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Lost in the city, you can tell the city apart by its foot prints

 But you can learn so much as you walk in this city. Noaefame

The master said to her, “I know you have been getting conflicting messages lately, there are many voices out there. The voices that want me to slow down and those voices that want me to show up.  Fortunately, I can do both. I can show up and can also slow down. The one good thing about me  is that I understands when to stay away. Right now, we are in the process of moving come this June.  It has been a long, longest time of my life. It has been a year that I will not really forget. It has been me, our children, and  husband, and all the things no one will ever know. But now, who are you, Will ? There are many of you? What  do I know, and who do I run away from. I can tell you the confusion was coming from this universe thing. I do not know what to trust, which to run from  . I want something new. I hate the same old thing that has slowed the whole world down. But you are the most amazing hearts I have ever known. But you can guide me. You are amazing.