Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/8/12 ‘Project Participation Survey’

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Opening into our new blossoming reality, we are poised to begin the commencement of many of the projects and programs we have discussed with you throughout the past months. What we see for you and your people is an entirely new approach to your everyday tasks, chores and problems. We offer you solutions in the way of advanced technologies and sounder reasoning when it comes to planning and implementing these new systems.


Many of your current systems are archaic, and some of them should not have been implemented in the ways they were in the first place. What we, the Galactic Federation of Light, would like to do is tear down some of these systems and start over completely from scratch. Naturally, this will be a great endeavor and will take many hands and many minds to see a successful accomplishment of this task. What we would like from you is a sign that you are dedicated and committed to making these wide ranging changes all across your planet. We would like to hear from you to learn how many of you would be interested in working hands-on on these many projects.


In some cases, there will be those of you who will be working directly with members of our organization. There will be others of you who work indirectly with us, but who will not meet us face-to-face and board our ships for any length of time. There are many reasons why some of you will be working with us while some of you will participate in some of these projects but not work directly with us. One way to see this is that a trust has needed to have been built throughout the past months and years since we have been communicating with you through our channels. We have monitored your online social networks, and we have devised at least some sort of list of who we feel have earned a right to work directly with us based on your work ethic, your commitment, your ability to work with others, and other factors that have weighed in our decision-making.


Please do not feel you are being judged in any way, as this is certainly not the case. We do not judge any of you for anything, that is the bottom line. What we would prefer is to simply work with those of you who we feel we could trust even though we have never worked with you before, or that we feel would be a compliment to our team. There are also those of you who have worked with us before, and as we have said, there are those of you who are, beyond this illusion, members already of the Galactic Federation of Light and, of course, in such cases we look forward to our reunion with you and working again much closer than we are at this time.


There are many projects, programs and tasks needed to be accomplished here to right this ship that is listing in her waters, and there will always be many opportunities for many of you to earn a spot on our roster and begin to work personally with us or even one day become a member in full honor and standing with our organization. At this time, we only wish to get the ball rolling and begin some of the more pressing projects we feel are important to get underway. Some of these projects will take many years to accomplish and some even decades. There are some smaller tasks that we, together with you, should be able to accomplish far sooner. It is some of these tasks that we will also begin in the days ahead, and we look forward to begin to splash a few of these dominoes down.  


Your journey has been a long one, and through much of it we have seen the best in you shine, and at times, the worst that humanity can offer come to the surface. We see today and the days before you as an opportunity for you to let the best of what each and every one of you are shine brightly for the entire universe to see like a burning torch leading the way of your people through the cold dark night of your isolation, an isolation that is about to end once and for all and forever. You have been quarantined, as it is said here in your world, for many long years. Throughout this isolation, you have been left to find solutions to your problems on your own. The problems that have needed solutions were created by you, and therefore, we felt it was important for you yourselves to find the solutions to your own creations.


In some areas you have done very well for yourselves, and in some areas great problems have arisen from your failure to adequately derive solutions to the problems that have been mounting for many years now since your Industrial Revolution period in your history. In the great scheme of things, this period in your history is very minute, yet it has left indelible footprints in the path of your journey. Some of these footprints are deep and have caused great problems for you. We have been monitoring your progress and also closely monitoring the problems that have arisen from some poor planning and implementation, and from what we see, mostly due to greed on the parts of your industrial barons who only saw profit, power and control as a means for their motivation.


What we would like to do is remove these barons from power by removing the necessity for the utilities and the systems that they control. This is one of the larger projects on our ‘To- Do’ list, and this is one of the projects that will take the longest time to fully complete. Some of these systems are so deep rooted into your society that only a complete overhaul of your systems, and in some cases your society, will be the cure for these ailments. This is where we need your full cooperation and as many of you as possible who are willing to participate in these projects. What we are talking about is your transportation systems, your waste disposal systems, your water treatment systems, your food production systems, your healthcare systems, your systems of safety and well-being, and your systems of problem control which would entail natural, as well as even some man-made problems in your world.


Taking a look at this list we are confident you will immediately see how great a task some or even all of these initial projects are. There are many other tasks as well that demand attention immediately, and we are also confident you can understand why we feel it is needed that we begin to make contact with many of you and enlist the help of many others to begin at least some of the initial phases of some of these projects. What we would like to do is just get an idea of how many of you would be willing to participate in these projects. We ask you at this time to leave us your comments under this message just to give us some idea of how many of you can be counted on to take on these tasks with us in the days ahead. As we have said, we are fully monitoring your online social networks and we have teams that are making lists and compiling data on your responses to our offers and to the information that we are sharing with you through our channels. (You may leave a comment under this message throughout the Internet, or if no comment field is provided, beneath this message on my blog @ . Please do not send me a private message, as the GFL will not read our private mail as they respect and honor our privacy at all times.) 


