Natural State of Ascension Acceleration Now

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LOTS of changes in the physical and in the non-physical of our very personal Selves.  Heads are foggy and floating.  Out of alignment things Gaia continually is rearranging and aligning (with Great JOY) with her new platform and octave.  The Sun sending always sending in massive amounts of energies with loving spectacular seeming random displays of brilliant bursts of Light, each with a special sacred Fire Code of Enlightenment for all.  Balance...difficult at best at this time as we are being taken apart, rewired, upgrade and there is no putting back...this is continual!  We are like learning how to tap dance, chew gum, sing opera, listen to mathematical problem solving, while keeping an eye on an illusionary solid object!  We are quite amazing!


Holy Energy, Batman!

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I'm feeling weird today. I think that I knew something was up yesterday, that there was a lot more energy. I was hesitant to take a personal day so soon into the year... but I did and went shopping with my sister. We got frozen yogurt and it was delicious. I think that's why I didn't notice anything yesterday. I was having fun and my vibrations were higher. Today, though, I am sitting in my cubicle and my heart feels like it's a ballon in my chest. It makes it uncomfortable and a little hard to breathe, but it's not something that I'm afraid of. Synchronistically, a little after feeling this I saw the Earth Allies' message about the energy of today. Just before this feeling in my chest, I was insanely aware of myself. I was sitting in my chair, I mean really sitting there and just taking everything in. I can feel it coursing through me and it is intense. It's overwhelming. It's exhilarating. This is the start of something new. New ideas. New hopes. New dreams. New reality. It's coming, my dear and you can't stop it. You can't hurry it either. YOu must be patient. Oh but it's so hard to be patient when I'm hearing that our New Age will be wonderful beyond comprehension. I just want to comprehend it!

What The Heck Is Happening To Me?

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I feel activated... 

I'm feeling sensations in different parts of my body.  My skin is tingly.  For the past two weeks, it has been mostly my feet and hands. Today for some reason, I am feeling certain vibrations so strongly that my body can't almost handle it.  I have been feeling nauseous, been experiencing dizzy spells, and running for foods that are grounding. 

Even the vibration of human voices is penetrating my being so deeply... I realized this when a gentleman at one of my favorite coffee shops in Brooklyn sat down next to me.  He had a very bassy voice and when he spoke, I felt the vibration of his voice on my lower back.   This is also happening to me with music.  Certain sounds in a song seem to pierce through me today.

hmmm  How does this feel? Oh boy... it feels intense.  Not very pretty. 

It also feels necessary.

I've experienced something similar when I experienced a Spiritual Awakening in the Summer of 2010.  I felt like I had been birthed into a new world and it took a while for me to adjust to feeling vibrations on a heightened level.  Today, it seems clear to me that I am experiencing more of this.  

Inter-Dimensional Energy Surfing

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For the past week I have been popping in and out of the fifth dimension. When I go 5D, everything around me seems flat, sort of phony like an old movie set, and far away. It is sort of like an out-of-body experience where you are looking down at yourself, but I am in myself and looking at the 3-dimensional reality I just the last moment was in.

The longest one was when I was walking down the hall of the OR with my patient, after their surgery, taking them on the bed to PACU. I felt a connectedness and compassion to my coworkers I passed in the hall. It was like watching an old movie, comforting, but very campy and dated. Once I walked through the double doors which separate the OR from PACU, I came back to 'normal'.

At first I was a little weirded out by this. But a post by Kaui'la Pele talked about the similar experiences, with the vision going fuzzy for a short time. Others commented on having similar experiences too.As a chemical engineering student, I learned that chemical reactions always happen at the interface between two chemicals. Add a catalyst to the reactor, and the reaction will happen hundreds of times faster, on the edge. It was there that I developed a liking for being between two worlds, where the action is. I went into Medical School being excited about the skills I would gain to help people at the brink between life and death. In trauma anesthesia and especially cardiac anesthesia this is the case.

