Speech of a Pleiadian Starseed: I am part of the Alliance on Earth.

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I am no one in power, no one known to others. I am just of a different kind, the lonely cold skin kind, a kind called Starseeds. I woke up in my teenage years, remembering that I had a mission, remembering that I came from beyond far from another star. As I grew up, I developed abilities non normal to Humans, such as knowing their minds, Astral Projections and Access to memories of the past. I realized that I had a Mission; I knew that there were Aliens Forces out there who were trying to save the Human race, forces that are fighting the Dark ones rulers of this planet. I realized that I was an assigned a mission and it was to inform Galactic Knowledge and History of our Kind the Pleiadians.

When we look back in time, this planet was a library of life. A planet where species from different parts of the galaxy would contribute their existence together, survives, and spiritually evolve away from the Star Wars. If we look back in time, this Star system was reached and became part of the Star Battles; it was taken over by the Dark Forces. Our ancestors tried hard to defend it, heroes who sacrificed their fleet’s battle after battle, but it was lost. We did not win, Now the new owners are still ruling keeping their existence unknown to humanity but operating the planets control by a hybrid or artificial race we call rulers of the planet nations, called The Illuminati.

The Illuminators are more of what Humans think. Any Human would be so arrogant to believe that a leader of the nations in power will shape shift into a Serpent. These Dark forces will plan anything manipulative for the people in order to start war and kill mass of Humans to feed from them. There are nuclear weapons on the planets crust ready to launch and detonate, but one operative fact is that my ancestors I call Family of Light are not just fighting the Serpent forces in the reaches of the galaxy, they have not forgotten us after they lost this planet and the Human race. They are also here trying to de- active the Electromagnetic Net that has sealed off the planet for a long time since it was taken and enslaved. My Family of Light I remember to be named Plejarens will do anything to neutralize those nuclear weapons. The Illuminati have no match in power against the Star Alliances, there are many in Moon Net working to shut down this Dark Forces from  the inside, the more Humans know, the more they realize, the more they realize the more are unplugged, the more they are unplugged the more weaker gets the Illuminati.

The defeat happens little by little, the enemy retreat happens little by little. The Family of Light does a little work, little by little to have no effect against Humans, but the Illuminati gets weaker, and weaker. The weaker it gets the Serpents loose power over the Galaxy. This may sound so crazy and insane to many people. I have no intentions in changing people’s minds; I can only Say Help our Star Brothers for them to Help Us. I am here, waiting for their mass arrival……. Pleiadians I know you’re outhere, and No One Believe Us!!


By Starseed Jesse Loya




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Illuminati comes from above as from below as within earth and the moon from what I understand, their groups are humans as illuminist working with extraterrestrials haha, might be just a way to set levels or cover ups the ones we see everyday or know to the ones in the background, working within secrecy, deep within earth and the moon. Great technologies and experiments are performed and lots of it is not 100% good haha. I'm sure there are other groups to within that are working for the better and not just power and experiments. Just take this as a belief because thats all I can say. pieces of the great puzzle have many scatered pieces and some are unimportant but, makes you think and wonder haha peace