Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/31/12 ‘Choosing a Pickup Location’

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Today we like to begin by discussing with you how to best prepare yourselves for your work with our organization that will begin shortly in the days to come, as the time to begin our many projects together has now arrived. We would like to begin by welcoming you to our teams, and we would like to do this by meeting with you on board our ships and introducing ourselves to you so we can get to know each other just a little better before we begin a working relationship together. We will do this by meeting with you at a pre-designated spot somewhere near or at your home residence. We will contact you in the days ahead beginning next week where we will ask you where it is you feel you would like to rendezvous with us.


To answer this question, we ask you to respond with a very short sentence so as to clarify your response to our question which you will hear either through the dream state, or for those of you who have begun to master telepathic communication, through your awakened state while you are meditating or any time it is that we are successful in getting our question through to you. Do you understand this? Are we making ourselves clear on this? We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will send you, telepathically or through the dream state, a short question asking where you would prefer to rendezvous with us to be teleported onto one of our awaiting ships where you will be escorted to a larger ship where you will then meet with representatives of our team to break the ice, as it were. At that time we will answer all of your questions and, if you don't mind, we will have a few questions for you, which is only natural as we wish to learn a little bit more about you as well before we begin working together, as this will assist us find a suitable position for you and learn your availability scheduling and how often and how long you could make yourself available for, and wish to work.


Please keep in mind that we do have set schedules for those who will begin working with us. We cannot tailor make a schedule for individuals, as this would entail many needless flights to and from our mother ships or whichever ship you will be working on. We feel it is necessary to reduce the number of flights to and from your surface world and to our work sites. Our work sites will be thoroughly protected from any possible dangers or threats of reprisal from any rogue military outfits aligned with the cabal. You have our word that we will do everything we can to protect your safety and well-being, although always keep in mind, no absolute guarantees or solemn oaths are made in this regard, only that we will do all that we can to protect our crewmembers and those working with us on these many projects.


As most of you who will be selected to work with us already fully understand, nothing could truly ever end your life as you are an eternal being, and as such, there is nothing ever to truly fear, as there is nothing that can happen to you out on the job sites or traveling to and from the job sites that could not be reversed in the case of injury, and even in the case of physical death it is certainly not the end, it is only the beginning for something new for you, something that many of you are headed for anyway in the months to come. Do you understand this? Do you understand that even if in the worst possible scenario where you were to experience physical death, that you would merely be getting a head start on all the others that will be ascending behind you very soon enough?


With this understood, we would like to begin this initial phase of this first and extremely important project to solidify and strengthen your shorelines by constructing beautiful,  protective sea barriers off the coasts of selected areas around your planet. We will begin this project very soon, think in terms of weeks and not months, think in terms of a rapid deployment to job sites once we are successful in relaying our message to you and receiving your reply of where it is you feel would be an appropriate spot in your neighborhood or surrounding area to rendezvous with us. What we are looking for is an area that is at least semi secluded, although we understand that some of you live near major metropolitan areas and this might be a bit difficult for you to find such a space, but we tell you to use your resolve, be cunning and clever, research area maps and especially satellite imagery available through your Internet which will help you find such an area that at this time you may be unaware of as it is hidden from view even as you may drive or walk by. We are confident each and every one of you will find such an area, and we will leave this assignment up to you as we have much faith and confidence in you.


After this initial conversation, we will then be in touch with you when it is time for you to rendezvous with us. This signal must come as a surprise, with only very short notice being given to you, as we cannot have our plans leaked somehow to the cabal through the methods in which we communicate to you, as we wish for no surprises and wish for no one to gain an advantage by having any suitable time to prepare to intercept our meeting with you in any way. We hope you understand this, and we hope you understand that it is required of you to keep all this that we speak to you about to yourselves. Do not share this information with others on the Internet, on the phone, or even verbally in your own homes as your privacy is not guaranteed even in your own living room. We hope this does not come as startling news for you, but there are very many ways to intercept communications even without the use of electronic listening devices, technology which many of your world fully understand at this time.


There are disembodied spirits roaming all over your planet, some of you know this and some of you might be very surprised to learn this. One of the goals of our mission is to lift your planet away from these disembodied beings as they do not belong here on the same planet as you. We have discussed this at some length in a previous message, and if there are those of you hearing this news for the first time we ask you to please go back a few weeks and read that message as you may find it very informative. So in light of the fact that can never be too sure who is listening in on your conversation, we urge you to keep the information regarding our meeting with you to yourself and only to yourself, and in this way no one can eavesdrop on your conversation and learn of our plans or our schedule to meet with you. Is this understood, dear one? We hope we have made ourselves clear on this, as regrettably we would have to cancel our rendezvous with you if the details of this meeting were shared openly on your internet or even through private messaging on your Internet, as this type of electronic eavesdropping is quite simple to achieve and occurs each and every day in your world, and the culprits are various sources and not just one.


We feel we are clear on this, and at this time we would like to move on and discuss with you what it is exactly you will be doing when you begin working on this first project with us. We will rendezvous with you and escort you to a ship which is a craft capable of space flight, at which time you will receive training in the methods and technologies we employ to build water barriers used to protect coastlines. You will be instructed on how this technology works and how to properly engage this technology and utilize it. You will receive hands-on training from highly qualified instructors. We have teams of scientists, and each ship will have a representative with a scientific background who can answer any and all of your questions of a scientific and advanced nature.


We will begin slowly, as it will be you that will build these seawalls and it will not be us, as we have explained, this is your planet and it is your responsibility to care for her. We are only here to assist you, and by assisting you we will allow you to utilize our technologies and our spacecraft. We will train you, we will supervise you, we will coach you, we will organize you, we will answer any and all of your questions and we will do everything we can to keep you safe, but this is all we will do. As we have said, it is all up to you.


We do not expect you to move quickly in the beginning, we simply wish to see that you have learned to use this equipment properly and safely before we look for any kind of speed in the production of these see barriers. Once a section of seawall is seated into place we will advance our ship to the next location where you will once again construct and insert a section of seawall sturdily into the seabed, at which time we will move forward once again and repeat the process. This is a very simple process, and once you get comfortable with our technologies and this procedure we can begin to build this seawall at a very fast rate. This technology can build a seawall up miles of coastline in a manner of minutes, that is how fast this technology can be employed and a seawall can be built. This is very important as well, as there are many miles of coastline around your world that we feel necessitate the protection of these seawalls, and as we have said, time is running short.


When we speak with you personally we will speak more in depth of which areas of your world will receive these seawalls and which areas we feel may require the relocations of at least a certain amount of their populations, as we feel even these seawalls may not fully or adequately protect them from the rising sea levels and surges that these particular areas may experience as your planet shakes off her third dimensional layers for her journey into the higher realms of this universe, which is the underlying cause of these Earth tremors that will cause these seas to erupt in certain areas around your world. This is our first project together, to protect your people and your communities from the seas, and we look so forward to beginning this project with you, our brothers and sisters of Earth.


Please keep alert for our messages to you. For those of you who are beginning to master the ability of telepathic communication, we are confident you will receive our question to you as to where it is you would like to rendezvous with us, and we are confident you will successfully send your answer back to us. For those of you who are not yet quite skilled in telepathic abilities, you may look for our question to you through other means, only one of which is through your dream state. After you awaken from a dream where you have received this question, we ask you at that time to formulate your answer to us and telepathically send your response to us by focusing on us and stating in your mind, but not out loud, your response to us before you begin your day. We will be listening for your answers, and once again we look forward to working with you dear ones. It will be an honor and it will be a pleasure, and together we will get the work done that needs to be done.


We are your coworkers on this, our first joint project together. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.






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