Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/6/12 ‘Raising Your Vibrational Frequency’

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Where we come from are worlds and places within this universe that are not only a great distance from this planet, but that are in many cases places that distance is not the only obstacle to travel to where it is we call home. There are other differences in the locations of some of the places the members of our organization call home. There are different dimensions throughout this universe, and each dimensional realm requires of its inhabitants a certain measure of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and experiences to enable a being to rise to the vibrational frequency of that realm.


We who are your friends and your extended family members have traveled here from a higher dimension. We, in many cases, have traveled down through several dimensions to be able to offer our assistance here in your world at this time of great change and opportunity. We have, at a great expense of time, effort, energy and resources, burrowed down if you will, through the dimensional layers to arrive at the doorstep of your lower dimensional home. What we need from you, the people of Earth, is for you to somehow find a way to raise yourselves to a suitable frequency range where we can at one point meet each other for our reunion, and which will enable us to begin working together on the many projects necessary to advance your world to the standards of a galactic society.


Together we can meet this challenge head-on and conquer it. There is nothing we cannot do once we combine our will, our resources and our powers of creation and manifestation. We can do this; we only need your assistance in this matter and this is why we speak to you today about this, to highlight some of the things that you can do to raise your frequency levels to a level that will allow us to reach down with hand extended and pull you up beyond the dimensional ceiling that today rests above you, so to speak. We ask all of you who wish to participate in this project of the meeting of our two dimensions to do away with what anchors you down into a lower vibratory existence. Shun the behaviors, the habits, the tendencies, the interests, the hobbies and the time spenders that weigh you down like stones tied around you.


We suggest to you to make a list of the things in your life that you suspect may add to the weight of these stones, and make notes of what it is you can do to cut away these stones from you that will allow your natural buoyancy to rise you up through the depths and burst out and beyond this 3rd dimensional realm that many of you have called home for too long now and feel inside it is time for something else. What is it that ties you down? What are some of the habits that you know deep down inside no longer serve your higher good and purpose? What are some of the thoughts that are negative in nature that constantly pass through your mind like a train keeping a daily schedule? What is it you can do to derail this train and stop it from passing through your consciousness tomorrow? These are some of the thoughts we would much prefer to see more of you entertain. We would suggest more of you spend more time thinking of much more positive outcomes to your problems, difficulties and challenges, instead of entertaining the negative prospects or outcomes of these experiences. We feel this simple alteration to your game plan will help many of you tremendously raise your vibration almost instantly to much higher levels.


We would also recommend many of you cut out, in many cases completely, certain foods and beverages that act as poisons and toxins to your vibrational frequency. By these foods and beverages we mainly suggest to you to avoid an over indulgence of foods laced with preservatives and sweeteners and other ingredients which cause very harmful effects to the human vessel. There are so many ingredients and preservatives in your foods and beverages that act as anti-ascension medications, and we say to you that many of these ingredients have been purposely designed, manufactured and inserted into your food supply by those devious and cunning minds of your criminal cabal who will face justice for these actions as well, as there are no crimes that they have committed against you, the people, that they will not face justice for.


Help us help you by following our advice in this area. Cut down on the amount of foods that contain a great deal of harmful preservatives and additives that are not necessary for you to maintain a healthy diet. There are many repositories of information about these additives throughout your online network, and we suggest to you if you do not already know which additives and preservatives are harmful to you to do some research. We feel in just a matter of minutes you can assemble an adequate list of the ingredients that you should avoid the next time you shop and stock up on your food supply.



We feel with just this one simple alteration to your daily schedule, your vessels will immediately reap great benefit and reward for your efforts. We would like to see a number of you sharing your wisdom of better diet and nutrition and the harmful effects of some of these additives throughout your online communities, and may we suggest you also share what you have learned today of how many of these ingredients will lower the vibrational frequency of your vessels and will act to hamper your ascension in one way or another if suitable changes to your diet are not made. We do not wish to frighten or instill fear or undue worry or concern in anyone. This is the last thing we wish to do, as fear will not allow you to prosper to your greatest potential as well, however, we feel this is certainly an area of importance, and although there are some of you who may experience a certain level of fear learning that there are harmful ingredients added to your food supply, we feel the majority of you reading these words already fully understand this and we also believe many of you have already taken appropriate steps to purify your diet of these harmful additives.


We will be monitoring those of your world who have agreed to assist us in these types of studies in these areas, and we look to see improvements and a rise in these beings vibrational frequencies when alterations are made in their diet. We suggest to you to cook and prepare as much fresh foods as possible, and supply your homes less with prepackaged foods that possess many ingredients in order to preserve it, as many of these preservatives are very harmful and destructive to the human vessel. We also suggest to you to avoid certain types of artificial sweeteners as well as alcohol, tobacco, and all other mind altering drugs, even in many cases prescribed medications, as many have great harmful effects to the human body and certainly act to lower its vibrational frequency.


We understand that there are many of you who do not like to hear us speak of what we feel are benefits to the exclusion of the use of mind altering substances for those of your world. We understand that many of you have a strong kinship with these drugs, and we have not come here to tell you how to live your lives. We also have not come here to pull the wool over your eyes, if you will. When we say to you that the use of mind altering drugs are affecting you in negative ways and that we feel it would be best if you alleviated this habit, tendency or recreation from your lives, we can back this up with vast amounts of collected data from not only this world, but from many worlds throughout this universe, as your planet is not the only planet that has invested in the use of mind altering substances.


There are many worlds and many types of beings who have in one form or another experienced and continue to experience use of these types of substances for many different reasons, and some of these reasons are the same reasons many of you partake in this use. We only suggest to you to curtail your use of these substances, as we feel this period in your lives is not a time for these types of experiments and experiences, but that this is a time to get busy and to give as much of your energy and attention to the great changes not only possible in your world, but possible in yourselves that will allow you the gift of a key that will unlock an entirely new reality for you.


Considering this, is it not a worthy cause for you to take a look at in examination your recreational or even medicinal drug use, and make an effort to make some positive changes that will see a more positive outcome for you? This is all we suggest to you. We are not ordering you or telling you what to do, as we do not have this right and we do not wish to have this right as this interests us not. What does interest us is your higher good, and we only make suggestions that we feel if followed will lead you to your higher good and your higher self that exists in many cases just a step above and away from your current state and being. We wish those of you who feel inspired or motivated in some way from our discussion today to make an effort to make the changes that will only lead to improvements in your life and more enjoyable experiences of a higher vibrational level in your future.


We are your higher dimensional counterparts, and we have traveled here to help pull you up to where it is we today call home. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.





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