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Im getting a ton of hits here on google..and everyone knows about the 12 DNA strand thing and how it aplies to ascension,right?


ok. I was looking for an image of a crop circle DNA pattern. very simple to find. What blew me back was the site that held it.


Now as far as I can tell(cant register..its too difficult for some reason..mayeb the clan leader is on break?)..the info seemed legit.


Reading on into the posting it seems like Im being mind blasted with schmasey graphics and such and a ton of info..nothing outlining the process, nothing like a lesson in showing people how to wake up..just a bunch of PUKED up information that doesnt blend well, like a nutjob posting about 2012.


Im not one to normally say something here..but Im seeing a lot of this. And everybody thinks NIBURU is still coming.. according to NASA, it CAME AND WENT.


OVER a year a go.


YEt, were still getting current links to information that is dated. Or in this case MIS DATED.


This is where the Niburu section led me, to another forum. The dates are all screwed up somehow and need to be fixed.


Is the channeling legit, perhaps...but fix the dates, you are misleading people. SHEESH!


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