At this time, this is the only way we can communicate with you. In the days ahead this will change, you can be assured of this, as a more direct line of communication will be opened. We will not discuss with you at this time what this will entail, but we will say that there will be little question as to the authenticity or accuracy of these messages any longer, as all will know that indeed it is we, the Galactic Federation of Light, that is speaking to you. For today, it is your choice whether you choose to believe these words you are reading or not. This is one of the choices that are all yours to make and we honor and respect each and every choice you make as always.


We feel a lot of the difficulties that are being experienced at this time could be alleviated if more of you could simply find a way to better trust the information that is being provided to you. We see so many of you questioning the integrity or the abilities of our channels, and we ask you at this time to try to find a way to suspend your systems of disbelief, distrust and suspicion, and instead just try to focus on the possibility that these messages are genuine and look at them with an open mind and heart, and just try to feel that someone is trying to get through to you and share something with you.


In the end, there will be no question as to our existence and that we have indeed been communicating with you for some time now through channels that we have selected based on their abilities and their track records to get jobs done that needed to be completed. This is why these channels have been chosen, there is no other reason, and there is no ulterior motive to why these individuals were selected to carry forth our messages. There is no secret or mystery to this, it is very simple. We needed to get our messages to you and we found a few individuals that we felt we could count on, that is all. Try to see this and understand this and take less shots and make less attacks on our channels, as what they are doing is providing you a service for an avenue of information that comes from us and has been written for you, nothing more nothing less, and in the days ahead the identities of our channels will be made clear to you and you will know that the words you have been reading are genuine communications from us of the higher dimensions.


Thank you for your time today, and we look forward to reading your responses to our offers to participate in some of the large projects we have discussed with you at this time. We will be compiling lists of those of you who have shown a willingness to participate in these initial projects, and we look forward to working either directly or indirectly with many of you.  


We have to put aside our differences and rest our squabbling and debating with each other, as these forms of communication are proving pointless and without merit and reward. What we would like to see more of you doing is communicating openly without fear of reprisals in the form of unwelcoming comments and insults. We would like to see more of you participating in these discussions pertaining to our presence here in your world and of the many projects we will be undertaking with your assistance. This is the matter at hand at this time, there is no other matter as pressing or important, as much rides on these many projects and they necessitate our introductions and our assistance that can only be lent you through a working partnership with us.


Please allow all others to express their opinions and points of view without censorship or reprisal, and allow others to express whatever it is they would like to without your criticism of their beliefs or viewpoints. If you could all do this it would make our job much easier amassing the data that will lead to conclusions as to whether the time is now right to make our move and begin on these many projects with you. This is what we ask you at this time. We would like to see more peaceful and constructive conversations amongst you instead of harsh words and criticism sent back and forth. This will help us, and in the long run help you, as nothing can be resolved through bickering and argumentation. Nothing ever gets resolved that way, and that is one of the lessons you have come here to learn.


We see many of you have learned this lesson and do try your best to conduct amicable conversations with others even in the face of ridicule and insult to your character and your beliefs. We thank all of you who have been making a sincerest effort to better communicate and convey your ideas and thoughts to each other  with respect for one another and each of your points of view, and tell you that this is the way to effectively communicate that will lead to getting things done here in your world.


Nothing can be accomplished until you learn to get along with each other. This is the starting point, the cornerstone of the foundation that your new world will be built upon. We do not wish to come in here and help you build a new world upon a faulty foundation that has been built upon argument, dissension, hatred, and attacks on one another. We wish instead to help you construct your new paradise on a firm foundation built on respect and honor for one another's beliefs and points of view and upon lines of communication that are open, free of censorship, ridicule, judgment, personal attacks and mockery. This is a foundation we will not help you build upon, and we ask you to firm up your foundation now before we together begin building your new world upon it.


Thank you for your efforts in this area, and we assure you that given the right amount of effort you will see rewards, as so much can be gained and accomplished through open, free, and friendly lines of communication. We look to see improvements in this area, and we will again be monitoring your online social networks and look forward to seeing how well you can communicate with each other and to us, as we do take note of many comments directed towards us and our reasons for being here.


