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Beloved Readers,

Yesterday I was invited to attend a very laid back church with a friend. It was lovely, we sang songs and the atmosphere was very relaxed and happy. The main sermon, if you can call it that, had to do with fasting. I had to smile, and I could almost perceive a smile on my I AM’s face at that subject, because don’t we all use food as a form of resistance and comfort when things are becoming a little challenging for us? I know I do. I will sit down to write a blog or decide to spend time in meditation and my human mind/ego will suggest something like, “Let’s have a nice cup of tea…… wish we had biscuits….!” It’s a classic with me. My I AM just smiles and says “It’s okay, tomorrow is another day!” The main thing is not to beat yourself up, forgive yourself because you are human! It’s human nature to resist something that it considers not within its ‘normal’ safe space.

Circle of Grace 1 in The Age of Remembrance

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     Hi Everyone...My name is Brother_Francis and I have been on my spiritual path since the mid-1970's and I was born and raised in Long Island, NY; moved to New Jersey and lived there form 2005 thru 2011. I taught in various Long Island, NY and NJ locations. I have had the pleasure of being a guest Numerologist with astro-numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn (1982-1987) and formerly of NYC's KISS 98.7 FM's Wake Up Club with Jeff Fox (2006), then permanently relocated to Albuquerque, NM in November 2011 and love it as my new spiritually based home....I am the Founder and Chief Principal Teacher of my spiritual / metaphysical ministry called - CIRCLE OF GRACE 1 (founded 7/2/1999 AD) and its  five tiered metaphysical / spiritual institute called - The Circle of Divine Grace & Remembrance (founded 2/7/2009 AD) and both come under the Aegis & the Anointing of The Angel of Grace through Divine Providence.

Divine Grace: Second Cosmic Meditation Out-breath Phase

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Greetings All,

I have been hearing and feeling to share the video of the song “Amazing Grace” by II Divo, in conjunction with this second Out-breath phase of the Cosmic Meditation designed to initiate the Healing of the Masculine Portion of the Collective Consciousness’ Psyche all afternoon and evening. So… I share it now.

To me, listening to this particular rendition of this song has the capacity to create the very energy of the 99 Frequency and what we have created within the In-breath days of this second phase that we are now exhaling to assist with this healing work.

If it resonates with you, then please use it. If it does not, the by all means, pass it by.

I thank each of you for participating in this work with me.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

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