Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/12/12 ‘The Most Important Aspect of Your Mission’

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You are doing yourselves a tremendous service when you begin to learn to work better and get along better between yourselves. We have been noticing a marked improvement in this area, and we wish to say to you your efforts are greatly appreciated and will take you far in this world and maybe even beyond, for you see, all that you achieve here has galactic and universal repercussions. Most of what you do here affects so many others and your universe itself. We have on many occasions described for you how vastly important your mission is here. We wish at this time to reiterate, and say to you that your mission here involves many different worlds working together on a project so vast, so import, that worlds literally depend upon the outcome of your work here, how well you can get along with each other while interacting with each other, working together, playing together, and what goals you can achieve, which goals you cannot achieve, and so many other areas of concern that we can discuss these at great length for many hours.


We will just cut to the chase and tell you that your efforts to work together to achieve common goals is the most important thing that you can possibly be doing at this time. There is nothing else more important, there is nothing else as vital, there is nothing else you would be wise to spend your time upon. We feel we cannot be any clearer on this as this says it all, does it not?  You cannot be focusing your attention on anything else that is more important to the survival of your planet and many other planets alike in this universe than working and doing your best to get along with each other and work together to achieve certain goals.


This is all we will say about this. Is there anything that we have just said that any of you do not fully understand? We would like for you, as we so often do, to please leave your comments under this message today and let us know if you completely understand what we have just explained to you. We feel we need to know this for certain. We need to gather statistics and calculate just what kind of percentage of you understands just how vitally important it is for each and every one of you to do what it is you can do to simply get along with each other and to do your best to work together, for that is the goal at the core of your entire mission here.


So many of you ask what is it that I can be doing, how is it that I could help, and we say to you that you cannot possibly help our joint mission any greater than getting along with each other throughout your online communities as well as in your personal lives at home and at work, for there too are others who you may have relationships with throughout this universe and learning to work together, play together, and simply get along together peaceably and constructively there is just as important as those you interact with through your online communities.


We feel we have discussed this subject enough for today, however, we will tell you that we feel we must revisit this subject quite often, as we have made clear, it is the most important aspect of your mission and each and everyone owes it, at the least to yourselves and at the most to your Creator and your entire universe, to give your sincerest efforts to make your workspace, which is your online community, a better, more amicable, more kind, loving, forgiving, productive and constructive place to punch in and complete a day’s work, for this is what you are doing when you log onto your computer. You are punching in to work, for this is your duty, this is your task, this is your job, this is the service that you enlisted for.


You are members of worlds, orders, conglomerations, organizations, alliances, legions, militias and  armed forces and you have signed up, volunteered and have been carefully selected to take part in this top-secret, classified and vitally important mission to restore love and light, peace, harmony, balance,  justice and law to this world that has, like a renegade, run out of control and is not unlike a western outlaw firing his guns wildly throughout the streets of town in a rampage of violence and crime. This behavior must be curtailed. It must be stopped. The damage that has been done must be reversed.


Many of you understand that this is a campaign of great proportion and it is you, the men and women who are reading these words today who understand what your mission is and how important it is for all of you to get along with each other. There are many of you awakening at this time and many more of you that will awaken tomorrow, and when these beings awaken what is it do you think they are seeing when they punch in to work here in your online communities. Are they seeing a world whose troubles are being eradicated? A world where beings are learning to finally get along with each other and work together without bickering, without fighting, without arguing, insulting and threatening each other? Or are they seeing some of the very old, where many have not learned to respect another or to honor another’s views and opinions? Are they seeing a world that does not seem to be changing very much?


We will leave this up to you and say to you that it is you who are today the leaders of your world. It is not the men and women wearing expensive suits and designer clothing who take your taxpayer money and pretend they are working hard for the betterment of your world. These imposters are worthless in this regard, and their masquerade will soon be over and some of them will even find the interior of a jail cell, at least for a little while before they find themselves learning the effects of their choices through rehabilitation programs. It is you, the people who are reading these words right now and others like you who have now awakened who are the leaders of your world, and as the leaders of your world do you feel that arguing and debating, insulting and cursing one another is the protocol, is the method to apply that will see to the positive changes and reversal of so much that has gone so wrong here in your world? Or do you have another vision, do you have a brighter vision, a dream where all of the leaders of your world have learned to work together productively and efficiently with the purest of integrity, honor and sincerity, and work hard each and every day restoring this world from its top to its bottom, from its inner core to its surface to its highest altitudes?  


This is what we ask you today. Which kind of leaders are you? The kind of leaders that this world and this universe so desperately needs, or those who will simply replace the former leaders, the outgoing leaders with more of the same in lack of efficiency, lack of integrity, lack of motivation, lack of will, lack of honesty and lack of caring. Or are you the kind of leaders who possess a willingness to work for others and the world around you, willing to sacrifice at times your own needs and your own wants for the betterment of the whole? We ask you to think over carefully our discussion today and think about what we have said. Think about your choices. Think about which kind of leader you are and please let us know what decision you have come to by leaving your thoughts under our message today.


