One Heart, One Mind, One Body

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by April Bender (via the Divine Mother)
Dear One,
I am your mother, the birther and nurturer of Life, and as such I live, move, breathe and have my very being in you just as surely as you live, move, breathe and have your being within me.
Just as aspects of your body (cells, organs, tissues, blood), live, move, breathe and have their being within you – you live, move, breath and have your being within them. Do you see? There are many I's, many focal points and points of perception, and many concentric circles of higher intelligence within the One. Many various levels of clustered intelligence, information, consciousness, form – LIFE.
There are many different intelligent forms and/or orders of life (seen and unseen) that make up your body and subtle bodies, just as there are many intelligent forms of life that make up mine. We all exist within one heart, one mind, one vast intelligent creator being or point of consciousness we know as Source/All That Is, and yet we are the vast intelligent creator beings known as “gods” to those points of intelligence that have an aspect of life or being within us (our bodies and fields) that are striving to become actualized in their own way. And they in turn, encompass many overlapping realities and points of interface with other intelligent forms of life – all striving towards greater states of harmony.


I wish for you to know this, to feel this as part of your experience so that you may more fully understand just how loved, supported, and connected you truly are, and that you never ever walk alone or are separate. You are held, loved, and cherished beyond measure as you are an integral link in the greater chain/web of Life. Think of all those beings/orders of life that live, move, and are able to be simply because YOU ARE. Therefore, never under estimate your value! And do not come to under estimate theirs or take them for granted.

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