We say to you again that our reason for being here is to assist your world make the many changes necessary that will see you advance to the level of a galactic, rather than a planetary, society. There comes a time in each and every planet’s journey throughout this universe when a point is reached of rising to the next stage of evolution, and it is now your turn, the people of the planet you call Earth, to take center stage and rise to the next level of accomplishment and reward. It is your turn, this is your opportunity, and we suggest to you to do what you can to take full advantage of this opportunity and all that is possible for you from it, as these stages of a planet's evolutionary path are very far between and take many eons of time and much effort on the part of its people to reach.


All of you together have ridden your planet around its track through this galaxy and your galaxy’s track through this universe, and all of you deserve credit and the reward for such effort and hard fought accomplishment. Your reward for such trial is now at hand, and we say to you the hard times, the difficult times, the struggle and hardship through lack, through poverty, through hunger, through war, through violence, through dirt and pollution is now on the verge of becoming a relic of your past experience that has made you the tried-and-true being of immense knowledge, wisdom and power that you are today. This day is yours, and nothing would make us happier than to see each and every one of you enjoy it to its fullest. You have earned it, and all the prize that comes with it.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.






As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish



i'm in

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Whatever it takes, We are ready for a change!

Im Ready

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This soul is ready and willing. The path i've been on these past few years has lead me straight to these messages and i will never be turning back. Ive never felt more motivated by something in my life Ive always wanted to change the world and i know now without a dout I will get my chance. Thank you for all you have done and I'm looking very forward to reuinting with every one of you. Namaste!!! 

I am open for participation.

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Hello all. I am Danielle, 20 years of age and more than willing to assist the GFL in successfully completing any task to the best of my abilities.
I am the Creative Director of a communications group called YLove Communications, founded on Facebook and Twitter. I am a starseed who has been trained to become a torch-bearer of Love and Light. I dedicate my life in aiding humanity by empowering the individual to freely express their inner creativity and liberate their souls from the bondages of illusion. I am willing to use my communications group as an open platform to share vital information from the GFL crew. Please contact me via email or through Facebook as to how I can better fully utilize my current capabilities.

Love&Light to all who read this message. I love you.


FB: YLove Communications group/ YLove fan page
Twitter : @Ylovenetwork


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Let's get it on!! I am ready!.....:)

Rock & Roll

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As I have been monitoring the activities going on behind the scenes in the last year or so, there has risen within me a level of excitement and deep emotion unlike anything else I have experienced in this lifetime.  I believe these feelings come from that deep inner knowing that I/we are oh so close to arriving home.  No matter what I am involved with during my days, my thoughts are never far from the reunion with my brothers and sisters of the GFL.  My desire to be part of the team working together with the GFL to restore this planet and her inhabitants to a state of pristine balance and beauty is overwhelming.  With deep gratitude I am at your service in whatever capacity that you wish.  Love & Blessings!

directly or indirectly it

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directly or indirectly it makes no difference to me I just want to help anyway any place you need me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Smith aka Acarpenter, A1carpenter

in Pensacola Florida USA


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as a person who is still living in 3rd dimension, i still have the habbit of doubting everything and questioning.

so i questioned the meg by my heart and i felt peace.

however, i wanted a higher guidance about it and asked to my higher self.

my higher self approved that the above msg is fuly trustable.


i am writing this information here to courage who cant participate becouse of the doubt.




I am in. :) and so happy :)

Always ready

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I am ready to assist my people and planet in their ascension and restructuring our planet with the help of the Galactic Federation of Light! I humbly await your contact so we may begin in earnest in realizing our dream of a peaceful, abundant and free planet for all living beings. Love and Light to you Greg, you have been a light in the dark for all of us Lightworkers!

FGL survey

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Count me in. I am very interested in learning and in turn helping others. All I can say is bring it on and many thanks to the  GFL for the opportunity and the love they have for us, my dear brothers and sisters.


Thank you and I look forward to the beginning of your programmes.   

Project Participation Survey

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Namaste All Beings
Looking forward to being of service in the upcoming projects
Listening to the call, readying myself and enlightening others for the time we will all to come
together to work on the projects to free us from the cabal's control
Love and Light

excited and available!

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I would be delighted and willing to assist in any project that my being, my experience and my skills would support. I have been feeling the call to offer myself in service at this time of profound transformation. This seems like a welcome and synchronistic opportunity!

I would be happy to

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I would be happy to participate in any project where my skills are supported.

Thank you,


John aka Alusha


Beam me up GFl! On any

Don 's picture

Beam me up GFl! On any realm(astral,physical). Ready to go to work!

