repost (review? of events yet to come?)

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Maybe this is what Mike and SaLuSa are referencing? I know there are some ..(Ill put it this way. ) God gives you both good and bad.He shows you what you dont want or shouldnt be like so you can learn to avoid it. Life isnt all happy cheery. Theres always hope. The LOVE and LIGHT are there. Supposed to learn something.


ITs up to us what to make of it. SO the posting and whatnot about 'this isnt me..this doesnt belong...'. Everything BELONGS. But I suppose you meant theory or based on fact, hey we have recorded unknowns, large unknowns around the sun by NASA...ships blinking(it looks like morse from down here) in various areas..and more and more I see, a very very large group of help from above.


More and more that join this or that site, the more help I see. But you get handed some real DUZZIES and handbaskets full of muck long long before you get the goodies. People back home should know that one well. TOO WELL. Our freedom came at nearly being wiped out.


I may not know HOW or Y I am here. But I can say Commander Ashtar speaks the truth.  And I miss that TREK-like existance. Whatever is HERE is TOO BIG to pass up.


I think SANDY should be a strong enough reminder of this. There will be other storms. ITS WINTER..NEW YORK? you kidding me? Snow at least up to your knees. REPEATEDLY. ITs already averaging the 30s.


Where are we going to pack up and go to if not taken above? RAPTURE? NO, (I think, to touch on this before I go for now...)RESCUED is more like it. A moving shelter for some...home for others, transport for those going afar once more. This planet will be re-inhabited. It will be rebuilt.


Its taking nearly everthing I have just to maintain this link with the rest of you. I hope something happens soon. Im sick and tired of the CRAP on this world.





Are you the lucky ones who READ Asthar's message?

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Who is lucky enough, loved enough by God, enlightened enough to have had the privilege of reading these words on the Internet? (Knock, knock...)

Dear Jazz, and others,

Although almost everything in that message could be true, possibilities, IF it was really going to happen, do you really believe that it would not be brought to everyone's attention via television or other means?

Yes, it was a possibility many years ago but we know better now, our loving hearts and expanded consciousness decided otherwise. So do not fear because there is nothing to fear.

Should we need to be lifted up from toxic fires and flooding, they would not have to land their ships and get injured themselves. They have technology for that. And they would not start with "light souls" first and then children and then whoever is still enough within the beam! And we would not be limited to 15 minutes. That is completely and utterly nonsense. We are all of the light, all equally loved.

So should this be happening, we will all be notified ON TIME, and in no way will anyone be left unaware and without time to prepare. 

We were told enough already that Mother Earth does not plan to leave her children in misery or suffering and wants to bring all of us in her transition. Whether or not we will "survive" on Gaïa is not subjective to exterior help but to individual choice through love and degree of consciousness.

Thank you and have a smooth transition everyone.