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The World is Your Oyster!

Dear Readers,

Where to begin? It’s taken me an entire week to finally sit down and record this feedback on our last workshop held together, which was on Monday the 18th. One of our attendees said for her it was the most powerful so far! And so it has been. The energetic shifts can’t all happen within the allotted time of the live workshop, and therefore are felt over a period of time as integration takes place within our morphogenic field.

Our morphogenic field is a basically a field of resonance that we are in the process of co-creating in every moment. What we put into it, is what we get out of it. It creates our reality, our living experience. It is impersonal, meaning it gives us the reality of our choosing. The Point of Power attunement which we received during the worskhop, helps to establish a field of higher resonance, and Daniela’s inner journey exercise helps to uncover and clear all that we no longer wished to continue to (auto) create.

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Beloved Readers,

Our Full Moon Workshop last week was without a doubt one of the most powerful so far. And as most often occurs when a huge step forward is taken in positive action, we experience afterwards “the can of worms” such positive action opens for us in the form of doubts and fears, bouts of deep sadness, and feelings of abandonment. powerlessness, anger and resentment that comes with feeling separated from Source. These feelings have been stored over eons of time within the very depths of our sub-conscious and it is normal for them to rise to the surface during these clearing workshops. Remain in the space of acceptance and forgiveness and be willing that your I AM and Higher Self, who is waiting in the wings so to speak, remove them from your energy field, now and forevermore. Remember you are pure Love and Light! This is the ultimate Truth.

You may well be asking yourself by now, “Will we ever reach a point when we have cleared enough?”, and the answer is a resounding YES!! And this tipping point is not so very far in your future Beloved! You may say it is just beyond your horizon or scope of vision at this point, but each day we are getting closer!


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Beloved Readers,

Yesterday I was invited to attend a very laid back church with a friend. It was lovely, we sang songs and the atmosphere was very relaxed and happy. The main sermon, if you can call it that, had to do with fasting. I had to smile, and I could almost perceive a smile on my I AM’s face at that subject, because don’t we all use food as a form of resistance and comfort when things are becoming a little challenging for us? I know I do. I will sit down to write a blog or decide to spend time in meditation and my human mind/ego will suggest something like, “Let’s have a nice cup of tea…… wish we had biscuits….!” It’s a classic with me. My I AM just smiles and says “It’s okay, tomorrow is another day!” The main thing is not to beat yourself up, forgive yourself because you are human! It’s human nature to resist something that it considers not within its ‘normal’ safe space.

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