Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/20/12 ‘Arrests Continue Peaceably’

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‘S and S Bonds’ are security and safety measures that we of the Galactic Federation of Light employ to protect and secure our personnel, our information, our ships, equipment, technologies, and our missions. These security and safety measures were violated over the past few days by members of our personnel who found a means to penetrate this protective system and access equipment and technologies they did not possess the clearance or permission to utilize. They have been reprimanded, and these beings will not be permitted to continue their employment with our organization. This is the justice that has been handed out in this matter, and we feel this is an appropriate means to resolve this situation. Again, we apologize to anyone who has been affected by this breach of security and protocol and again state that nothing like this will ever be permitted to happen again as long as we, the Galactic Federation of Light, can do anything about it.


We have had security breaches in our past history, we will not pretend that we have not. Our organization is a massive organization with many millions of members, ships, stations, platforms, planets of visitation and missions that go beyond this current mission, of course, at this time. It is exceedingly difficult to secure and protect each and every area of our operation at all times, and trust is a large part of a smooth and successful operation. The beings that took part in this breach of protocol have not been members of our organization for very long, rather, they are newcomers, and felt that their escapades were exciting and worth the risk of finding themselves in hot water, as it were, and accountable for their actions. What they have done amounts to a little more than a harmless prank, and therefore we felt we had no choice but to return them to where it is they call home, finalizing their partnership with us. This is a shame, for they held such promise and many doors have been opened for them once they had joined our organization and these doors have now closed on them and this is the really saddening part, as members of our organization enjoy such benefits, freedoms, gifts, pleasures, and treats, if you will, as our organization is a generous, kind and giving organization to partner with.


These beings will, in the future, be given another opportunity to work with us, however, things must change within them before they are once again considered for any post with us. This is a prerequisite of their future employment with us, as we will not take another chance on them until they show much growth, maturity, education, and gain more wisdom through experience, for we will not take another chance on them until we are convinced they have grown and matured. This is the way it must be and this is the way it will be, and we wish now at this time to move on from this interruptive chapter in our work together.


Let us begin today to discuss with you advancements in the front lines of the arrests of the members and associates of your criminal cabal. We are monitoring heavily these arrest procedures and we are very delighted to report that these arrests are proceeding very smoothly, without any gunfire or need for heavy artillery in any way, shape, or form. These raids on homes and some businesses alike are transpiring without any resistance by members of your cabal, and at this time there is no need for air coverage from our organization as the skies are quieted as there have been no attempts in any way by any of your rogue military outfits to interfere in any way with these proceedings, this we wish to make very clear. There has been no hostility on any of the fronts where these arrests are taking place. We feel we have made ourselves clear on that, and now we would like to move on and discuss what it is that will happen with these members of the cabal that are taken into custody.


These men and even some women will be incarcerated for a certain period of time until we of the higher realms can decide upon justice and proper rehabilitation. These members of your cabal that have plotted, schemed, conspired and acted against you, the people of Earth, will not be reinstituted into your society unless certain deals are made, deals that we feel give us as well as you adequate compensation for their return to freedom. By adequate compensation we certainly do not mean monetary payment as money, of course, means nothing to us, and money to you which does mean a lot will be reinstituted into your societies anyway without their consent or permission, as the money they possess, in large part, has been stolen from you and will be returned to you. That is one of the conditions that there is no necessity to bargain for, as that condition will be fulfilled no matter what the sentencing and rehabilitation will be for these many individuals. We wish to be clear on that as well.


The deals that are made with these individuals are made just as they are made in your world, and many of you should be already familiar with defendants offering information and testimony in an offer to assist an ongoing investigation that can benefit from their assistance. These are the deals that are being offered to only a certain number of individuals, as the crimes that these individuals have committed, although serious in nature, did not deal with the physical harm of your people. They dealt more with financial gain, and we feel it is these individuals that can be offered a certain amount of leniency for their cooperation, if their cooperation assists us in our ongoing prosecution and mission to purify your world of the cabal and their many members and sworn associates. We hope that you understand that although many of you wish to arrest and lock away forever every single member and associate of the cabal, we feel justice would better be served by striking some deals with some of these individuals, especially the ones who have been seated in positions of power where a great deal of information has been shared with them, that once shared with us, can assist us in our ongoing efforts.


We are very confident that you, the people of Earth, will be very pleased with the outcome of this process, and we say to you do not feel for a moment that there will be any chance that the cabal will be able to regroup and regain their power because a few of their members or associates have been given another chance at freedom in your world, as this will never be permitted to happen and you do have our word on that, and that is all we will say about this matter for now.


For today, we would like you, our friends and our family, to think about how close it is that you are to everything that has been spoken of, everything that you have dreamed about, as all of this is so very close to you right now. Keep up your great work doing what it is you are all doing. Do your best to get along with each other as best as you can, for these interactions between yourselves are the bricks that are building your new roads, your new cities and your new world.


We are your fellow builders and your friends of the Galactic Federation of Light.






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Greg, I read your post and when finished reading, I thought why do I need to know about rogue employees of the Galactic Federation of Light and their policies for reprimanding their employees?


Tickled, however, about the supposed progress being made with regard to "arrests."