November Energy Forecast & Special Offer

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Beloved Readers,

Our Full Moon Workshop last week was without a doubt one of the most powerful so far. And as most often occurs when a huge step forward is taken in positive action, we experience afterwards “the can of worms” such positive action opens for us in the form of doubts and fears, bouts of deep sadness, and feelings of abandonment. powerlessness, anger and resentment that comes with feeling separated from Source. These feelings have been stored over eons of time within the very depths of our sub-conscious and it is normal for them to rise to the surface during these clearing workshops. Remain in the space of acceptance and forgiveness and be willing that your I AM and Higher Self, who is waiting in the wings so to speak, remove them from your energy field, now and forevermore. Remember you are pure Love and Light! This is the ultimate Truth.

You may well be asking yourself by now, “Will we ever reach a point when we have cleared enough?”, and the answer is a resounding YES!! And this tipping point is not so very far in your future Beloved! You may say it is just beyond your horizon or scope of vision at this point, but each day we are getting closer!

I saw a beautiful image of a Parrot in a recent dream, looking very similar to the one in the image above, except with the addition of a bright red color on its body. The Turquoise color is the color attributed to the One Heart ~ or the Sacred Heart ~ and the purest Divine love. Symbolism of the Parrot can be found here, but basically “the Parrot is the gorgeous winged messenger that reflects back to you your words. Take pause in your words (and thoughts) and how you speak them, do they convey your true Self, the best Self, the best you have to offer?”

My guides say:

“Now is not a time to be entertaining your doubts and fears. Your energy is powerful and you can effect great shifts within your reality by engaging more with your Spirit Self and your inner wisdom and less with your ego. Within this month of November, being energetically aligned in the powerful energies of the number 11, it is advisable to remain steadfast and disciplined in keeping your eyes upon your goal to achieving the Oneness within at all times.

The numerical alignment of today being 11.01.11 and the upcoming 11.11.11 day, allow you to move into greater alignment with your inner Divinity through the wisdom and power of the I AM Presence to achieve a deeper understanding (knowing) of what is occurring in and through you in your Light work upon this Earthly plane. This energetic alignment also brings you into greater alignment  and balance within the Divine Masculine and Feminine polarity, uniting you in Oneness with All That Is pure Unconditional Love and healing all that is not.”

Persistence pays Beloved, and soon a breakthrough will be achieved which will leave you astounded as to how far you have progressed when you thought you hadn’t actually made much progress at all.

As the Parrot says, “There is true magic in the power that comes in gaining mastery over your thoughts, words and actions.”

The culmination of this year is building up to a huge breakthough being achieved, so we urge you to stay positive. Use any means necessary, whether that of affirmations, repeating mantra’s, prayers such as the Ho’onopono, breathing techniques to still the mind etc., these are all helping you move in the right direction.

We are here for you as always and remain with you, encouraging you and supporting you in every possible and conceivable way.


To celebrate this beautiful Month of November ~ the Month of Oneness  ~ it is my honor and pleasure to offer you a chance at receiving and energy reading and/or healing from the Blue Ray Master Beings of Light, who have come forward offering you their gifts. If it is your wish, please CLICK HERE to visit the blog post to make your choice.

We love you so very much and wish you a Magical Journey of Love throughout this month of November.


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