Water Color Painting

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Water Color Painting

I recently started water color painting and it is alot of fun so far. I enjoy creating something new or trying to use something as a model like a flower arrangement. If anyone has any tips feel free to share! I would like to see what others have to say.

Tao of Jonathon
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Trust your heart...♥

Aricalove......Trust your heart on this. Try not to judge and compare yourself with others. That can be discouraging. Too many people don't try because they are afraid of failing ! I have been an Artist/sculptor for many years. I do not do water colors because I am so conditioned in oils and acrylics. Learn what you can about watercolors and let your heart guide you....♥


And have fun............♪♪...♥

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In Iceland people make art

In Iceland people make art for fun, they say they don't care if it is not a master piece they just enjoy making stuff. That in itself is beautiful

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Thank you so much!! Love art

Thank you so much!! Love art and music :)

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