The Proof You Need Lies Within Your Hearts: Pleiadian Message, channeled by Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 8, 2013


We are the guardians of light.  We come to you today where all matters pertaining to the heart are of the greatest importance.

It is time to gather yourselves in balance, and in light as you go within on a daily basis, if not more.  Your connection with spirit, and the essence of your true identity is now being made known to many of you, as your awakening is proceeding at an accelerated rate.

Within these new-found realizations coming to you now, many are eager to know more, and you often ask for physical proof as to what the higher realms are showing you.  Dear ones, we say to you in all sincerity, the proof you need lies within your hearts.  It is only from within shall you completely align with the truth of what is, and it is you, the creator human, who choses what to do with the information you receive in manifesting and creating your reality.

If you chose to manifest a reality of distrust regarding what is occurring within you, or from the information you receive from the higher realms, then you will draw this to you.  If you chose to go deep within your hearts, and allow this divine process to lovingly unfold within you, then this too, will become your reality.

The information from the higher realms regarding the truth of who you are, and what you came here to do is truth, but it is your choice on how you decide to align with this truth, or not.

Dearest ones of Gaia, release your hold on the need to analyze and dissect every ounce of information which comes to you, for this is not the way of trust or faith. Trust that your divine plan is unfolding, and it shall with your greatest good in the forefront at all times.

Many of you have been undergoing the awakening process for quite some time while others are just beginning to do so.  We ask that you unite your hearts in trust and faith for the best outcome in this ascension process not only for yourselves, but for each and every individual upon your beautiful planet, and for Gaia as well.

All souls will awaken, although at different intervals and time frames because each is on a different path to enlightenment.  We ask you to allow this process to unfold within you.  Allow this to occur, and above all, have faith in your beautiful selves, and all the glorious changes that are indeed occurring at this time, even as you read these words.

Everything you need to know for your spiritual evolution will be divulged in good time, and at the exact moment which is best for you.  Thus, this will enable you to proceed accordingly as Lightworkers, and Starseeds, and whole heartedly continue with your mission here at this time.  We ask for patience.  The light is coming, it is here, and there is no stopping it now.

During this period of your awakening, there will be ups and downs.  Moments of pause, followed by energized acceleration, and we again ask you to remain balanced and centered within the heart of Gaia, and within your own hearts as well.  Find peace within. It is there you will find perfect alignment with your truth, and it will greatly help you in the assimilation of change and rapid awakening that is now upon you.

We salute you, and you have our deepest affections, each and everyone one of you dear souls.  We are your brothers and sisters, we are the Galactic Federation.

Farewell for now.