation. This is a matter that is being dealt with at this time, and we will see to it that this matter of your cabal is taking care of once and for all in one way or another. We at this time do not feel it is prudent to elaborate on what we feel now is needed to be done in this area. What we will say is these arrests must be completed and completed satisfactorily now. There is no further time to waste away as much needs to be done and the days are running so very short.


Our patience has been great waiting to see movement by our Earth allies on the front lines. We have not at this time seen any movement that we would consider assuring or significant, and we say again that it is the time you, our Earth allies, are being called to action. What will transpire once significant numbers of those of your criminal cartels are rounded up and removed from their positions of power and your society is the launch of projects and programs that will see to a complete overhaul of your systems and your society. This is something that we consider an absolute necessity to allow as many of your people as possible to safely proceed through the great changes that are now just up ahead. We hope you see it our way and understand that the time to move ahead with these arrests has already passed, and each and every day further aggravates and complicates our shared mission with you, the people of Earth. We will continue to monitor these events and again remind you that we are here with you, we are protecting you, and we will continue to assist you make these arrests a reality and free your people and your planet for once and forever from the imprisonment of these dark masters. Good luck and Godspeed.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light, and we are here with you in love, in service and in protection in the name of our Creator.





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The Noah's Ark &2012

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It's hard to believe, but here we are again as in times of Lord Ra,
many won't believe a bit, until we see waters rising, I suggest to all readers please, do not put aside this information, it is real, I tell you this because we were there in Atlantis, when annousments like this were everywhere.

Thank you, Galactic Federation of Light

The Noah's Ark &2012

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A few weeks ago I met someone who is a channeling messages of Lord Ra said that there are floods comming this year neaded for the cleaning process of Gaia into new earth.


So this message really resonates with my soul. I'm living in a flat and low part of the world so I will follow your news and inform others as much as I can in time.


Thank You for sharing the news in time.