Our Universe

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An ocean so deep you cannot reach the bottom. 

A sky so high you will never reach the top.
This universe, the great mystery! 

Dimensions behind that we do not know of 
and dimensions to come that we could not dream of.


Death is a word created by man and misunderstood by man. 
It is a closed door to the ‘real world’.


Love is an emotion named by man and understood by man. 
It is an open door to the ‘real world’.



The essence of life can only be found 
within your own Being. 

It is you who holds the key to life’s mysteries 
and the door resides within you.



Live life like a tree; let the trees be a role 
model for you and something for you to aspire to.


Trust, Faith, Hope and Love. 

Always Trust, have faith and hope 
and always be open to love.




Thank You

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I really reasonate with your words.

I have printed it out and taped it on the wall behind my computer.


Thank you again and I look forward to your next blog.

Thank you

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Thats so awesome to hear! Thanks so much for letting me know. Have a great day! :))