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Beloved Readers,

Yesterday I was invited to attend a very laid back church with a friend. It was lovely, we sang songs and the atmosphere was very relaxed and happy. The main sermon, if you can call it that, had to do with fasting. I had to smile, and I could almost perceive a smile on my I AM’s face at that subject, because don’t we all use food as a form of resistance and comfort when things are becoming a little challenging for us? I know I do. I will sit down to write a blog or decide to spend time in meditation and my human mind/ego will suggest something like, “Let’s have a nice cup of tea…… wish we had biscuits….!” It’s a classic with me. My I AM just smiles and says “It’s okay, tomorrow is another day!” The main thing is not to beat yourself up, forgive yourself because you are human! It’s human nature to resist something that it considers not within its ‘normal’ safe space.

With all the dross being cleared at the moment through the healing of the DIvine Masculine and Feminine Flames (the Twin Flames), so much fear energy is being loosed within us. Fear based feelings or thoughts may surface that have you wondering, “where did that come from??” and “surely that cannot be me, I would never do something like that!” Don’t freak out, just forgive yourself. I asked my I AM, “Is this my stuff?” and he said, “Yes”. I was appalled… He said, “Forgive yourself, please.” There was some bad stuff that came up for me in this past week, and it was mostly from past or other life times. At first I couldn’t forgive myself, it was too much to forgive. Even now thinking about it, brings tears to my eyes, but my ever loving and compassionate I AM Presence helped me. He reminded me of a tiny booklet I’d read many many years ago called, “The Little Soul and the Sun”, written by Neale Donald Walsch. And when I recalled the words in the book I was able to forgive myself.

I remember thinking at the time when I first read that little book that every human should read it. It should become mandatory for everyone, because surely forgiveness goes hand in hand with compassion and mercy? And Divine Grace. And we are so in need of this energy now so that we can move forward as a species.

On Amazon I found this review of that little book:

“The first time I read it was out loud to my 5 yr old son. I felt chills as I flipped through the pages. Then 2/3 of the way through I welled up with tears and by the end, I was crying. If we could all remember the Truths that are shared in this little children’s tale, we surely would achieve self-mastery and ascension!  My favorite line from the book is a quote from God to the little Soul: “Remember, I have sent you only Angels.” I say it’s the only book any of us needs for self-ascension. Everything else that we do, learn, attune to….are to help us remember what this story tells us. It shifts my energy every night as I read it. So grateful to have found it on my journey now and for my kids!”

There is also a few sites online where you can get a free download of the book. Just google it and let the words in this little book awaken the love of your I AM Presence in your heart, and the enormity of compassion and mercy available to you through the magnificent relationship you can have with your I AM. As the saying goes, “Love Yourself Free!”

So I thought I would share this little book with you today. Forgiveness is key to moving huge blocks of dense negative energy that we perceive to be ‘out there’. It is all ‘in-side’ of us, as we are all a part of the One. There is nothing that we are not.

A couple days ago I finished reading a book called “The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul”, and though it was fiction, it’s author spent time living in Afghanistan, one of the worst countries in the world where women continue to live in fear and complete powerlessness. There are other countries as well, many in fact, who still treat women as though they are a lesser being. After reading the book, my I AM whispered to me, “I’m sorry.” I said, “Why are you sorry?”, and he said, “because I feel your pain and because you think of me as a masculine energy, a man.” And then he said, “What hurts you, hurts me.”

What I understood from our exchange is that we are Consciousness and we vibrate at many different levels of vibration and frequency and therefore we exist in many different levels or dimensions of reality. There is nothing that we are not, therefore we must think of ourselves as a team – a group consciousness – because each of us is a thread in the great Tapestry of Life, and we are responsible for each other, and for helping each other return to Oneness. But first it is important that we heal ourselves, and to achieve that Oneness within, and this happens when we forgive ourselves. Because when we forgive, we can heal and this healing brings us closer to Presence. When we heal ourselves here in this dense vibration – at this low level of our creation, we heal all the other parts of ourselves, extending right from where we are now in this dense physical vessel, right up to the purest of pure Love and Light – the I AM THAT I AM. And so our ascension in consciousness becomes a GROUP ASCENSION that starts with us.

If you are able, please join Daniela and myself in our healing workshop this Full Moon on the 23rd October. We will be working with a couple very powerful Dragons from the 9th Dimension, as well as our Monad and our I AM Presence. You can find out more on this webpage –

I love you, WE love you! And we wish you glad tidings of LOVE, PEACE and JOY!


~ Deborah Faith

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