Your Shadow Self: Pleiadian Message Channeled through Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 10, 2013


We have a message for you dear ones, and it is a message of truth regarding a deep part of you which many may chose to ignore, but we say to you, time is running out. This cannot be hidden or ignored, no matter how hard you try, for much longer.

As your awakening rapidly progresses, your Shadow Self will summon you often.  It's secrets have lain dormant for many years, and over many lifetimes.  As you progress further into the light, the shadows of self are surfacing more frequently, and for this reason, as another topic of great importance, we wish to speak with you regarding your Shadow Self.

Within each and every one of you lies a dark side, this is your Shadow Self, and it is a part of you some would rather not acknowledge, especially at the level of profundity which is required, and why would you? Why would you bring forth darkness when you have been striving so hard, and so diligently in the bringing forth of light into your lives, into the lives of others, and to Gaia?

We say to you, not only is your light, and your heart center a most important aspect of self, but equally important is the Shadow Self which is also a part of you.  Within the shadows of self lie great truths which have remained hidden, and secluded within the dark prison of forgetfulness and very often, denial.

It is there dear ones where you will find healing and grace.  It is there you will understand the origin of the convoluted misconceptions which made up your existence over many lifetimes, as you struggled to breathe freely in a world of illusion, and false belief systems.

Let us be clear.  Although the concept of bringing forth darkness may seem confusing to some, and as we begin to discuss it here, let it be known the dark side of you dear ones, is a significant key to the opening of doors which have prevented you from embracing, and BEing the most radiant essence of your divinity, and light.  Darkness will turn into light.

Each day, many of you advance along your spiritual paths in the most miraculous of ways, and may we remind you, each and every one of you are all on the same path to enlightenment, only at different intervals, and within different time frames, but no one is immune to the shadows of self.

Regardless of how enlightened one is or the amount of knowledge one has acquired over the duration of their journey, there is always work to be done.  Most often the hardest work of all lies within the shadows, and this must be attended to in order for each soul to truly access the entire truth of who they are.

You cannot yet fathom the beauty, the love and light you are all holding within your being, nor the immense quantities that are still yet to come.  You are love!  This love is so great, so powerful there is nothing you can't do, and this we mean in direct reference to meeting face to face, with your Shadow self.  This is not an easy task, but it is essential in your ascension process for further spiritual growth, as individuals, and as a collective.

For this reason, among others, we urge you to go deep within, farther than you have ever ventured before.  Be brave dear ones! We are with you.  Meet your Shadow Self.  Meet the old, decrepid wounds which lie there; fear distrust, and a myriad of emotional and spiritual plagues which have kept the beauty of your soul from fully embracing it's truth.

We say to you, gather courage, for the path to ascension is not for the faint of heart, and you who are reading these words now, and who are understanding the meaning of them from within your hearts, also understand the importance of what we are saying.

The Shadow Self, however dark or foreboding it may seem is a most important aspect in your ascension work for it is a very real aspect of you.  Once you confront the shadows, from heart centered mindfulness, and truly feel the pain, and the origin of where they came from, only then can you release them forever, and they will no longer be yours to carry.

You are of a new light now, with greater consciousness, and heart in all that you  do.  The releasing of old wounds, many of which have emotionally, and spiritually tortured you for numerous life times will set you free, and your truth will be restored.  You will have retrieved the lost pieces which make up the complete puzzle, the entireness of you, and this will bring a joyous reunion with your beautiful sense of self, and with the immense love which has surrounded you for eternities.

You are so loved, and appreciated, each and every one of you. We are with you always in love, and light.

We, the Galactic Federation, and the Company of Heaven, hope with all sincerity, you also feel within your hearts the grand love we have for you. Our hearts are full of love and joy, and this dear friends, is the greatest truth of all.

May you go in peace. Farewell for now.