Rejoice With Us: Pleiadian Message, Channeled through Caroline K.A.

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Posted April, 16, 2013


We are with you, as we have  told you many times before, and we will continue to do so until you understand, and believe, you do not have to do any of this alone.

You see dear hearts, for far too long you have believed you were separate, not only from each other, but from your creator self, and from God.  The veil is gone now. Allow love and truth to flow freely into every fiber of your being.  Allow this grand love to restore eternal peace within you, and to heal all wounds, not only for you, as individuals, but for the collective as well, and for Gaia.

You are feeling an increased connection to your Galactic brothers and sisters, as well as your brothers and sisters of Gaia.  You are connected to all life, to the loving energy of all that is, and this dear ones, many of you, if not the majority, are feeling now as it rapidly grows inside of you with every breath you take.

Never again shall you separate yourselves from the love and light which abundantly surrounds you, for you are drawn to it like a magnet, and to all others who are of this heart nature, because you are light.

Never again shall you feel "alone", even when you feel sorrow, or despair, and you will feel this, among many other feelings and emotions as you continue your inner work.  Ask us for help, and understand at this time you are doing some of your most difficult work within the shadows of self.  This is where your deepest, darkest wounds lie, and they will remain there until you decide when to bring them out into the light for healing, and release.

Separateness from God, and hidden truths regarding the beauty which lies within you, has played a major role in your immersion within the  illusion. This kept you trapped and small.  Feelings of not being good enough, unworthy of being loved, and especially unworthy of being loved by God, rapidly became your truth.

Often enough, it was easier to succumb to fear, and having experienced the convoluted standards within the many societies you have all lived in over many lifetimes, this fear kept you safe within the confines of its distorted beliefs.   God became a wrathful God to many who punished his people for not being good enough.  This is not a God of Love. You were tremendously mislead in believing this was so.

Dear ones, you are worthy of love, of being loved and most importantly, you are worthy of God's love.  You are loved unconditionally. You are strong and brave, and you have made tremendous strides.  We ask you to rejoice with us in the tremendous advancement you have all made, and will continue to do so as your ascension process continues, and takes you into the next stages which are literally upon you, as you read these words.

Dear hearts, we are your brothers and sisters.  We ask you to rejoice with us! Celebrate love, celebrate your awakening as you begin to see clearly, all who you are, and all who you are capable of becoming as divine creators, and beings of light.

We ask you to reach out to your star family.  Communicate with us, and talk to us.  We will hear you.  Open your hearts dear ones, and we say this to you now with great urgency in our voices.  Open your hearts to us, and trust.

The time has come for us to join hands in unity, and love.  The time has come for an end of separateness, and to rejoice with us in this wonderful reunion with you, dear hearts, our Family of Light.

We are the Galactic Federation, and we are here for you.  May you go in peace, and farewell for now.



Rejoice With Us, Pleiadian Message

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Your very welcome, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kind words. Thank you! So happy to do this.