Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/9/12 ‘Telepathic Communication’

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Engaging in this sort of communication is not without its complications, its deficiencies and it's difficulties that must be worked on and overcome, just as all of the areas of our operation that entail the call for meeting challenges head-on and defeating them. Sending communications through telepathic means is an art, it is a science, it is an ability that takes practice, determination, experience and proper tools to be able to utilize this method of person to person contact and communication. Here in your world there are individuals who are more gifted at this art than are others, yet many more of you than may realize are capable of this sort of communication. There are many of you that do not understand your present capabilities at this time.


There are those of you who would be able to receive telepathic communications if they applied themselves a little more and worked on certain areas of this technique and ironed out a few bugs. For instance, we have learned that there are those of you who do not fully concentrate when receiving our messages. This is understandable, as this method of communication is new to some of you and does take a little getting used to in the early stages. We suggest to those of you attempting to receive our communications in this way to do whatever it is you can to block out all distraction, all inner monologue, all abstract thought, pictures and images in your mind, sounds and emotions that may be stirring within you. Calm the seas of your inner being as greatly as you can, still the air that swirls inside and all around you.


Find a suitable place to attempt this. Find a quiet place, a place you can darken, as light can be a distraction when you are attempting meditation. It is not entirely necessary to submerge yourself in darkness as there are those of you who can focus and concentrate and block out all surrounding distraction in bright sunshine, even at the beach. We simply suggest this, as when there are those of you who are experiencing difficulties in the early stages of your attempts to receive telepathic communication, we would feel that working on improving your concentration and your focus is necessary and we offer you advice on how to do this. Once you block out as many distractions as you can, try to relax as much as possible. Stay as loose as you can and focus as clearly as you can on nothingness, on stillness, on blackness, allowing a void to be created in the center of your mind. This is the void that we will fill with our message to you. Slowly and carefully we will send you our message, which many of you will be able to comprehend if you work on these few fundamentals.


We are very confident that there are many of you who can receive our messages in this way, or else we would not initialize such a program where telepathic communications to you were necessary. This has been the plan from the beginning, since before you departed on your current journey. You were part of this decision-making process and you felt that you would be able to receive communications in this way and would have no problems in this area. What has changed for you today? Why do you suddenly think that you cannot receive telepathic communication, because you have never received telepathic communications before? You certainly have. All of you have received telepathic communications prior to this, either in past lifetimes or during this, your current incarnation. You are always receiving telepathic communications, you are just not aware of this, and your guides have been communicating with you steadily in some cases for eons of time.


Now today when a message from us needs to get through to you, you believe that you do not possess this ability. We tell you that you do possess this ability, and some of you are very proficient at it, even some of you who today believe you possess no ability to receive communications in this way on any level. We wish you to know this, for we wish you to have more confidence in yourself, for many of you possess abilities beyond your wildest imagination. Some of you are great and powerful beings who have lived many, many years and have experienced a great deal and have acquired tremendous amounts of knowledge, wisdom and advanced understandings. As we have shared with you, all of you are much more than you realize today, and telepathic ability is just one of the many gifts that you possess.


With this said, we will continue our operation where we will send you our telepathic communication, and we ask those of you who may wish to participate in our initial project to construct seawalls to find a quiet place, choose an appropriate time of day or night, and each day or night at that same time sit in quiet, still your mind, focus on nothingness. Try to feel our message being sent to you. Allow our words to fill the empty space that you have cleared in your mind, for that is an appropriate way to explain how our messages would feel in your mind. It would feel as if you created a void and our words got sucked in to this void to gently cross across the face of your mind. Could you imagine this? Try to imagine this. Try to create a blank slate, an empty space, a darkened void, like space with no stars in your mind and gently feel for our words that will like a whisper of wind drift by and through this empty space. This is how we can describe this process, for this is what it feels like for us when you send us your message and it would be no different for you, for as we have said all along we are you, we are just like you, there is no difference, we are the same because we are all one. If we can receive and send telepathic communications then there is no reason you cannot as well. Some things just take a little practice, that's all.