It was between undergraduate and medical school that I 'woke up' and began to discover my intuitive gifts. I began escorting souls to the Other Side in my dreamtime and my downtime as the need arose. I came up with a word for the boundary that separates us on Earth from those on Heaven: The Fence.

I have been dancing on The Fence for more than twenty years! And enjoying every minute of it. Reiki and Karuna Reiki added to the mix.

Reality Check, 2.0

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Reality check everyone who read’s this. The illuminati, are going to be playing out their role’s of taking the side of evil, while, we who discover this and decide to take a stand against it, are taking the roles of good. This is however a game, so keep that at heart. I know those of who you read this, and see the word’s “Life is a game” upset you, but this is the truth.” We have a responsibility to our fellow family member’s on this planet, that is to take care of each other, and be there for each other. However, to reheart us all again, we all have contract’s that we agree’d upon before birth, that determine our experience throughout this journey on the planet. Essentially, all we can experience forever, is working with the inevitable. Now that being said, the entire contract before birth, literally determines, who live’s and who die’s. What part’s being’s play, good, bad,  and both covertly, all of us together as one whole family on this planet, are playing these role’s and not a single person is excluded from this. NOT ONE.


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when you are being present within the love you are. you can feel
it throughout your entire body hologram that you experience
life in.planet earth = heart is the being calling the shots here
with everyones life. this isnt going to come out the way your
ego desires it to.ultimately youre going to have to find out for
yourself whats going on, and thats only possible when the planet
says that its time for you to start inquiring and discovering whats
going on. you can only fully agree on information thats said to be true
when its been fully integrated into your body hologram. until then
youll be going with that which you do know in the present moment.
spiraling through eternal evolution. the reason why some beings on
this planet right now feel life isnt eternal is because they have yet
to integrate their hearts knowing in and throughout their system.

this by definition means its a planetary conspiracy, and all who
know whats up, or see whats up, or knowingly see whats up, are able
to talk it and walk in, those who do not know or see or knowing see
whats going on, are only able to walk and talk that. to discern the
truth from fiction actively and have it available to you consistently
is an abiding experience of your becoming. when its the opposite, its
non abiding, which means you got it here now, and then you lost it,
here now.discerning is not judging, its conscious self inquiry into
the truth for the truth sets you free and this is a soul knowing, its
why we are even able to inquiry at all. that which does not discern
is that which we are not, the conditioned egomind. were taught from birth
to unconsciously identify with it, the conditioned control mechanism
that is the egomind in which its nature is to not question that which is.

its nature is also to be repelled by all that is consistently.
the conditioned egomind controlling mechanism is sick, insane,and


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we all have our very own personal, interpersonal,universal
communication station that we work with. like a shaman, only
a multidimensional eternal,similiarly uniquely equal being
experiencing cycles of life and death. not every being
reincarnates. the communication station is experienced
through your ability to willfully communicate telepathically
with anyone for a specific amount of time, the reason for
the amount of time you have to communicate with a being is
due to the fact that there are certain beings whom your
attention is directly needed to be in communication with,
beings will come in and out of your awareness during
these kinds of talks, but alas your main focus is
needed where its needed, when its decree'd so. its
an inevitable experience where the only choice you have
is the willingness to be with it in the long run.

you know what this is like, youre busy with work, your
focus is on getting the work done as effeciently as possible.
whenever youve made an error , you willfully address it
and work with it as best as you can to fix the error,
and whenever more errors are found you continually address
them until all errors have been fixed and then you are able
to move on completely unto the next area of focus that needs
your attention so you are able to bring in more light to
the planet. there are a lot of errors on this planet
that need to be fixed, but it doesnt mean that the errors
themselves are not part of the divine plan, because if they
werent, they wouldnt be there period. addressing your internal
experience is where the work is. no matter what it is, facing
it as it is, is the real work. so if you arent willing to
address your inner situation that needs work, you will be
addressed consistently into looking at it for good and
learning how to work with that which needs work both within


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