prayer requests

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If one of you has a list, I would be glad to link into it. is mine.


1) There is another out this way. As glad as my time serving alongside him has been, I must depart ways with him and head back to the Federation and its ways and councils and worlds. He, however, may be joining some of you on many levels and places with the work yet to finish here. He is well known and although I dont specifically mention his name for obvious security reasons, many of you know about him. He is the reason I brought up the SEAL thing the other day.


(Please dont let me catch anyone disrecpecting them...I do not take lightly to this.Not one bit.)


He will be staying until the end. He is not doing well. Continued infection is setting in and he needs some help. The doctors here we are told to use as veterans are a joke.Last i heard he was heading for another clinic or hospital. This was some weeks ago.


I need to speak with him, I only had a brief moment a short time ago and he was half dazed due to oral surgery. I know how that can be. Ive been there many times. We need to go over a few topics, he has some of my hardware I can now use if some can finish finding me a place to stay.

Im still in waiting game.


2)  Im more in question as to why she is apart from me right now. Mayhaps a change in personal image is in will see what i mean in a second.


This is deeply personal to me.This is one I care for deeply.


The second entity Ive deeply cared for (mascot, if some of you will), is not with me. She has some issues she needs help with and I am concerned about her. Heidi needs to come back to me.I was most happy in care of her and only wanted the best for her, I think she saw that.

Despite what she has been thru, she is very open and happy most of the time. Id like her to come back to be with me up and thru the end. I think she deserves this. She deserves to be happy and safe.


As Ive said, I believe she represents another being Ive helped along the way. It would make my day to day easier if she came back from those that have been keeping care of her this past year.


As all of you have said, love is important.


Thank you.