mixed news (about the radio)

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Our beloved Kevin Smith of KSS Radio passed away about a week ago. It would be grand if we could all pitch in and support Jerry Wills in the new radio show.There is a lot of ET info, ufo followers, research, etc. Not everything makes it to the blogs. Art Bell was once a 80meter ham operator, and yet even he acknowledges the pioneer Kevin Smith. I just think it would be great if we could all pass this info around the circles of people we are with online. These are great people. Jerry and Kathy do healing sessions that really do heal others and have thier share of being chased by MIB and coming out alive. Kevin Smith had at one point live radio feeds, so this isnt just a webcam, these are pros doing what it takes to get on air over the airwaves. Thousands of people already listen in.




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xpiditions.TV is Jerry's main site and area to drop off research he has done so far. Lots of good info from very down to earth Federation civilian. (and he knows he is with us)