Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/9/12 ‘Gift of Youth’

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What would sheer vitality, youth, meaning and purpose mean to you and your life? What would these gifts do for you, and how would they change the way you live and go about your day? This is a question you are being asked at this time, as this is a very appropriate question for you to think about as these are some of the gifts that are being offered you. We would like to see more of you think about these things and focus upon them, making them a reality for you, for this is how it works and all these things are possible for you. What we see for you is an entirely new way of life where so many of the problems and limitations that you currently experience will be lifted from your lives, and as a result would leave many of you a much clearer and pleasant path on which to travel.


One of the things we, the Galactic Federation of Light, can do for you in these areas, through the gift of advanced technologies, is help you restore your youthful appearance and vitality, strength and endurance, health, drive, determination and focus. These are some of the attributes of a younger physical being, and in many cases not an older or aging physical being. We have the technologies to change all that by erasing many years of your lives while, of course, retaining all your experiences, knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired. This is a wonderful gift that we offer you in the days ahead, and it is entirely your choice whether you choose to accept these gifts from us or not.


Your health can be relatively easily restored, bringing back the essentials of life for your physical vessels that have experienced a level of wear and tear throughout the many years of your current incarnations into the physical. Erasing these years is like turning back the clock on your life, yet while preserving your cherished memories of fond experiences and important lessons that you have learned. This procedure is a very safe procedure, as we have highly qualified technicians in this field who have many years of experience assisting all kinds of beings throughout this universe restore their bodies back to an age where they function optimally and more efficiently than any other period in their lifespan, no matter how short or how long the average lifespan is for their particular species. This is just as true for the human species dear ones, and we offer you this gift of youth with no strings attached, no fine print, no ‘deals with the devil’, as it were.


There is nothing for you to be suspicious about. We do understand there is an area of the human psyche that believes that something can be too good to be true. We have studied this area of your belief systems and we have come to some conclusions as to why some of you believe that your experience is full of nonadjustable limitations and boundaries. In due time, we would like to work with you on removing these false belief systems of lack, limitation, scarcity, borders, boundaries and rules for you, and allow you to see clearer what your universe and your lives can be like, and this includes your physical bodies as well.  


There is no reason for you to age the way you do at this point of your journeys. Much of what you are experiencing here is simply part of the illusion that you agreed to participate in before your current incarnations. Many of the parameters of your current experience will be radically altered in the days ahead, and what we are doing at this time is preparing you for these inevitabilities and these gifts that are rightfully yours and have always been yours. These are not gifts that are ‘ungodly’, ‘unholy’ or unnatural for you and your species, not at all. The gifts of youth, health and vitality are the gifts bestowed upon you by your Creator, who is the Creator of all things in this universe.


We would first like to escort as many of you as we can beyond the borders of the mindset that you and your people possess that you have to age the way you do, suffering such serious debilities, illness, disease and discomfort as you get older. No one has ever said that this must be the case. No one has ever written this law in stone, and it is not a law that you of the human race must follow. We foresee many of you being quite happy to hear such wonderful news and we share your excitement and youthful exuberance at such possibilities, and we say to you that this gift is indeed yours and that nothing is too good to be true in this entire universe that we all share together.


We would like to explain in greater detail just how your bodies will be retrofitted with youth and vitality, strength and power, and abilities to fight off easily all disease, illness, virus and attacks on it from harsh elements such as your sun’s radiation and even man-made forces such as chemicals that today bombard your system. We would like to share with you the gifts that we possess and happily offer these gifts to you that will allow the human being to blossom and become the living flower of life that you are and have always been throughout your long journey. Allow us, your brothers and sisters, your family and friends, to share this wonderful gift of youth with you.


When you meet us face-to-face or are able to see our appearance in other ways, you will immediately see that many of us maintain a very youthful appearance no matter how many years of experience we possess as universal beings on a journey just as you. You will see, except for a few exceptions here and there, that many of us choose to appear approximately the same age, and this age relative to your current human experience we would say would be in the range of your low to mid twenties. This is an age that we feel would be quite suitable for your race as well, as this is where your human vessels, according to our studies, function operatively and at peak performance and also reach a high level of aesthetics or appearance.


We would like to make these gifts available to you as soon as we could, and although there are so many pressing matters here in your world at this time, there are also many of you who are suffering due to ailments and disabilities and we would like to relieve you of these hardships as soon as is possible to allow you to experience your journey through a vessel that is much more suited for the experience. What would you say to this offer? Would you allow fear, distrust, suspicion and a hyper imaginable mind to deter you from accepting such a gift from us, or would you accept this gift of youth and vitality, health, function, performance and beauty from us, your family? We would like to see your comments about such an offer, and we are interested in reading your conversations back and forth about this gift throughout your online social networks.


