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Summary of Brenda’s March 4, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at / brenda-hoffman:  Even though some of you have created your earth dream, others are discovering, as are we, that your 3D training was more powerful than expected. So it is that you are either just beginning to allow yourself the childlike freedom to be or expecting that your newly discovered childlike power will create what you want. The earth is undergoing a similar transition – from micro to macro – daring to acknowledge it’s power without directives or input from humanity.

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Dear Ones,

Even though the earth changes seem to affect you, they are not. Many remain frightened of what ‘they’ can do to you whether they are world leaders or shifts within the earth itself.

Your fear is that you can be joyous within yourself until – a world war begins, the rain destroys crops, a family member experiences pain, and on and on.

You continue to place a cap on your joy, “I can be happy unless this happens.”

No amount of fear, worry or angst will change anything. And it never really has – other than magnetizing that fear to you.And you no longer have the power to do even that.

If you remember, your complete paint/emotional palate continues to contain fear and anger colors – those colors are just more drab, more fleeting than was true for the 3D fear eons.

It is becoming more and more difficult for you to emphasize fear.

Even though you may try to return to your 3D fear mode of, “If this happens, then my life will be terrible.” Such is no longer completely possible.

Granted, a few pieces of fear may continue to rattle around within your being – displayed by the angst and fear you feel about politics, war or earth’s shifting. But those fear pieces are becoming less dominant as you accept that you truly are in a new world of joy.

In the past, your fears became your reality for you had little power in a world of fear to reduce or eliminate those fears with joy. Your joy was dulled to the point where joy was almost considered a miracle.

Now that you are learning to fully express joy and love, the same will be true for your fears. You have completed your fear-based lives. It is time to experience the same depth of feeling in joy. So it is that your current fears are unfounded.

Indeed, if you can create what you want in joy and are having more and more difficulty creating in fear, your life cannot continue to be the quagmire of pain that was true for eons.

Such a shift is more difficult than you realize. For if your earth life for eons has been to emphasize and live in fear, your transition to expecting and living in joy will likely require some internal adjustments.

Just as would be true if you were living on the streets scavenging for food and given twenty million dollars. At first, you would question the reality of that gift for it would seem too good to be true. Then you would have to shift your perceptions, beliefs and actions from a daily search for food and shelter to having more than you could possibly consume. So it is for you now.

You have lived impoverished lives on earth until now. Granted, it was your choice and you may have experienced power and/or joy in one or more lifetimes. But that power and joy were limited to the amount of joy allowed throughout the globe and those karmic pieces you wished to resolve.

Your karmic fear slate is wiped clean. You joy paintbox is dominant and extremely colorful. Allow that to be knowing that what is projected by those wishing or continuing to live in fear will not be your life – for you are in a different place.

Does that mean you will not have physical ailments or you will become a millionaire overnight? Perhaps. Your life is becoming filled with joy however that phrase speaks to you.

You will likely experience some pain or fear for those dulled colors continue to be part of your paint palate. But that pain or fear will be as fleeting as joy was in your previous earth lives.

There are many concepts in your new you transition that are easy to listen to but difficult for you to fully understand and therefore internalize.

Your dominant joy palate is what you are now addressing. For even though you sense you are transitioning, you continue to conceptualize your future on many worst-case scenarios.

Such is to be expected given the number of earth lives you lived in fear. Know deep within your being that joy is now your dominant experience. With that knowledge, address your current fears to determine how a different perspective shifts your life.

Returning to your global fears – know that world leaders are being bombarded with the same energies as you. Know that the earth is also shifting from pain and fear to joy. Know that you cannot nor do you wish to control earth. And most likely, you are not a world decision-maker. Your fear is based on what might happen even though you have no input in those decisions.

Then know that the most beneficial action for you, all earth entities and the earth is to change your thought and belief emphasis from fear to joy. Doing so will do more for clearing global fears than any other action.

Change your beliefs and thoughts so those in power positions are bombarded with love and joy from the Universes – and you. Live in joy to help those who wish to but do not know how. Your example will provide them with something/someone to emulate.

Fear was spread throughout the earth in the same fashion. You do not suppose the first earth humans woke up in fear. It was a learned experience. So it is now. Observations, interactions, and positive thoughts will shift all earth entities. Ongoing fear of what could happen fuels and extends your fear-based lives.

Allow yourself to dream and expect the best outcome in all situations – and so it will be forever more. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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