I would be happy and willing

billo's picture

I would be happy and willing to support all that I am able to.

You are doing a wonderful job and I so love coming here and reading the posts.

Thank you :-)


Taking part in projects

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  I would like to take part in the projects you mentioned






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Count me in! I would love to help you in one or another way! Love you!

Help is here!

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Been waiting my entire life for this oppertunity

I'm in

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ready to participate where I can help


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Dear space Brothers & Sisters if were for me you were with us a while ago. But the circunstance are others and we human are living at our lower level of our existance, and thats the reason we act the way we do out of ignorance. My personal opinon is way to go creating job with the new technology, it would show to the people you're for real. Show yourself please once for all and forget about the prejudice mind of some of us. we need to start getting out of all this ignorance and start knowing ourself, and discover the potential we all havein us.Then we will start respectng each other. We all can't way for those projects to became ready&willing...

help wanted

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ready and willing to participate and help. As I know they know how to help me before we get started.. :-)

Ready set and action!

Daniel Linangen 's picture

I'm here, waiting for action, in mode for be to service at our long awaited friends.

I am asking for some help with an issue, so I can be at service till fully .

Just, pay me a visit!

project help

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I am really thankful for all that you have done for us. If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.

Thanks for everything,


Count me in!

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Willing to help in any way I can be in service!

when do we start?

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Please count us both in, me and my life partner, to be of service and assistance to whatever necessary and most important within the initial and subsequent stages of healing our world projects! It is a true spiritual honor to be given this amazing opportunity which is a continuation of what we are already involved since quite some time now, in helping our world any way we can. Much love and gratitude for being here now with us! Namaste! Manu & Bogy

We are ready!

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My husband and I are ready...directly or indirectly....we want to help in any way we can. Its why we are here now! 

Let DO it!! Lets go home!!!

I'M IN!!!

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The aruguments, mostly just the Cabal sending in their minions just like in NY when they wanted to deminish what we did acomplish there. 


I am David Porter (not David Ike) I am author of the series, "Remember Who You Are" The Awakening, the first came out in 1998. And I am with a company that I'm earning more money than I ever thought possible!!! 


I tell you this cuz I am so looking fwd to doing this or what ever work I'm Higher Self is calling me to on the New Earth of 5D+, aren't you, I mean really are you not?


It's like what you guy and gals "up there" in your prestine ships already know, this is going to happen and we are going to be in it with you and when you show about a million ships in our skies one day that will be the day that changes the mind sets of all Beings on Earth to realize that "God" does in fact work in many ways. 


We are waiting for you, you are waiting for us, God is waiting for both and most of us not just many can use your hands-on support RIGHT NOW! 


Please stop toying around with those who have no clue, no faith, lot's of fear-base self-defeating programs and LAND!!! We are here for them, that's our job as well as all that you need from us, so please let's roll this ball NOW! 


With all due respect, gratitude and love





Please put me on the List with Gratitude and Honor!!

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Dearest Galatic Federation of Light.


Thank you for all you are doing for us, for your unconditional Love, Patience Service and Grace. I would very, very much like to be of service to the Divine and in Service to Mother Earth and my beloved Star Brothers and Sisters and our Human Family. Please put me on your list of willing, able and grateful workers. What a wonderful opportunity for us all!!!

Thank you!




Please put me on the List with Gratitude and Honor!!

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Dearest Galatic Federation of Light.


Thank you for all you are doing for us, for your unconditional Love, Patience Service and Grace. I would very, very much like to be of service to the Divine and in Service to Mother Earth and my beloved Star Brothers and Sisters and our Human Family. Please put me on your list of willing, able and grateful workers. What a wonderful opportunity for us all!!!

Thank you!




Please put me on the List with Gratitude and Honor!!

yogigirl's picture

Dearest Galatic Federation of LIght,

Thank you for all you are doing for us, for your unconditional Love, Patience Service and Grace. I would very, very much like to be of service to the Divine and in Service to Mother Earth and my beloved Star Brothers and Sisters and our Human Family. Please put me on your list of willing, able and grateful workers. What a wonderful opportunity for us all!!!

Thank you!




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participation in projects working.

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Please do consider me when you decide to choose people as I am willing to discuss participation in projects working directly with members on board craft and to help in some towards ascension as i have asked many times and would like to work with you constructively on helping where need be.

I do hope & look forward to hearing from you.

Love, Peace & light....


I am willing to help in

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I am willing to help in whatever way I can.

and the joy of unity was greater than any disorder within.