Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/9/12 ‘News Flash: Arrests in Full Swing’

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Ride like the wind now knowing that what has been hoped for so long by your people is now fully underway in size, scope and determination, and that this campaign to arrest all of the members of your criminal cabal and their associates and remove them from the halls of your society is now in full swing and will not slow and will not fail to garner you the results of your creative manifestation through your thoughts, intentions, words, acts and dreams. This is how it works, and this is how it has always worked here on your planet, no matter which dimension your planet resided in at any particular moment in time.


It does not matter much which dimension you find yourself in at any particular moment as you always possess the ability to manifest whatever experience you wish for yourselves. This is important to always remember, as although there will be those departing this dimension for other dimensional destinations, those of you who are to remain here to continue your studies and experiences in the physical must realize that you too can and will experience just whatever it is you wish, and that what it is you do not wish to experience you do not have to, as nothing is forced upon you. Whatever it is that you create for yourself or yourselves is what you shall have, it is not any more complex than that. Do your best to always remember this no matter where the path for you up ahead may lead, and wherever it is you shall journey shall be a much more pleasurable, rewarding and consciously created experience for you.


It is now the time that these arrests of the members of your criminal cabal and their associates are broadcast through your major media outlets. These arrests are now in full swing, we are very pleased to report to you. What is needed is for the people of your world to take note of what is transpiring all around them. Your media outlets are a very important component of this entire operation, as it is important that as many as possible experience this event and understand that it is freedom from their oppressors that they are receiving in full bloom and blossom like a beautiful bouquet gifted to them from their Creator. We ask at this time that all and not some of the media outlets that we have had prior discussions with and have reached amicable partnerships with proceed now with what it is they expressed they would do if these arrests were to begin to manifest here in your world. For those of your media that are reading these words (and we know that there are many movers and shakers within your worldwide global media outlets who are following these words through our channels), we ask of you at this time to now do what it is you assured us you would do.


There is no better time now to wait as these events are unfolding as you read these words and there will not be a more flowing cascade of motion than there is at this very moment. We ask you to find the courage that is inside each and every one of you and, even in the face of threat of violence, to stand tall, stand firm in your convictions and do what it is that you know deep down inside is the only right thing to do and that must be done to see to the complete freedom of the people of your world.


The people have spoken. They have awakened and they have demanded that they now be free from their captors and oppressors, and through this decree, this is what is now transpiring in their world and they deserve the right to witness this firsthand for themselves and not secondhand through our channels or any other means. You, the men and women of your media, are the people's eyes and the people's ears in many cases. You are sworn to uphold the ideals, morals and the integrity of your industry which is a vital bloodline through the life of any civilization. There are no civilizations in this universe without means to share information from being to being, from culture to culture, nation to nation or any point on a planet. This world is not unique in its infrastructure of media and communications, this is a surety.  What is unique to this planet is the level in which the media has been controlled by those of the dark, this we can also say for a certainty, as we have visited and monitored worlds all over this galaxy and beyond throughout this universe and we have never behold before so many avenues of media and communications that are completely contained within a pyramidal structure of power, control, influence and persuasion.


We ask you at this time is it not the time to break free from your oppressors as well? Is it not the time to rid your profession from the likes and control of these dark individuals who are motivated by nothing more but their lust for more power, control, wealth, destruction and chaos? Has the day not come where it is now time for you to take a stand and fulfill the solemn oath that you took when you accepted your position of such great importance in your profession, a profession which should guarantee the people the truth in your reporting? There have been many great men and women of the media profession who have stood for integrity, truth and honor, and these names will go down in history for what they did and what they stood for and we say to you, the men and women who today hold the power, unlock the truth that has been concealed for far too long. Is it not time for you to add your names to these lists of honor in service to their profession and to the men and women of your planet?


We will assure you once again that we, the Galactic Federation of Light, will do all that we can do to protect each and every member of your media, just as we have been and will continue to do so. We have many highly advanced technologies that we are employing to oversee you and protect you as these arrests move ahead. What we would like to see is someone of your media outlets take the reins and give the signal to their employees under them that it is now time to do what it is you do best and report the news, report the truth, and spread the word like a wildfire through your world that those who have oppressed your people for decades and even centuries are now being rounded up, arrested and incarcerated to stand trial for their crimes against humanity.


We ask you to rise up to the challenge. We know you can do it. We have met with some of you personally and we know what you are capable of and we have nothing but confidence you will meet this challenge head-on and you will conquer it, and this is why we came to you in the first place. We look to see movement on your front, and we thank you so very much again for your efforts and your resolve, drive and determination in the face of such adversity to do what it is you know must now be done.


We are with you in spirit and we are with you in the physical at this time, and we offer our cloak of protection over you. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.





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