Quantum Excitement: A Detailed Update on the Energies

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by April Bender (via Higher Self)
As the Solstice Fires of Ascension (crystalline energies) continue to pervade every dimensional level of existence connected to and throughout your world, much of the foundational quanta or energy particles that make up these fields of existence have over these last few weeks, become more and more excited. As a result, these quantum particles are popping, morphing and/or reconfiguring themselves into yet a new field of heightened potential and expression.
This quantum “excitement” is occurring due to the following reasons / catalysts: the rapid influx of crystalline energies now entering your world, the imprinting work of the Master's on / in this energy, ongoing individual shifts into higher or unity consciousness, the collective's overall slow but steady shift in awareness, consciousness shifts taking place in other worlds connected to yours, and the inherent programming / activations stemming from the Galactic Central Sun.


Therefore, many interlocking fields within fields or standing waves, that make up the most basic foundations of life / consciousness on your world and /or that are connected to your world, are yet again experiencing a massive shift / upgrade. If you have not noticed already, this process is cyclical and moves in accordance with the spiral of evolution and the organic rhythms of earth herself as reflected in the movement of the stars, tides, and seasons. Each pass through creating a heightened experience / foundation for the next. Growing in intensity and potency until the moment of culmination.
The current upgrade which began in earnest at the Winter Solstice, while pervasive and ongoing, can already be seen, felt, and/or experienced to some degree in the following domains:


  • Individual Fields and Their Subtle Bodies 
  • Earth's Ley-grid System
  • Higher Collective Mind / Web of Life
  • The Four Elements
  • The Seven Rays / Flames of Creation
  • Experience of Time / Space
  • In our Relationships with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms
  • In our Human to Human Interactions


Let us take a brief look at each so that others may recognize these signs and their monumental implications.