what happened to us?

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If you can't hear it properly, here is the text.

Oh this is me, btw, with an original poem, that keeps changing names... Enjoy!

© RWMK2506 11.16.2013

What I said:

It's illigal cause they can't control it,
it's illigal cause they can't observe it.
It is against the law cause they tell us so,
it is against the law cause it's not the norm

what happened to the freedom of speech and thinking for yourself
To say the things without being prosecuted
to do the things without being frowned upon

that it is okay to be different
to be more capable with your hands than your brain
that it is okay to be creative and outspoken in the arts
more than you do with numbers and equations

we don't need to be all doctors
we don't need to be all scientists
lawyers or politicians

what we need is common scense, general knowledge
and an urge to stay curious that we are passionate about! 
Whatever happened to that spark?

Our children need to be children
they need to have the ability to run, get dirty, and play tag
in gardens, parks, and the neighbourhoods
without supervision and the extra set of eyes

We can't put people in boxes an label them all the time
we are humans, we are divers and we have our own opinions
start taking that away, we become soulless beings, and life won't be the same
cause that is how we were born

Whether you worship in God, Allah, believe in multiple deities
came from the primordial soup or made up from alien DNA
We were all created!

Taking this away is playing God
Tajking this away is interfering with the precious gift given
which is called life

We go to war to bring peace
we kill to bring life
since when did that became okay?
since when did that justify the means?

It became the norm to hurt, pollute
destroy and ingnore the earth
it became the norm to put it on the future generations

"I don't care", "Not my business" and "not my problem"
became the standart to the questions we don't want answering

Do care
make it your business
and make it your problem

cause the future is how we treat another!