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Hey brothers and sister from GFP, I am writing this forum due to the recent earthquake that just occurred two days ago in my homeland Nepal. Nepal is a small country and with their current situation it will take them many years to rebuild what they have lost. Many temples and ancient structures have been demolished by the 7.9 earthquake and the death toll as for now is currently at 4000. The politicians are fighting with each other for the greed of money still has a hold on their actions and they completely ignore the dying children in need of that very money. Don't get me wrong, the Nepali people are the most compassionate beings ever, they can not even hurt a fly. But they do need your help, your Love & Light and now I am so grateful that Facebook has allowed people to donate to the cause. Please brothers and sisters of the Galactic Free Press, I plead for your help and ask all of you to include Nepal and its people in your meditations. 

Pray For Nepal