We would like to begin the initial phases of our seawall project and we are very excited and eager to get started, just as many of you have demonstrated throughout your online communities. There will be other projects as well to commence after this project begins, and for those of you not selected or contacted to take part in this initial operation we say do not get down, as there will be many projects and many opportunities to participate in and lend your assistance to changing your world. There is no reason to be down, upset or saddened because you have not been contacted for this first project.  As we have said, this project, though large in scope and importance, does not require a great many hands, as a matter of fact, this project does not require any of you actually, for much is computerized and we, of course, can handle this job ourselves. However, we do not wish to do this. This is your planet, and we want you to take the reins of responsibility and do what it is you can do to turn your planet around and begin to treat her right as she deserves.


There are some of you who seem to believe that this project would be not unlike the building of your Great Wall of China, where thousands upon thousands of individuals would be required to work long hours of backbreaking labor laying block after block. This is not the case at all, as we have explained our computers and our ships will do most of the work, it is just that we wish for you, our brothers and sisters, to take an active role in this and each and every project, for this is very important for the people of this world. It is time for the people of this world to assume leadership roles in the governance and management of your planet, that is all, and we hope we have made ourselves clear on this point today.  


Assuming that a sufficient number of your people have been contacted by the end of next week, we would say that we will begin the initial phases of this project soon following, in a matter of days or a week or so after the last person needed was successfully contacted and their reply was received. There is sufficient time to complete this building project. If there were not sufficient time we would have already begun this project. Please understand that we take great care and have planned our overall mission meticulously, and we would not fail to begin a project leaving an insufficient amount of time to complete it. There have been those of you voicing concern that we may begin this project too late to protect certain areas of your world, and we say to you do not concern yourselves with such notions as we have a very precise schedule that we are maintaining for not only this project, but all of the projects necessary for your world.


As we have said, you are in good hands. We have done this work many times before on many different planets and we are quite skilled and proficient at what we do. Have faith in us. Show the confidence in us that we show for you. That is all we ask, and we feel this is important, as a team is only as good as the confidence they have in themselves. We will leave you with that thought today and say to you we look so forward to meeting your smiling faces when we together finally break through the veil and become one family once again.


Until tomorrow, we are your family of the Galactic Federation of Light.





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Ive spoken on this at times:


A goop filled tank, like being underwater in a pool,sitting cross-legged and drifting to the bottom.


Im sorry, Ive had difficulty with the imagery,being that my other self is in OXY-deprived crysis tank not much bigger than an MRI machine...forgive me but use the imagery if you know what Im talking about. It should help EXTREMELY well in the filtering abilities to help focus you.


Underwater with Dolphins is another example. Or even THICK matter, not even water...


Use this as if THIS ability is a sense, and your other five are cut off..the voices, the messages, the emotions that are outside of me, they will come. Most are wonderful and enlightening..but there are those dark spirits.. sometimes you pick up on others around you by happenstance, so be aware.


Myself included. Im no stranger to using these methods myself, or something similar. I used to have this chair and tech to help, looked like a hair berette, a neural enhancer of sorts. I dont have either these days, but the memories of using both the quiet room and enhancers as well as using the 'gift' usually puts me back into the right mindset and power output.


You dont force this, power (intensity) comes with time and continual use. This is communication, not meditation. Some see this as a whispy AVATAR-like mental link to if that works for you, use it.


Be careful when using this, but there is no harm to you when using these methods.If you see dark imagery, keep rushing back to the present. You may get a headache, but that should be all you get. Try again in a different state of mind, on a light meal, midday in the sun(if you can) should help. Doing this at 2am does not always help.


And to those above:


Yes,Yes, I know. Ive seen some of the models we are working with. You showed me in San Diego a few years back. That Sirian station comes in handy. Please come thru for me, you leave we with so many unanswered issues being down confused as to what happened.

All I want is what Heidi wants right now...a be be with the right people...


..those here in the group are fine, but I meant you people up there.



Maybe the others see differently due to thier circumstances or experiences? I feel cutof with no explaination. Im technically still in the desert, sleeping.



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I can't imagine any thing id enjoy more than working to heal and restore our amazing planet! Count me in!