Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/2/12 ‘Your True Universal Name’

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Take a look at your pedigree and you will discover that you indeed possess heritage from a star system beyond the borders of this star system you currently consider your home. Many of you do not originally come from this planet you call Earth. Many of you come from worlds quite a distance from this solar system. Some of you even come from galaxies very far from this galaxy that you know as the Milky Way. We too, your friends and your family members that comprise the Galactic Federation of Light, also come from many places throughout this universe. There are members of our alliance who have called Earth their home and whose origins can be traced to no other planet but this one, and there are members of our organization whose origins also share some of the same areas of your world that you have called home throughout your many incarnations here.


What we would like to do is begin your re-introductions to yourselves, and with these introductions we hope to open up the floodgates of your memories of who it is you truly are and where it is you come from. It is now growing the time for this, as moments are quickly passing by you and much needs to be accomplished, notwithstanding your re-introductions to your true identities and your true history which we feel is very important for you at this time as much needs to be explained to you and we feel the remembrance of your past will cut down greatly on the amount of information that would have to be re-explained to you. We feel cutting down on the work load in this area would be quite beneficial to all of us including yourselves, and therefore we have decided to begin to reveal to selected individuals in your world the secrets of who you are that have been, up to now, hidden away under lock and key, safely preserved for their presentation to you when the time was deemed appropriate.


This time is now and we would like to begin to subtly reveal to you just some, not all at once, some of the pieces of your true universal identity and some of the accounts of your history and the history of your people that are your family and your friends, some of whom are here now in your skies in spacecraft, in mother ships, as members of the Galactic Federation of Light and even other commands that are here in support of our mission together. What we would like to do is perform a roll call, if you will, and begin to reveal a list of names and wait for your response to let us know that you have heard your name called and identify with it. This will allow us a means to learn if you are resonating with the memories of yourself.


This will be a slow and gentle process, for we feel this way is the safest way to broach this sensitive subject. We do not wish to tread into your life and shout to you who it is you are all at once, as this sort of awakening can have negative effects on some of you who may have more delicate psyches than others of you who have a mental and emotional makeup of steel and iron. We must always tread softly and proceed as carefully and cautiously as possible, for one can never be too certain how a being will handle this sort of reawakening to what has been, in some cases, long preserved for them outside of their waking consciousness.


We would much prefer to begin these wake up calls, if you will, through your dream or telepathic states for the time being. For some of you, receiving information in this manner is and will be possible, though we do understand that there are those of you who have yet to adequately master this form of the sending and receiving of information. Please allow us to begin this process in this way even if you cannot receive our messages at this time, as we have concluded that this is the most appropriate way to proceed at this time. We ask you to remain vigilant for our messages to you that will come in different forms for different members of your society. Not all will receive messages the same way, as not all of you are capable of receiving messages the same way as some of you have shown a talent or a deficiency in receiving certain messages through certain means.


We would like you to listen for and be on the lookout for your names which are your true eternal universal names, as these will be shared with you as the first order of business as we feel it is your name that is the key that will begin to unlock so many more answers for you. Your names may not sound or appear as what your name may be through this current incarnation, and we ask you to remain vigilant for names that may sound as if they are spoken in a foreign language or tongue and we ask you to keep pen and paper handy to write whatever information it is that you receive and make a correlated list of the information you are receiving as though it may not make sense to you early on this may change as more information is shared with you and you may begin, upon examination of the lists you are compiling, to comprise a cohesive and comprehendible storyline of your true identity, what it is you do, where it is you come from and who it is that are your friends and family and what alliance, if any, they belong to.


We feel this is a very suitable place to start, and we feel many of you will be very excited and enjoy this part of our mission together, as we certainly can understand what a wonderful experience this will be for you, dear ones, to receive the gifts of who it is you truly are. Be on the lookout at all times from this day forward for our signs, signals and  hints, and do take the time to preserve whatever information comes to you no matter how subtle. Even if you are not certain that this is a clue for you, we suggest to you to write down and preserve it for later examination. We hope you truly enjoy this period of your lives, for it is certain to bring you excitement, fun, great joy and so many of the answers that many of you have been seeking for quite some time.


We are your friends and we are your family and we hold the key to who it is you truly are that we will now give to you, our brothers and sisters of the human family.






As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish





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A very useful technique, even if only used for channelling or telepathy. Names? REI isnt bright enough, my friends?


To each his own. I know. I remember clearly as if it were yesterday, but many questions remain yet and these do not come to the surface so easily..I know sometimes you hear me, I would think. I know a few of the ships, some of the people out there...



To some maybe, maybe with these busy lives and children and work...maybe it will take some effort. I have the time, it seems to refoucus.


And that Triangle....if any of you have taken notice...(he he.. thats the name of the ESSEX newspaper down here...) is a cluster of THREE ships.


The 'Coram Chronicles' continue and I will capture as much as I can to prove these are as real as they look.YES, IM BACK. And right where you left me. could have paid me a short visit... :'-(

I never rebuked any of you from doing so. EVER.


I think the statue speaks very loudly of me back home and I hope those 'tapping in' to listen to the feedback realize by now who I am. OR who I believe myself to be.Is there any difference? I dont think so. Was I Sirian feline? Once or twice, maybe...but I thought I had quills last go round and although I admit WE do our best not to TEAR families apart....mine was torn apart. I know you can hear the radio...whether or not you make sence of it is another matter. I know someone understands ASCII modes...


I just want what I had on Alpha Centauri...isnt that enough? To have someone to love at my side? Someone multidimensional?


IF any of you upstairs knew what happened at Dreamland in late late 1980...

I still dont think you understand what that did to me, and I dont mean physically. I know it wasnt your fault and US GOVT, for once, is not to blame.


Do you realize what this means to me? To hear you built me an epitaph...fitting...for someone who is LONG GONE. I have been here the WHOLE TIME.


I almost find it insulting that you only think of me as a statue, when you know what I represent.







'TO the ONE...' is that not how the statue reads? Thank you, Mrs.Acorn.You mean so much to me as well.


Whats in a name anyways? Its just an adjective.

-The 'First' ONE


Who I Am?!

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Hallo everyone, I would like to get a conformation of who I am, witch my mind saying that I'm Apollon,the Greek God whos name now is Santar, I believe. I just hope for clearity.

Thank you. Paul.