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Hello Everyone! Today/Tonight I want to Write about Solutions. In particular, what we need for the betterment and with great care in how we manage “With Money” Because it is one of the Power Structures In Place, by which trade is the Norm to live and have access to all we need for our well being and Service to Others.


So with that said… I am trying to Find Solutions concerning how we will get to a Stable Place in time, with Income for food, and supplies + Being in Service to Others… All in all, able to get the right amount of Time in our WorkSpace and with Functions of Developments and so on - By Channeling or giving out Readings and Publishing Books, to say the Least.


Trading Art’s for Money - Which could go in Nicely by Adding a Reading or Message concerning whomever wants to have (A Package) to say the Least for our Rendered Service in Exchange for a Donation.


Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Vulnerability

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Angel Wisdom Monday, June 10, 2013


It takes great courage to dare to open your heart and allow your true self to be exposed and yet it is this very energy that leads you to the rewards of being completely free. To be vulnerable is a sign of great inner strength, for you know that you truly are safe and that there is no need for protection. There is no need for masks and barriers when you bravely step forward and let your true self emerge and let others see your divineness.

Have patience and don't try to force things to happen, allow them to unfold in their own natural way, like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, you are ready to fly. Unmask your heart and be open as this allows you to empathize, be compassion and to love, truly, madly and deeply.  It shows you a path to a better way and it is a journey only for the brave. Dare to be vulnerable as it is indeed a sign of great strength and completeness.

Affirmation: "As I bring down my barriers and dare to be vulnerable, I find I am stronger and more able to love and give of myself completely and unconditionally."

And so it is.

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels


to readers of this blog......

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self discipline = genuine inquiry into that which motivates you to make the choices you make everyday throughout the day.To actively and consistently inquiry into that which brings up feelings that you know the ego would rather not encounter. from this you align from your emotional ego centered body to your heart = soul and the more unconditionally willing you are to remain open to learn from your experience the more rooted in love you become , it is in this continual rooting of love that you integrate the absolute fearless logical heart focused being that you are = all and through this awareness you live a life that is ruthlessly compassionately in love with the truth of yourself += all that is. its a never ending process of being the love you are and making choices that benefit not only you but the all simultaneously constantly forever.

A message from the Galactic Federation of Light ~ 10/3/12 We are Here to Help~

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We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


Photo of Cloud Ships Will Harader


There is nothing new to report at this time, the Dark Cabal are continuing to be rounded up.


Keep an eye on your News programmes to see for yourself that these occurrences are actually taking place.

However, we would just like to make clear something that has recently been brought to our attention. There seems to be quite a bit of dispute between the inhabitants of Earth who have awakened feeling that they are here to undertake their missions by themselves with no outside assistance, and those who are welcoming our offer of help and support.


Yes, you all signed contracts agreeing to come to Earth to assist with the Earths ascension to the 5th dimension, but it was always a role of assisting. We would not send you all to Earth, unawakened and unaware, and expect you all to just fend for yourselves.


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