Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/23/12 ‘New Financial System’

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No, there have not been large-scale changes to your financial system as of yet that will at least affect the man and woman on the street. Much is still transpiring behind the scenes and moves are being made, but these moves are large and they are slow due to their enormous weight of the effects that they will have on your world. What we see for your people is an entirely new banking, financial and monetary system. We see a new system based on fairness, equality and true earnings for work related duties which include services offered to your communities through your working cooperation with us, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light. What we see is a world where funds that are readily available are transferred from their current states of holding back to the people of your world who are its rightful owners and have always been its rightful owners, as money is not created by Gods, or by rich men of affluence, or by governments, or by banking institutions.


Money is created by you, the people of your world who have broken your backs working so hard building roads and schools and dams and office buildings and factories and warehouses and your industrial infrastructure of your entire planet. Money is not created in a laboratory and its science is not difficult to understand once the proper and truthful information is shared with the people, and we intend to do just that. We wish at this time to explain to you how money is created. Money is created when a being chooses to lift even one finger and create something that is to be shared with another being. That is all it takes to create some kind of finance, some kind of collateral, some kind of financial backing, some kind of currency. That's it, that's all it takes and money is created. The actual printing of the form of currency a world will use is a different matter, as whether a society uses bills, or coins, or cards, or another form of currency, it does not affect the methods of how the money is created in the first place, and the money that is created in the first place is created by you, the people, and your willingness to give effort in the creation of something that can be shared with another individual, thus creating an economic flow of wealth, that is all.


In your world since the beginning of what you now understand as your recorded history, there have been pilferers, thieves, siphoners, bloodsuckers of your funds. They have waited in hiding behind the scenes, and they have amassed enormous amounts of your hard-earned money for themselves without lifting one finger to create something that is meant to be shared with another. This is not how an economy effectively operates, this is how an economy effectively crashes and burns, as sooner or later this siphoning, this pilfering, this purging of funds will catch up to its society, put a stranglehold on it and kill it. That is what is happening today in your world, as your eyes must see that your banking and financial institutions are crashing all around you, taking with them human wreckage in the form of individuals, entire countries and even continents as well.


This is a crash that will not be preempted, for this is a crash that must happen to allow your new financial system to take root in the fertile soils of the disintegrating system of old. We are here to assist you in many areas and your financial system is one of the most important systems that we are here to assist you with. We will not stand by and watch your societies crumble because of the irresponsible actions of a few individuals at the tops of these deep wells of pyramidal structure. We have methods that we have utilized in many worlds to stave off financial ruin and destitution and all of the problems that naturally will follow and follow quickly when one financial system fails and a new one is born in its place. We will assist you create a system based on abundance, on equality, on fairness, on safety and security for you and your families and each and every being that calls your planet home.


How this new system will be instituted in the early stages is through a system of barter and exchange that will continue, but continue using a different currency than the currencies that are currently being used throughout your nations. Your new currency will be a currency free from the clutches of these dark and greedy ones, as they have not been given the permission, the opportunity or the luxury of printing these new bills. These new bills have been printed by those of the light, as you say, those of honesty, of integrity, those men and women of your human race that care about others, that are willing to share the wealth with others and who do not have a plan to siphon any part of this wealth from their brothers and sisters.


This we promise to you; we, the Galactic Federation of Light, will oversee your new financial system and we will make sure it runs and is operated smoothly and efficiently, fairly and honestly, quickly and completely, and we will make sure your new system remains a system of fairness, equality and abundance, or we will step in and shut down whoever or whatever it is that is in any way negatively affecting the system or siphoning any amount of funds unfairly or unjustly from this, your new system. This we promise to you, our brothers and sisters.


You can expect your new financial system to take root in the months ahead. We understand that we talk very much about the months ahead and many of you want changes and you want them today, but we tell you that nothing can get underway until the men and women of your criminal cabal have been rounded up, for they are one of the obstacles that are preventing all these changes and your new systems to begin. We see these members of your cabal are being rounded up and we see they are being removed from your society and they are being expunged from your systems of wealth, finance and banking, and this is a beautiful sight to behold. We say to you that when sufficient numbers of these individuals are safely removed from your society we will, with the assistance of our Earth allies who have worked so hard on your new system, begin its birth into your world like a newborn child that you all must learn to nurture, to raise and to grow as if this child is your very own, for this newborn is your very own and it is the responsibility of each and every one of you to act as its mother, to act as its father, to be its surrogate, for indeed, each of you are.


We will, in the days ahead, speak more about your new system, but for now just know that there is a new system waiting for the playing field to be cleared, and it is a system that will bring all joy, all prosperity, all financial independence, for your new system is something that none of you have ever experienced throughout any of your physical incarnations. Your new system is a blessing, it is a privilege, it is a right, it is a wonderful opportunity for each and every one of you to be able to do whatever it is you wish for a living as long as it in some way makes another happy, makes another joyful, warms another, cools another, feeds another, makes another smile or assists another on their journey in any way, shape or form. This is your new system, and we feel so many of you will be so very excited and enjoyed when it is brought out of the maternity ward for you to see for the first time with your proud eyes, for each and every one of you are a parent of your new system, for it was your hopes, your dreams and your hard work that has co-created your new child.


We will talk more about this in the days ahead, until tomorrow; we are your fathers and your mothers, your brothers and your sisters and your friends of the Galactic Federation of Light.




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