We thank you very much for your time today and say to you your time reading our messages and leaving your comments is time very well spent, and up until this point, is one of the most constructive areas of your overall mission. We wish you to know we greatly appreciate your efforts to assist us better understand the conditions and the thought processes of the human consciousness, its motivations and even deficiencies at this time. We thank you, and we look forward to learning your thoughts today through your words.  


We are the Galactic Federation of Light, here with you working through to the conclusion of our mission together.




As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish






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For me this message underscores the importance of every interaction with every person, every time, relative of circumstance, being an expression of compassion and love.
Until the truth of oneness solidifies in each moment, for me, I will be mindful of my words and actions to ensure that I am behaving in a loving accepting manner.

A leader is one who knows to

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A leader is one who knows to follow the Heart. One who pays attention to even the smallest of things, for even the "Heart of a Buttsrfly can change the existence of humanity! Even the Heart of a Butterfly!

Today's Message From The Federation

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I try to get along.  Sometimes I am impatient with others and myself.  I favor myself, I exaggerate, I tell white lies and cover my tracks. I am also aware that I'm doing these things as I do them and dislike the feeling.  But isn't this the madness of humanity's Mind?  The up and down world has been so mad and crazy for so long that it is impossible for it Not to enter the gene pool of everyone. Except for the truly illuminated. 


Though I will tell you this: we have waited so long for this year to come.  We have listened to the words of the space federation, "this is coming, this is coming."  And if it doesn't?  We are suspicious because we have learned to be.  We have to be here on this screwed-up planet. You say you're going to appear very soon.  I heard that more than a year ago.  You're going to appear in the skies so that there will not be any question of a greater existence in this universe, you say.  And still you have not appeared!  What are we to think?  I have learned that those who criticize could use a few lew lessons in criticism themselves.  If you say you're going to do something, then do it, and quit dancing around the subject! 


Thank you for listening.

The type of leader I am.

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The type of leader I am is a leader that is a follower of what is true, hat is fair and what is right for the whole. I am a leader that understands the concerns of the whole. I am the type of leader that will stand up when everyone else sits down when they deline something because they don't want to giv up personal needs. I am the leader who would be honored to represent Earth in the Galactic High Conucil if given the chance to help Earth develop more after she ascends into the 5th dimension.
Thank you everyone!


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We are listening. And for

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We are listening. And for myself, I invite you into my mind. Please listen to my thoughts, my love, to know my intent. My love is for all, everything. I am trying everyday to be 'right'. I express the importance of this to everyone who will listen to me. When I feel stress I sometimes release the whole pile upon someone. I know this is sooo screwed up, and I try to fix it when I do, but the damage is done by then. Once words are in the air they cannot be erased. You can try to ammend or qualify but you cannot take them back. The challenge is to control thoughts and especially what comes out your 'face threshold', before it becomes irretreivable. Its not easy to just react, but that is the VERY THING which make all the differemce. I believe one must ANTICIPATE annoyances/challenges and be ready to meet them- positively!

I meant: 'it's not easy to

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I meant: 'it's not easy to NOT just react.' Sorry for the confusing statement. Love n Light : )

We are the New Emerging Leaders...

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YAY! I have been developing my life towards these opportunities. Not sure what or when, but can be flexible and respond to the need as it emerges. I have been asking Spirit to be alligned into the best job situation for me, where I can have synergy, supportive holistic team,.... LOL Well, I guess I am creating it. I look forward to seeing how mine and collective efforts can have an impact in healing, reclaiming, and alchemy.


Dear Galactic Friends, I

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Dear Galactic Friends, I understand Your Message very well and I believe at least to My self that I Can take part in many Rolles as a Leader, Serving the People.


With Great Love and Light, Paul. Denmark.

To the galactic beings, I'am

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To the galactic beings,
I'am doing my best each day to move on, to let go of the past and to forgive.I will assist you in any way I can to help humanity.Keep me in mind.

the most important aspect of our mission

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I totally agree with this chanelling... I am in a place where I am feeling compassion for all that I see hurting on this planet.  I agree that we will never change today's conditions on Earth arguing and debating.  We have to radically change our approach.  I'm truly looking forward to leadership that is respectful to all and to a time where there is social justice for all.  It pains me to see how many people we put in prisons in this world and to see hungry hurting,  people and physically ill people without good health care. It's time that we take care of everyone regardless of borders and differences.  We are all ONE!  Let's all do our part to take care of one another....much love!

  I have been involved with

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  I have been involved with this awakening process now for maybe(consciously) about 2 years.  Ithas been a clearing and cleaning process of all that has never served me and consequently anyone I come into contact with.  It has been an evolutionary process of both rolling with the increasing levels of energy and internal introspection and wrestling. So, at this popint I have to conclude based upon the evidence I have felt that yes, we all do have to learn to respect the different levels of awakening we are at and vibrationally put our heads together for  the common cause of peace, prosperity, and abundance. We are the leaders we have been waiting for. Please continue to help us ascend to the point of complete freedom and galactic citizenship.