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Hello Everyone! Today/Tonight I want to Write about Solutions. In particular, what we need for the betterment and with great care in how we manage “With Money” Because it is one of the Power Structures In Place, by which trade is the Norm to live and have access to all we need for our well being and Service to Others.


So with that said… I am trying to Find Solutions concerning how we will get to a Stable Place in time, with Income for food, and supplies + Being in Service to Others… All in all, able to get the right amount of Time in our WorkSpace and with Functions of Developments and so on - By Channeling or giving out Readings and Publishing Books, to say the Least.


Trading Art’s for Money - Which could go in Nicely by Adding a Reading or Message concerning whomever wants to have (A Package) to say the Least for our Rendered Service in Exchange for a Donation.


If some of you would be Interested, as Popularity was not one of my Main Focuses, Concerning the work that I was Doing, Plus Developments… So in these times Remember to put yourselves in Greater Alignments with the Whole, by Being in Service, and Doing something that is (Concerning your Life’s Purpose Here on Earth - Or Above if you work with Guides and Angels). Doing Something that will Serve you Back in Time.


Remember, Keep a Good Eye Out, for what we Learn and Remember in Times, by Accentuating - The partial Grid Structures which are in Place by the Lower Groups on this Planet. Being the folks who keeps on repeating the same old energetic patterns.


The Cycles which are Implemented in All Structures - DO COME, TO AN END at one point or Another. So to be Clear in this, have and Take the TIME to HEAL and REGENERATE from Processes that would Usually bring you to a Greater Halt, in how or what you Wish to do, and Achieve. Grounding and Meditation is by far, a good way to make Inner Connections (Acknowledgements) of where you Should Begin or Go Next on your Paths to Awakening and Also, being in Service to Others.


Goodbye, Have a Great Day/Night, I shall come back when the Time Asks for It!




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About Me; I am a Being who has Gone through the Void, and what some call 3 days of Darkness or Dark Night of the Soul. And by Having Experiences with E.T.s and Other Beings Up in the Sky with their Craft's - Localised a Process for our Ascension (Planetary Whole).


I am but Simply a Child (E.T. Soul) on this Earth Plane, who is Bringing on About - Disclosures, and Processes by which beings can have for Amelioration, or Surplice to say, advance them Either by Guidance or Joy and Apertures for their Soul Contracts & Opening up Their Third Eye / Amelioration for Intuition and as others would say in times Reminiscence to Other Place in the Universe (Or on Earth) Being the Times in which we can view (See) in Parallels or either a Ground up Assisted Simulation for a Core Structural Energetic Compound (For the Associates - Assistance).