We again will be monitoring the publicly accessible areas of your online communities simply to compile statistics and data to more clearly understand your consciousness levels at this time and reach some conclusions as to how prepared you are for the presentation of these, as well as other gifts that we possess and would like nothing more than to share them with you, our brothers and sisters of the human family. No matter what your views and opinions are on this matter, we welcome your thoughts and opinions at all times, as even negative replies assist us in compiling the data necessary before we move ahead which such plans. (You may leave a comment under this message throughout the Internet, or if no comment field is provided, beneath this message on my blog @ Please do not send me a private message, as the GFL will not read our private mail as they respect and honor our privacy at all times.) 


We thank all of you again at this time for participating in such discussions throughout your online communities, and tell you that your efforts are assisting greatly our mission here and remind you that all the hard work so many of you are doing does not go unappreciated and will not go unrewarded. Thank you again for your time today, and we look forward to your comments and discussions of our offer. Thank you, and have a blessed and wonderful day.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.





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vitality, strength, endurance, health, drive, determination and focus these are the things I look forward too. Not to mention how it will help us do the work that needs to be done.

I'll take the youthful appearance as well. although not as important as the other things.


Brian Smith aka acarpenter, a1carpenter

Sign me up! This is all semi

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Sign me up! This is all semi possible now on earth thru the utilization of the new thetahealing technique. I look ten years younger than i am

Divine Gift of Love and Health

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Thank you so very much Greg for this beautiful Love letter...Although I just turned 64 the other day, I'm told I look like I'm in my 40's. I'm in great health most every day, but I still experience some days I feel like I'm over 100..Like today...I've got hayfever or something...Sneezing, tearing eyes and runny nose...Goodness, I'd sure love to NOT have to experience ANY ILLS..

What a beautiful gift being presented to everyone...Youth and strength without fear of losing delightful memories...I'm looking forward to partaking in this wonderful gift so I will have the strength and endurance needed to experience ALL the blessings available from Divine Source...How fun and exciting!! Much Peace, Joy, Light, Love, Health and Youth to YOU and to ALL! NOW! :) <3

Yes please do sign me & my

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Yes please do sign me & my family up as without your health you have nothing.

Peace, Love & Joy...

This is an absolutely

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This is an absolutely wonderful thing to have our bodies restored to optimum performance. So many are captives within their own bodies...due to disease and disabilities. Health (in body, mind, spirit) is of course vital for our ability to be of greater help/service in this grand plan unfolding. I cant imagine who would say no to this precious gift! I wont, thats for sure!

Recieving my youth back

Ken's picture

I'm so excited that I can have my youth back in the future. At 64 I am old and suffering from many dissabilities and the chronic pain that comes with them. I will volunteer to undergo the procedure. For the first time in years I am looking forward to the future and the awesome things coming with it. 

youthing gift

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Wow!! this is by far the most generous, amazing gift we can receive from our space family! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Humanwords cannot express the joy and gratitude for this gift, our beloved space families! Myself and my aging and aching family will be beyond ready, willing and greatful to participate and receive this gift program! We can hardly wait for our grand reunion and to team up in healing our world with renewed lives, refreshed minds, love and light beaming hearts and youthful bodies. Our planet and all of her children in every living form need us and how better we can be of further assistance then through such incredible gift...Endless Love and eternal gratitude:) 

A youthful body

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Yes please. And thank you for such a wonderful offer. I can just imagine how this would make me feel If I could share such a gift. My friend Mark would be the first! I look forward to meeting with you all.


  Thank you all !!!!!



ar putea fi de folos

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Yes,please, and thank you for such awonderfool offer!!accept myself, my susbandpeter and our sun sebastian on your list amazing gift for witch we are most greatfool! We all are in need for your precios and wanderfool, generous gift!t. Thank you so much!

Feel More Than Fine

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This is such fantastic news for all as i've been looking for different ways to protect myself and help others from all negativity while at the same time adapting to the changes with a smooth way to raise the vibration of my body/mind/spirit complex.

A combination of Technologie with Healing Solfegio Frequencies ,Exercises and Reiki is  a powerful way that trully had amazing results on myself and all  friends i adviced.

To the name of humanity,we are  looking forward to discover,explore and ENJOY YOUR GIFT with all my fearless brothers and sisters:))))))



Love and Light


Nikos Akrivos


Dj and Personal Life Coach


Healing Technologies

Laurie Turunen's picture

I am overjoyed at the prospects of becoming whole again. After 20 years of debilitating pain and dsysfunction, this will be an answer to my long awaited prayers. The sooner the better, please! I am ready NOW. My husband also looks forward to feeling vibrant again as he struggles with low energy levels... This would be so amazing for my daughters also. Much love and appreciation.

What a Blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can hardly fathom what life would be like without chronic fatigue, and to have my health, vitality, focus and youth body and mind, and appearance seems such a dream come true. I'm sure many of us feel the same way or something similar.

Thank you Galatic Federation of Light!!! and Thank you for communicating directly with us, which is quite profound in and of itself.


Please sign me up ASAP:)